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My solution to Kingsport Lighthouse. Easily defensible. Only Transfer Settlements required. No DLC required. Now updated with Transfer Settlements V1.41.

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Castle Kingsport

I have to admit that this looks more like a Borg Cube than a 'Castle'. "Resistance is futile... " :D
It is designed for the longest range of sight and maximum firepower on targets. I have built on this site more than a dozen times and this is the best defense I have come up with on a 'Vanilla' build to date here.

This 'Castle' has -

  • 196 Defense - Please read Additional Notes.
  • 20 Beds
  • 24 Water (Better Generators )
  • 20 Food 
  • 6 Stores.
  • All crafting workbenches.

Required Mods

Transfer Settlements
Better Vendor Stalls

Recommended Mods

Better Generators
Longer Power Lines
Clean Beds

Additional Castle Kingsport Notes

Kingsport Lighthouse has two problem areas.

There is a spawn point near the beach just east of Longneck Lukowski's Cannery where the majority of your invaders will come from. They are easily dealt with, but your Provisioner WILL drag them to your settlement. The only problem with this scenario is getting too close to the invaders and being blown up by your own turrets.... which I have done a number of times... :D

The real problem is the Children of Atom roamers from the northeast. A group will come out of Crater House occasionally once they respawn and their Gamma Guns and other weapons play havoc with turrets.

'One shot, kill multiple turrets' type of havoc... be prepared to check your defenses after one of these attacks.

The Children of Atom were a stupid idea in Fallout 3, and an even dumber idea in Fallout 4. :)

To counter this self imposed death by 'Friendly Fire' I have put the Fasttravel mat on the roof. Something I should have
done with most of my Settlements numerous games ago. You will be able to snipe from both directions from up there. ;)

You may want to use Spring Cleaning
, or a similar mod, to remove the usual rubbish. (Not a required mod)
The ground floor living area of the house needs to be cleared for the 4 workshops.
(See photo)


The folder needs to be extracted and placed in your 'Transfer Settlements' folder. 7zip

If you like this design could you hit that little 'Endorse' button for me? I would really appreciate it. :)

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