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Adds a toggle-able headlamp to the Marine Armor Helmet. Works just like power armor headlamps & mining helmets. Directional light with 6 different lighting options. Standalone mod that adds male and female helmets.

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Marine Combat Armor Headlamp 

-Use NMM to activate

-Comes in 2 Versions. One in .esl format. Vanilla version, the helmet can be crafted under the Chem / Utility workbench/ Marine Armor Helmet With Light

-2nd Version is an Armorsmith/AWKCR compatible esp. The helmet can be crafted at the armorsmith workbench under ARMOR / MARINE / Marine Helmet with Light. Use armor bench to upgrade helmet with eyewear mods, ballistic weave & lining mods.

-6 Light mods include  Default, Extra Bright, Red, Blue,Purple & Green (aka Vault Boy Light).

About The Helmet

I had to delete the green orb above the left eye on the helmet to get the light working better. To my surprise there was a flashlight shaped mesh that belonged to the original model underneath. It's obvious that bethesda had some plans for this armor but for whatever reason went with what we now see in the DLC.

Recommended Mods

Marine Combat Armor Helmet - No Gas Mask (Armorsmith and Headlamp Patches Available)

Known Bugs

Mostly vanilla bugs that you see with power armor headlamps or mining helmets. When you first craft the helmet & activate the light, the light source might be at your feet. Just deactivate the light and drop the helmet. Pick it up again, turn on the light and it should be in its default place. Sometimes the green light (Vault Boy Light) will display only the green color without the projected vault boy (I prefer the green light). To fix this, find a piece of power armor to mod. Change its headlamp to the green vault boy. Enter the power armor and activate the light. Turn off the light and exit the power armor. Turn on the Marine Helmet light, the projected vault boy on the green light should now work.

Special Thanks

-andysan84's Combat Helmet illumination mod I deconstructed his mod and I'm not sure I could have figured things out without it. Visit his page, download his mod and endorse it. 

-Ousnius and Caliente for Outfit Studio


-Gambit77 and Valdacil

-Nexus Community


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