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About this mod

Make your weapons visible on your character including mods without any extra manipulations.

Permissions and credits
Presentation :

Make your weapons visible on your character without any extra manipulation 
Works only on player and followers

(videos made in development state 0.1)

Installation :

Put the esp anywhere you want in your load order
Meshes directory: Don't let the custom skeleton be overwritten. It contains all new required bones to work properly.

Update from previous version :

Go to McM / holotape, management section and press uninstall/update button to stop all runing quests. Then enable the mod for player / follower.

Recommendation mod :

No more room bounds pre culling in interior cells
Not required but avoid to dispel your weapons in interior/exterior /!\ Expect a bit of fps drop /!\

Known bugs :

Some weapons don't display their mods
Unequip follower's weapon don't disable the visible weapon

Compatibility :

This mod use new bones directly integrated into the human skeleton so it is not compatible with any mod that modify it.
This mod is compatible with custom body like cbbe, evb etc.. but not with custom body with physics enabled (cbbe physics, bodytalk, etc).
Compatible CBBE knee fix edited skeleton are avaible in the archive.

My Other Mods :
FCO - Fully Customizable Outfits
Enhance customization of player/npc by separating all vanilla outfits into clothes part

Driveable Motorcycle Mod
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credits :
SQr17, Autor of the CBBE Knee fix