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Far Harbor Dalton Farm Vanilla DLC transfer settlement BP

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Dalton Farm

So here it is! Dalton Farm blueprint from the far harbor expansion! 

----This is not exactly a small build since it is a "farm"----

Would love to see what you guys do with this if you change it up! Currently there is 1630 pieces to this build (thats all building materials no "junk")

  • make sure to scrap:
The two torn down partial buildings - new ones will be put in place of them
The corn at the back of the one house
Crates by the 1 house 
Street lamp 
Stuff on the beach 
The shack on top of the rocks

  • There is no Beacon in this settlement - will need to be placed by the player. 

  • Wait at least 48 hours before trying to make it your own
Will take 10 mins (more or less) to teleport out of the area

Exported and imported using the STABLE setting in Transfer settlements 

What you will need:

  • Created completely with vanilla/DLC assets - no mods required!
  • Workshop area with all crafting stations
  • Customization up to you! (I left some parts unfurnished/not done)
  • Small 1 person homes
  • Greenhouse for all your farming needs   
  • Turrets to help Defend your settlement 

Download and place the .json file in your Fallout 4 data folder (Fallout 4 >Data>F4SE>Plugins>TransferSettlements>blueprints)
Create a new empty folder and place the file in the newly created folder. 
Known Issues: 
Power may be in the red 
Spot lights may not work 
select and then deselect them 
if that doesn't work try moving them slightly (usually worked at this point for me) 

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