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This is my first version of my Spectacle Island Transfer Settlements Mod. Hopefully I have worked out most of the bugs. But I am still testing and would appriciate any feedback as this is the first mod I have ever released.

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Toms' Spectacle Island Transfer Settlements mod is my first attempt at building a transfer settlements mod. I have been working on this for about a week trying to work out any bugs that I find. I have posted a number of screen shots of the settlement, but Personics Movie Productions has been nice enough to make a small walk thru video for me that is around 10 minutes, that shows off most of the build.  The movie is posted here.

Here is a list of the mods that are needed to make the settlement look like the screen shots and video.

Workshop Lights By: xXxPYROSTORMxXx
Gruffydd's Pool Table Storage Racks and Signs and Posters By: Gruffydd
Frost's Vendor Counter Overhaul By: DJFrosted
Reginalds PreFab Shackfest By: Reginals001 ( I made a small video of his shacks last week )
Sim Settlements and SS Conqueror By: kinggath
YuVend Inc. and The Dance-Ola Jukeboxes By: ChuckYufarley
Not your Average Neon By: ChuckYufarley
Mass Fusion Wonder Power By: Innov4or
Faction Flags Redux Sim Settlements Addon By: Cryax98
Advanced Settlements Turret Set By: ccmads
Do it Yourshelf By: dinozaurs

I didn't add links for these yet as I am new to adding mods and links to these pages. I will add the short video I made of just Reginald's Prefab Shackfest to the video section about as it is probably buried among all of the others nexus videos. I Used the Prefab Shackfest mod of Reginald's as I suck at settlement building and his mod adds a lot of wood and metal prefab shacks, and he is always adding more all of the time, including two nice little dog shacks for dogmeat.

Because the Advance Settlements Turret's and the Workshop Lights mods allow you to build there items without power, you will not need to run power lines to them which I think makes your settlement look more tidy. Also the Mass Fusion Wonder Power mod also lets you place items without running power lines but is not required as the above mentioned Turret and Light mods have builtin wireless. After you build the settlement you may need to scrap and replace the Dance-Ols Jukeboxes if you use them but they are not a set requirement, they just look cool. 
When you import the settlement, make sure you go somewhere else for a couple of in game days.

Also when you import the settlement uncheck the import orginal items and import wired power connections in the menu, I also recommend you scrap the inside of the barn and the little flower shed next to it as the rec. room and main office will build there. I also scrapped the entire hotel building with the scrap everything mod to make room for the sim settlements plots, but if you don't use sim settlements and don't want the plots then it should work fine, although I have not tested it without sim settlements.
Please leave any comments or suggestions you have or any problems importing the settlement. I tested it on several of my character builds and build it on my latest play thru of Tom, thus the name of the mod.