Fallout 4
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About this mod

96 bright and shiny new signs to spiff up your settlements.

Permissions and credits
Not Your Average Neon adds a touch of Vegas Strip meets Times Square to your settlements in the form of 18 brand new, bright and shiny animated neon signs...PLUS 3 complete sets of individual, snapping letter signs for your own custom creations.

Much like my Dynamic Window Blinds mod, NYAN inserts a custom category in your main build menu. I found that while developing my mods, while tying to get a feel for how they perform with numerous other mods installed, although I've not run into any direct conflicts with other mods, FINDING my objects among all the various menu iterations turned out to be one of the bigger challenges. So, instead of fighting for shelf space with all the other goodies in the vanilla menus, I just made them easy to find by setting them off by themselves.

For those of you wondering what these signs might do to your performance, I can't speak for everyone, but I had 20+ placed in the same cell, and with my mid to lower performing machine, I had zero issues. Now, some of the meshes ARE rather large, and my not being an expert when it comes to performance issues, all I can say is you've been warned. Again, I had no problem with several objects placed in the same cell, so I don't think anyone with a reasonably decent setup will have any problems.

If you watched my preview video, you might have noticed some mild lens flare as the camera zoomed past some of the bigger signs. For the most part, any lens flare that occurs when you're within a normal viewing distance from any of the signs (which is minimal) works to good effect. I am also not an expert when it comes to how the lighting system in this game works. I spent a lot of time tinkering and tweaking setting in my lighting materials and after a number of tests and retests, I think the settings are stable. I have a few lighting and graphic enhancement mods installed, and I think the signs performed well under those circumstances. That's not to say that some other mod won't turn them into giant flaming balls of plasma, but I think I've gotten most of the bugs worked out.


For anyone who felt cheated by my window blinds not having connect points, you'll be happy to know that I took extra measures to make these signs as user friendly as I possible could. With the exception of the Red Rocket station sign I refurbished, all the signs should go right where you want them to. I struggled with the RR sign, but I have it working with about 80% efficiency, and that's without the use of Place Everywhere or any other like mod. If you run into any difficulty, you can always resort to using a placement mod.

As with the window blinds mod, I didn't feel the need to include an uninstall option. These are stand alone meshes that don't interfere or interact with other parts of the game, so as long as you don't pull the plug mid game, I think you'll be fine just disabling once you've quit to the main menu or through your mod manager. Of course I don't anticipate anyone ever WANTING to disable such a wonderful awesome mod, but to each his own.

At this point, I don't anticipate making BROKEN OR DIRTY versions of the signs. There are definitely many schools of thought when it comes to how a post-apocalyptic wasteland should look, and mine looks all bright and shiny. Hey, even if yours looks like a scene out of Mad Max, you can still keep one or two of the smaller signs hidden away somewhere to enjoy when nobody's looking.

With the exception of the refurbished RR sign, all the neon versions do require power in order to work. The wall mounted signs do not have power connections, but will work with any conduit broadcasting within a normal radius. The larger signs do have power connect points, and work well when used in conjunction with any powered switch, allowing you to turn them on and off as you please.