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This mod turns Piper into an attractive lady that'll make you protecc her forever.

LooksMenu preset is available.

Permissions and credits
Be sure to read the stuff below. The Required mods are required.

Based on the original

Turns your Piper into a piping hot girl. Not too slutty, not too fugly. Just right.

Preset is available in the optional files.

Required mods:Won't guarantee the exact look. Use the recommended Body/Face textures and/or cosmetic mods below.

Recommended mods: Even if you don't care about getting the exact look, i still recommend you downloading these mods. 

If you don't want to use FSM's Body Textures Redux you can use:

  • Valkyr Female Face and Body Textures (I don't use this mod anymore since 2.0 doesn't fit my character preset. If you have to, use version 1.1 of this mod) Since you use CBBE do not download the vanilla body from this page, only download the Valkyr face texture located in the "old files" section.
And get CBBE Ida Body Texture mentioned in the description.

ENB used in screenshots: Decent ENB

For the clothing and armors used in the screenshots, check the Permissions and Credits tab.

Should be safe to use whenever and safe to remove whenever. Check the load order so that nothing conflicts and try to put her as low as possible.

If you have problems with getting it to work please, please try to research the problem first before you comment that "it doesn't work". Not only is that a little annoying, it also won't help me help you in any way if you don't give any details.   

If you have any issues with the preset/piper having a darkface try to use Rusty Face Fix or High Res DLC Black Face Fix