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Egret Tours Marina Vanilla DLC BP

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As always with all my settlements i use  Spring Cleaning to clean up around the settlement and get rid of the 'junk' so please keep that in mind when importing [the mod is not necessary just made the settlement look better imo]. You do not need to use this to clear only clear what i have specified as everything will still work with the placement. 

Here is my take on another sea side (or body of water) settlement. I tried to keep it light and use what was available. There is more room to play with adding things but i think this will do for the most part and allow for a happy-ish settlement. 

There is always room to improve this settlement and maybe uploaded again in the future.  

Imported using the stable setting

lamp posts, 
broken terminal and desk main floor of building
Water: 53
Power: 209
Defense: 651
Beds: 22
796 items total
What you will need:
·        Created completely with vanilla/DLC assets - no mods required!
·        Workshop area with all crafting stations
·        Turrets! turrets galore! (I don’t like having to run across the ‘Wealth)
·        "break room" for the settlers  
·        Caravan outpost 
·        Nice little on the water Bar/lounge area 

Download and place the .json file in your fallout4datafolder (Fallout 4 >Data>F4SE>Plugins>TransferSettlements>blueprints)
Create a new empty folder and place the file in the newly created folder. 
Known Issues: 
Power is in the red 
Spot lights may not work 
select and then deselect them 
if that doesn't work try moving them slightly (usually worked at this point for me) 

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