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Patches Orphans of the Commonwealth, Diverse Children, and Child Outfits mods so they work together to give a wider variety of faces and outfits to children settlers and also adds new AI for children.

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Last week I published my mod Sim Settlements Children Support and I am now publishing the mod I use to get children for my settlements. This mod does not require Sim Settlements or my other mod.

All three mods listed in the overview are required with this mod. It patches them so they all work together.

I built this using the main version of Diverse Children that requires Far Harbor but it should work with the other versions.

I built using version 6 of Orphans of the Commonwealth and then made a small change for version 8 with the result of returning the 2 children to Bunker Hill and 3 children for Goodneighbor that had been cut with version 7. So this is usable with either version. (Gift and I were both restoring the Goodneighbor and Bunker Hill children at the same time. The optional downloads that Gift added just before and just after I published this mod are not completely compatible with my mod and I suggest not using them at this time.)

25 male outfits and 25 female outfits with only a couple overlaps. 17 male and 17 female hats and other face wear. Resulting in hundreds of combinations that settler, Bunker Hill, and Goodneighbor children will randomly choose from.

I needed to edit the records for the children in Diverse Children to get the outfit changes so I also made them randomly be different heights. Did not need to edit the ones from Orphans so left them at default height.

Children like to run so settler, Bunker Hill, and Goodneighbor children jog when moving. For me this adds a fun difference from the adults.

All children will now use 25 default game animation markers previously only usable by adults like drinking, noodle eating, painting wall, using wrench, and warming hands. This complements and is separate than the ones I did for Sim Settlements with my mod Sim Settlements Children Support.

Settler generation is 1/3rd males from LCharWorkshopNPCMale, 1/3rd females from LCharWorkshopNPCFemale, 2/9th Guards from LCharWorkshopGuard, and 1/9th from children. This is compatible with all the mods I have looked at that add many more adult setter faces but this must be loaded after them.

esl flag is turned on so should not take a mod slot.

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