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Dynamically mod armor pieces to be hidden from view without losing your armor rating.

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This mod adds a category to armor pieces called Visibility. At no cost you can dynamically modify armor pieces to be invisible. And you can change them back to visible whenever you want. You can imagine that the armor is concealed underneath your outfit. You can hide all your armor pieces, or only the ones you don't like. It's up to you. You can run around naked while still having full armor protection if you want.

The armor pieces affected are limited to the 5 armor pieces (chest, legs, and arms) of all the armor categories (leather, raider, metal, combat, synth) as well as the DC Guard Armor. It works for all 3 tiers of each armor, and it works fine with legendaries.

The armor pieces will stay invisible no matter who is wearing them so you can outfit your settlers in heavy combat armor without ruining their outfits.

This mod also adds armor appearance downgrading. You can change the appearance of a heavy armor piece to its medium or light version while leaving its stats the same. Think of it as partially concealed armor. The medium armor can be also changed to its light armor version.

This mod is designed to be used in conjunction with Armorsmith Extended as a solution for the problem of armor pieces clipping with full outfits. However the mod works fine as a standalone mod as well.

This mod may conflict with other mods which modify armor pieces.

The mod has been split into an ESM and ESP so other modders can easily make their mod compatible with this one. If you're a modder, check out the ESP to see how to add the functionality to armor pieces and feel free contact me if you need help.

To my great frustration I haven't found a way to make this work with helmets. It seems I can't toggle the hair on and off dynamically, so I have to choose between having the hair visible with the helmet which clips like crazy or hide the hair and concealed armor makes you bald. Or I could replace the helmet model with a number of wigs you could choose from in the concealed armor section. I'm not sure what to do.

Armor pieces with the Standard mod attached won't stack with newly acquired armor pieces which are otherwise identical.

If you are playing an existing savegame, DC Guard Armor you already have or which has already been spawned on a Guard may not go invisible. To fix this you can simply add a new copy of the item to your inventory with a console command and it will work fine. Type Help "DC Guard Armor" 4 and it will bring up the armor pieces and list their ID numbers. Then do player.additem <Item ID#> 1 to give yourself the correct item. You can remove the old item that doesn't work with player.removeitem <item ID#> 1.

This mod was made with FO4edit and nifskope.

1.3 - Fixes a small bug with DC Guard Armor from version 1.2
1.2 - Split into ESM and ESP for other modders to easily make compatibility patches. Added armor appearance downgrading.
1.1 - Added DC Guard Armor and AKCR support.
1.0 - All 5 armor pieces of all 5 main armor categories.

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