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payl0ad - BabyBearington

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Adds more unmarked interior locations to the game.

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This is a little project we (payl0ad & BabyBearington) started to learn how to build places with the Creation Kit. We've turned it into a small mod that adds doors to previously boarded up houses, which lead to new interior cells.


The mod adds the following interiors:
  • Rotting Manor (between Covenant, Taffington Boat House and Tucker Memorial Bridge)
  • The Boston Tea Parlor (right next to Sandy Coves Convalescent Home)
  • Brookline Building Service Room (the Fens, close to Fens Square in the building the super mutants defend against DC security)
  • Beach House (near Nahant Chapel and Croup Manor)
  • The Constitution Inn (at the southern footing of Bunker Hill, close to the USS Constitution)
  • Mass Pike Service Room (at the western Mass Pike tunnel exit)
  • Quincy Station Service Room (below Quincy Station)
  • Colonial Manor (next to the church in Salem)
  • Fairline Hill Bunker (in one of the empty houses at Fairline Hill Estates, pra turned this one into a usable playerhome with workshop mode.)
  • Quincy Super-Duper Mart (the parking garage in Quincy)
  • Malden Medical Office (a wooden house at the northern border of Malden)
  • Bare Harbor (one of the bigger houses next to the pond in South West Harbor)
  • Listening Post Tango Bravo (a hidden bunker near the Natick Power Plant)
  • The Nukafe (a house in Nukatown USA, near the market)
  • Room 303 (a random apartment building near Trinity Tower)
  • Raider's Digest Editorial Offices (on the back side of the Boston Bugle building)
  • "Vault" 1016 (attached to a collapsed house in Jamaica Plain)

Furthermore, the mod adds:
  • two reskinned Mechanic Jumpsuits
  • a unique T-Shirt and Jeans combo
  • several souvenirs
  • A named unique gun


Everything is hand-cleaned with FO4Edit. No unnecessary overrides. Cells have been checked for reasonable amounts of draw calls and PreVis is used where useful. No vanilla statics have been moved, all precombined meshes remain intact. We only copy cells to place a few objects. Our cell overrides can be safely overridden if the houses that we touch stay where they are.

If in doubt, override InsideJobs.esp - our worldspace edits are the only source of conflict as we do not override anything. Mods like Boston FPS Fix, F4FI FPS Fix or A Forest want to load after Inside Jobs.

Optional patches for a tiny conflict with the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch,  integration with the Damn Apocalyse loot module and VIS-G sorting tags are available in the file section.

For interactive support, please visit #bearington-labs on the GreslinGames Discord Server.

Compatible with (as of 3.11):

  • Beantown Interiors Project (use its holotape for the compatibility option)
  • Plenty'o'exploration
  • Stumbleupon Interiors
  • NEST Survival Bunkers
  • The Wild Wasteland
  • Salem Expanded
  • South of the Sea
  • Glowing Sea Expanded
  • Atomic World


  • Q: Are there enemies?
  • A: Even if there were, we shouldn't tell you. Would ruin the surprise.
  • Q: How much loot do the places have?
  • A: We are survival mode enthusiasts and try to avoid placing too much. The cells have lots of crappy junk items, some random loot containers but very little valuable loot. All Fusion Generators provide partially drained cores. Almost no Adhesive or Ammunition. Blends in nicely with Horizon and FROST.
  • Q: What's with the performance?
  • A: Using lots of dynamic lighting has its cost. All cells should run totally fine on recommended hardware (GTX 970) with Shadow Quality (launcher) set to "Medium" or iShadowMapResolution=2048 in your Fallout4Prefs.ini (both do the exact same thing). I'm dipping slightly below 60 in the complex cells on a GTX 980 with "High" (iShadowMapResolution=4096) shadows. All screenshots are on "Medium" (2048) shadows.

Made with:
  • Creation Kit
  • FO4Edit
  • GIMP
  • Material Editor
  • NifSkope

All similarities with real persons are coincidental, specifically one NPC in the Raider's Digest Editorial Offices is definitely not inspired by the head editor of a german tabloid publication.

Thanks for the VIS patch, Mortercotic!

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