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Completely Overhauls the Minutemen Faction, Adding TONS of new and Exclusive Features!

Permissions and credits
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ANNOUNCEMENT: Unfortunately Karel2015 has some Real Life issues to work out and will be taking a break.
I, Battousai124, am unfortunately not good with his custom stuff that isnt in esps, so I can only help in that direction, I will however try everything I can.

Features List
+53 New Outfits / Armors for the Minutemen *Themed*
+81 New Faces for the Minutemen
+6 Recruit-able Minutemen Mercenaries
+6 New Ranks for Minutemen
+11 New Decorative Minutemen Items
+2 New Defensive Minutemen Items
+Ability to Recruit ALL Minutemen Across the Wasteland to fight by your side as your soldiers
+Minutemen Patrols have been increased around the wasteland
+All Minutemen Will level with the survivor
+New Minutemen Fast Travel Vertibird
+Adds Backpacks to go with new outfits
+Ronnie will sell new Minutemen outfits
+Minutemen can be ordered in the same fashion as settlers now
+New Vertibird Defender that can be outfitted with Minutemen Soldiers, Weapon types Include Front Gatling Lasers, Front Explosive Rounds, As well as a Gatling Minigun, Explosive Minigun, and Rocket Launcher Minigun that your Minutemen can use
and MUCH MUCH More...

Check out my latest mod: Construct a Custom Companion - Some of these features will be coming to this mod to create your own custom minutemen

-= Very Special Shout Out to MadGodSheogorath for his help in making this mod happen, Working together we have been able to make TWO very awesome mods, simply by pooling our talents and allowing the other to use them. Let's keep our community strong and work together! If you like my mod you should check his out over at: FCOM - Fallout Commander =-

How To:

Control Vertibird

Quest: Castle and Armory Completed
Once you have met all the requirements, You will first need to build a Vertibird Defender, To do this simply go to the Workshop, Go to the Minutemen Milita Menu, then go to the Minutemen Defense Menu. From their you will be able to build a Minutemen Vertibird. After it is built, You will be able to aim at it and toggle it to land with the R key. After the Vertibird is landed, You can fill it up with Minutemen soldiers [You can see what seats they can use in the workshop menu when you recruit them, Also you must recruit the minutemen and order them to board the Vertibird] Once your Vertibird is full to your desire, Simply command it to fly again by aiming at it and pressing R. Once it is ordered to fly again your Minutemen soldiers will snap into it permanently until such time as you order it to land again, if ordered to land all your troops will disembark from the Vertibird and rejoin you when it lands, it will land right where it's and when you order it to land.

Control Minutemen

Once you have met all the requirements, you will be able to approach any Minutemen who is wandering the wasteland and use the R key to "Recruit Minutemen." Once you have recruited a Minutemen they will follow you where you go, fighting by your side and fast traveling wherever you do. They will also be able to board the Vertibird if you use it to fast travel, but if you have too many to fit some of them will run along the ground and attempt to follow you that way. Once you get tired of your Minutemen Soldier you can simply look at them and press the R key to "Dismiss Minutemen." They will return to whatever settlement they where built in.

Minutemen Vertibird Fast Travel
Quest: Castle and Armory Completed
Once you have met all the requirements, you will be able to acquire the Minutemen Signal Grenade from Ronnie, The container in the Castle Armory, and additionally every Minutemen recruited through the workshop will come with one in their inventory that you can trade and take from them as well. The vertibird can be used regardless of your faction choices, Whether you have destroyed the BOS or not.

You may use any resources in my mod, that are exclusive to my mod as long as you send me a private message informing me of which resources you wish to use, and as long as credit and a link to my mod is given. Additionally, There is other mods included in this mod, and I do not have the right to give you permission to use those resources. If you wish to use the resources of the mods contained within my mod, you will need to message the authors of those mods whose names and links can be found listed below. This is why it is very important you message me before attempting to use any resources.

Credits (The Minutemen may use these items, but if you want them for yourself feel free to download the following mods!):
[NOTE: It may ask you to override some files, As it still uses the original meshes with material swaps. This is fine, It will not interfere with either mod. The only thing is if you don't have the original mod, you will be unable to use the outfits for yourself. Your minutemen will use the items, but you can not obtain them for your player without downloading the original mods listed below!!!!]
[SCRIPT HELP FROM: MadGodSheogorath] - Can't find any of his mods anymore, So I'll link once he un-hides them or whatever :D


All credit for the original Models and Textures go to Likon at GameBanana. The Scope was done by Paul Yakushev at GameBanana. BenderSKR for doing some work on the normal maps. DOOM for messing everything else up.

All credit for the original Models and Textures go to Escargot at GameBanana. Had some help from Kelleth with the custom firing sound. All additional work by DOOM.

First off I would like to thanks skibidaa and TrickyVein for helping me to
understand some things about nifskope. The weapon model and textures
were created by Kutejnikov at TurboSquid. The LAM model was borrowed
from the Beretta M92 Samurai Edge mod. The laser sight was borrowed from
the HK USP .45 mod and was made by tenoyl. Both of these mods state the
assets are free to use so thank you to the original authors.

Modular Kalash:
All credit for the original Models and Textures go to Adept1993, SAM61 and Shizz at GameBanana. The Scope is by Paul Yakushev. The Reflex model is by Millenia (horrible textures by me). The Combat Scope is by Geoset. The Double Drum Mag is by TwinkieMasta, DarkElfa and Stroke. The Suppressor is by Yaznee. The Folding Stock is by Frimenitnet and lafugix. Thank you to henkspamadres for helping me to get the Combat Sights working correctly. Credit for the ammo framework goes to ff7cloudstrife. DOOM for messing everything else up.

All credit for the original Models and Textures go to Likon at GameBanana. The Combat Scope
was done by tigg at GameBanana. The other two scopes are by fallschirmjager with textures by Sargent Bash. The flash hider was done by Shiban. The silencer is by Rafael De Jongh. DOOM for messing everything else up.

Big thanks to BenderSKR for doing the awesome video and screenshots
pre-launch so this could all be presented so well. Really, Subscribe to
his YouTube Channel.

(Mod Credit Carried over from Original Mod:)
All credit for the original Models and Textures go to the following authors at GameBanana; Steel - 1911
Frame/Slide/Magazine/Silencer, General Tso - Sights, the_tub - Sights,
SureShot - Hammer and Grip Cut Edits/Grips/DuoTone, Style slide/Hammer
and Magazine (and normal/spec maps), Stoke - 1911
Frame/Slide/Bullet/Silencer, and SureShot. DOOM for messing everything

Special Thanks to these mods for providing the tools necessary:
Face Ripper