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Want to compete in a settlement building contest and show off your skills to whole community?

Pick up this mod to join the Sim Settlements City Plan contest!

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Welcome to the City Plan Contest!

This mod is going to make your life easier when designing settlements for submission to the Sim Settlements City Plan Contest.

What does this mod do?

  • Highlights objects you build that aren't legal in the contest.
  • Scans your settlement to make sure it has everything needed to qualify.
  • Provides tools to help you build a well-balanced settlement that will work as a Sim Settlements City Plan.
  • Simplifies the City Plan making process.

What's involved in the contest?

You design a fantastic settlement based on some rules we've laid out for that month's competition. The rules include things like which objects you can build, how many settlers you have to support, and a choice of a few settlements (which will change each month).

Once you finish your settlement, you follow some very simple instructions to turn your settlement into a City Plan for Sim Settlements and then show off your work on SimSettlements.com!

What can I win?

Steam/Gog games, Sim Settlements merchandise, your work featured for everyone to see, and eventually we'll include your design in a Sim Settlements City Plan Megapack to help get it out to as many people as possible!

In the future, assuming we get plenty of traction, we'll be expanding the prizes to include other valuable prizes.

What other mods will I need?

Obviously, you'll need Sim Settlements! You should also grab the City Planner's Toolkit as it has a HUGE collection of buildable items. You also will want to pick up Place Everywhere, as it will let you make much cooler looking settlements (if you don't like using F4SE, Place Everywhere is not required - it's just very helpful).

Where can I learn more?

We have tons of information on SimSettlements.com. Click here to view the full contest rules and keep up with all the details.