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Added: 23/07/2016 - 10:14AM
Updated: 28/07/2016 - 09:20AM

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Last updated at 9:20, 28 Jul 2016 Uploaded at 10:14, 23 Jul 2016

DECENT ENB is a lite version of my DECENT PLUS. DECENT PLUS has more realistic effects, but this one is more performance-friendly

Better Performance, Better View

DECENT ENB is inspired by noidkid's Subtle ENB. Many thanks for noidkid's awesome work.

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If you are looking for a more realistic and photographic preset, check DECENT PLUS which is an evolved version of this mod.

This ENB preset aims to make the game look more realistic and be playable at the same time. It's optimized for gameplay, so it won't cause much performance hit. In various scenes, it only causes 5~10 fps drop which is a small loss, tested on different hardwares, including PCs with GTX970, GTX960, GTX750ti and a laptop with GTX860m.

I try to remain the vanilla color and brightness, so there will not be color distortion or too dark scenes. Of course you can still use Darker Nights to make nights darker.

I highly recommend to install the mod Vivid Weathers. You will get awesome image of sunrise and sunset as my pictures show if you use DECENT ENB with the "Natural Bright Colors" in Vivid Weathers. (DECENT ENB is also compatible with True Storms or any other weather mods. You can choose your favor.)

With DECENT ENB, your game will become more detailed and vivid. Let's have a look.

========================================[ Comparison Gifs ]========================================

1. More vivid colors:

2. More details:

3. More realistic SSAO:

4. Remain the brightness in vanilla game:
(Of course you can use Darker Nights if you want.)

============================================[ Video ]============================================

A video made by Chabal

A video made by hodilton

A video made by L3st4t

=========================================[ Requirement ]=========================================

Fallout4 ENB v0.307

==========================================[ Installation ]==========================================

1. Download Fallout4 ENB v0.307. Copy "d3d11.dll" and "d3dcompiler_46e.dll" from the archive into your base Fallout 4 folder, where Fallout4.exe is located.

2. Download DECENT ENB. Copy all the contents from the DECENT ENB archive to your base Fallout 4 folder (overwriting all files if necessary).

3. (Optional) Download Vivid Weathers. Make sure the option "Natural Bright Colors" is chosen while installing. If you are using Darker Nights, don't forget to update it and install the Vivid Weather Patch in it.

4. Open "enblocal.ini" in your Fallout 4 folder. Find "[Memory]", configure "VideoMemorySizeMb=" to your total available physical memory, caculated by your video memory plus system memory and then subtracting 3GB as the memory OS needed. 1 GB = 1024. For example, if you have 2GB video memory and 8GB system memory, the number should be (2+8-3)x1024 = 7168.  But NO MORE THAN 10000.
5. (Optional) In the launcher, turn the AO off.

=====================================[ DOF Fix in 3rd person ]=====================================

Follow the video by tapioks if you have DOF issue in 3rd person:

===========================================[ Credits ]===========================================

ENBSeries -Boris
SweetFX - CeeJay
SweetFX for ENBSeries - woodbyte
Subtle ENB - noidkid

========================================[ My other mods ]========================================

DECENT PLUS - Photographic and Playable
Blood Rose - Voiced Companion with Affinity
Ninja Perk Fix - Ninja Use Fist Too - Immersive