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DLC-sized quest featuring 4-5 hours of gameplay, fully voiced companion with custom affinity, new radio station, and a story that reacts to your choices! September 2019 Mod Of The Month!

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  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese

Update August 2023: I have left Bethesda (and inXile) and resumed working on my next project, and thus am no longer able to provide assistance or updates for this project. Thank you to everyone for the incredible support over the years; it means more than I can possibly say! 

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September 2019 File Of The Month!

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  •  Kit is a fully-voiced companion with custom-built affinity system that links into vanilla game events/conversations, as well as the events of The Machine, And Her. 
  •  She comes with improved and customizable AI/Combat abilities that can be changed on the fly.
  • She can hack terminals *and* pick locks, though she will need practice to become capable of cracking higher-level security.
  • Kit's lockpicking and hacking abilities have been streamlined to make them much more user friendly and intuitive: Simply walk up to a locked terminal or door, and select the option to have Kit attempt to hack or lockpick--that's all! No more having to talk to your companion *before* you can tell them what you want them to do. 
  • Kit's Radio, a custom menu item that controls all of Kit's various settings and features, and also moves her instantly to your location. Add it to your favorites for quick access! 
  • At the conclusion of Kit's story, you may be able to choose a very powerful perk.
  • Over 6,000 lines of dialogue, including companion lines and story content from a variety of new characters.
  • Brand new radio station featuring over 50 lore-appropriate tracks, and a fully voiced DJ.
  • Multiple story outcomes, depending on your choices.

Kit's affinity system is custom-built, and accounts for the decisions you make--not only in her story, but also in the vanilla game(such as factions joined, dialogue choices, actions involving vanilla NPCs, ETC). 

When you first meet Kit in Symphony Station, she's feeling uncertain of her place and purpose in the world, and will look to you to help understand her current and past experiences.

Because her feelings are more complicated than "Like, Dislike, Love, Hate", and so on, her affinity is tracked not by a single number going up or down, as in the vanilla game. Instead her affinity moves along an X/Y axis of:

  • Trust
  • Cynicism

She will never "forcegreet" when she wants to talk; important conversations occur only when needed as you progress through her quests. There are no on-screen popups to indicate how she feels about something you've done or said; her feelings towards a particular topic or decision will be reflected in her dialogue and demeanor.

At the conclusion of her main quest, you have the opportunity to gain a powerful perk, depending on  your choices and if you've earned enough of Kit's trust. 

You can do this by:

  • Adventuring together in the Commonwealth. (Trust gained each time you level up with her as your companion.)
  • Talking with her frequently, and playing through her main story quest along with vanilla game content. 
  • Encouraging her to share more about herself, and where she comes from. (You may lose trust by telling her you aren't interested in what she has to say)
  • Tuning into radio A.G.N.I.S. It's Kit's favorite station!  =)
  • Commanding her to hack terminals, and pick locks.

As Kit's trust grows, your words and actions will have greater weight, influencing how much more or less cynically she views the world. As her outlook changes it will affect her dialogue with you, and the ultimate outcome of her story.

Kit will become more cynical when you:

  • Encourage her to embrace the darker, violent tendencies (and talents) within herself that she has been trying to leave behind. 
  • Demonstrate a preference for realism over idealism in your actions, and/or the factions you support. ("Only the strong survive")
  • Frequently demand extra payment in exchange for helping people.
  • Deal harshly or ruthlessly with people in the wasteland.

Kit will become less cynical when you:

  • Encourage her to to believe she is capable of leaving behind a difficult past, and that it's never too late to define one's own place and purpose in the world.
  • Deal kindly and/or fairly with people in the wasteland.
  • Demonstrate a preference for idealism over realism in your actions, and/or the factions. ("Never give up hope") Kit will not become angry with you for joining  a certain faction, or making a certain decision in the vanilla game--though she may ask about your reasoning, or comment on it. 

Here's a preview video that JuiceHead did, and at the 11:42 mark you can see one of Kit's coolest features in action! (She yells back at raiders when they yell stuff at you)

And another JuiceHead video featuring The Machine, And Her! 

Kit comes with three different combat styles: Default, Melee, and ranged.

  • Default: Kit will dynamically choose between melee and ranged weapons, depending on the number of enemies, the distance between her and her target, and the kind of weapons being used against her.
  • Melee: Kit will prefer Melee weapons in most combat scenarios. If an enemy cannot be reached, she will use a ranged weapon to finish that particular kill--but afterwards she will continue to prefer melee weapons until otherwise commanded.
  • Ranged: Kit will prefer ranged weapons in most combat scenarios. If an enemy gets too close to her, she may switch to a melee weapon to finish them off--but afterwards she will continue to prefer ranged weapons until otherwise commanded.

Aggression affects Kit's behavior during and immediately prior to combat.

