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This is my Spectacle Island Transfer Settlements Blueprint.
The following mods were used in it's creation, if you don't install these the build will not look like the screen shots and video on the mod page.

Workshop Lights By : xXxPYROSTORMxXx
Gruffydd's Pool Table Storage Racks By: Gruffydd
Gruffydd's Signs and Posters By: Gruffydd
Frost's Vendor Counter Overhaul By: DJFrosted
Reginalds PreFab ShackFest By: Reginals001
Sim Settlements and Sim Settlements Conqueror By: kinggath
YuVend Inc. and The Dance-Ola By: ChuckYufarley
Not Your Average Neon By: ChuckYufarley
Mass Fusion Wonder Power By: Innov4or
Faction Flags Redux Sim Settlements Addon By: Cryax98
Advanced Settlement Turret Set By: ccmads
Do It Yourshelf By: dinozaurs

You will not need to import the power lines as the build uses the Mass Fusion Wonder Power that uses wireless power output so power lines are not necessary.