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Overhauls existing children to have new face and body textures, as well a face diversity with 4 possible faces meshes and textures for each gender. Also gives children new hairstyles, and adds child settlers.

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When you reunited with Shaun, were you disappointed he looked so ugly? Did you also realise had shared the EXACT SAME ugly face as every other child (all 10 of them) in the Commonwealth? Well I have hoped to remedy this with ANiceOakTree's Diverse Children! This mod will give existing children unique appearances and add child settlers also of more diverse appearances. No longer will every female child and every male child have one face shape, one face texture and the same hairstyle!

- 4 new face textures for each gender (8 total)
- 3 new face shapes for each gender (8 total including vanilla)
- 12 new hairstyles for children, refitted from Commonwealth Cuts 
- New body and hand textures for male and female
- New child settlers, courtesy Orphans of the Commonwealth.
- Edited face details

*The big update as you all may have noticed is currently MIA, this is due to the modder making the child outfits for me having IRL problems and not currently being able to finish them. One of the things I was going to add in that update was my child body textures which I forgot to pack initially, so I uploaded those in the Miscellaneous file section until I can do the major update with a FOMOD installer and other features.

Orphans is recommend for more functionality such as new clothes and even more children, put this esp lower on mod order. Diverse Children works with Better Settlers and mostly with Don't Call Me Settler. However, there may be slight incompatibilities with DCMS, more testing may be needed. For all of these mods, put Diverse Children lowest on the load order.

Shoutout to Gift for letting me use framework of their mod, and looking into making Orphans of the Commonwealth and Diverse Children compatible.

Now with Make Kids Killable variant!
There is a minor issue when you shoot children in the head that it may explode into gore, yet an intact head is still on the body. Thanks and credit to Abbalovesyou and Gift.

Playable Children patch here! Also, see the ReadMe to get the other face meshes/textures on your playable child.


 I even suffered through 7 hours of trying to fix the brown face bug, only to find I saved the texture wrong :)