  • High Aggression: Kit will seek out any opportunity for combat with hostiles, and will never back down from a fight--even if she is severely outmatched. She will frequently close the distance between herself and her enemies, preferring to overwhelm through sheer force rather than fighting strategically.
  • Low Aggression: Kit will not engage in any fights that you did not start. She will also stay farther away from her enemies, use cover more frequently, and fight with ranged weapons when needed.
  • Default Aggression: On her default aggression setting, Kit will not actively start fights, but once in combat she will rarely back down. She will use cover when under heavy fire, and rush down her enemies when she sees an opening.

NikaCola -- Writing, development, and music
Kelly Kipper/SunshineDaisy -- Kit / Kat
Teagan Gardner -- A.G.N.I.S.
Paul Warren -- Alek Tark-Onian
Cliff "Kinsmarck" Davenport -- Dixon Monroe    
Eric Ryan -- The Librarian, misc. radio commercial voices

I am extremely grateful to the following mod authors for graciously granting permission to use some of their assets: 

tookiejones -- Commonwealth Survivalist Gear
imAarwyn -- Survival Outfit Collection 
Crimson Rider -- Clothing of the Commonwealth
Elianora -- Eli's Armour Compendium
Femshepping --  Wasteland Drifter Outfits
Newermind43 -- Female Tactical Armor

In-game video playback:

Immense thanks also to the following: 

Seddon4494--for his very helpful Youtube tutorials. This was my very first mod and it never would have been possible without his videos!

Kinggath -- for his wealth of knowledge, support, and patience. 

Thuggysmurf -- for his help in organizing the semi-public beta test, and for his skill and dilligence in helping me get the mod release-ready!

LlamaRCA--for her groundbreaking work on Heather, and for her ongoing support and kindness.

McMacHack -- For helping out at the last minute with outfit bugs!

Beta testing: Kaine, Kainschylde, G59_On_Parade, deauxrayme (You guys rock so much, seriously<3)

All of you have done more than I can ever adequately thank you for. But I'm still going to try.=)


  • The player is unvoiced during the story/quests of The Machine, And Her. For that reason it is highly recommended that you have this excellent mod installed during your playthrough, to get the best cinematic experience during cutscenes!
  • If you have many followers recruited, it is probably best to dismiss them during the story events of The Machine, And Her--most scenes require actors to move into particular places, and having lots of followers sandboxing around could prevent that from happening, and break the scene. 
  • If you run around and shoot at everyone during a cutscene you are likely to break something in the scene! So just be sure and save first if that's what you want to do. =)
  • This mod is now compatible with XDI thanks to a patch by EnvyDeveloper. Unfortunately TMaH is not supported when using XDI because XDI itself is no longer supported or updated (aside from F4SE compatibility); it makes undocumented changes to the way scenes work; and it can fail to read alias data for objects such as Talking Activators, etc. On the other hand Full Dialogue Interface is compatible and supported!
  • This mod is semi-compatible with AFT, but Kit should never be managed by AFT and your installation of TMaH will be unsupported. Unfortunately AFT makes some undocumented changes to the vanilla followersscript, and Kit depends on this to function correctly. Some players report no issues at all, others report that Kit stops following or has other AI glitches when AFT is installed, so the choice is yours whether or not to have both installed/enabled at once. 
  • This mod is compatible with mods such as Horizon, Locky Bastard, and others that alter the way lockpicking and hacking works--but you must disable Kit's lockpicking and hacking abilities using the A.G.N.I.S. remote holotape that is added to your inventory immediately upon recruiting Kit for the first time. 
  • By default Kit will experience fall damage, but thanks to a patch by spacefiddle you can make her immune if you'd like!

  • How do I start the quest? Tune in to the "Symphony Station" announcement on your pip-boy! Alternatively you can fast-travel to Symphony Station (just outside of Custom House Tower in downtown) and once you're close by the quest will auto start.

  • Is Kit romanceable? No, sorry!

  • I lost Kit's radio device. Can I craft another one? Yes! Use a chemistry workbench and look for it under "Utilities". 

  • Can Kit be recruited at the same time as vanilla companions? Unfortunately no. This was originally a feature I wanted to include, but ultimately it had to be cut for time and compatibility. 

  • I don't see the Radio A.G.N.I.S. station in my pip-boy:  You have to recruit Kit before it will become available. You can then immediately dismiss her if you prefer,  and it will remain active and playing!

  • Is this a story about Synths? No. The Machine, And Her is a post-apocalyptic tale that takes place within the Commonwealth alongside the vanilla game, and can be considered very lore friendly--but its characters and story are unique from the Fallout universe.

  • Will I need the DLC installed? You will need Far Harbor, Nuka World, and Automatron installed

  • I'm having trouble advancing the quest or story: Please post in the forums, or join our Discord and we'll help you out! =)

Many thanks to the community for their hard work and dedication in translating The Machine, And Her! 
apanese -- by kimeruzemega 
French -- by Albator62300
Italian -- By paulo76
Portugese -- By urbanoantigo
Spanish -- By rusinlp
Russian -- Translated by cat boy and uploaded by kokokobana
Russian -- By DeVviL1994