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Find it silly needing to give inspiring speeches to program robots? Now you can assign your constructed Automatron bots to provisioner lines as long as you have Robotics Expert! Local Leader not needed for bots. LL01 still required to order humans around. This mod requires Automatron (duh). Local Leader still works on everyone.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a second dialogue option when mousing over an Automatron bot: Assign Provisioner. You select the target location as usual, and off it goes.

You only see this option if you have Robotics Expert 1. Since that makes more damn sense for programming robots than Local Leader. Local Leader still functions for humans, but it's not needed to make bots into provisioners as long as you have Robotics Expert 1.

Notes and Compatibility:

Local Leader still lets you assign anyone, even bots.

This mod may be incompatible with anything that adds another dialogue option, like Quick Trade: in my tests, humans still had the Quick Trade option while bots didn't, but it seems inconsistent between sessions. If you have anything that adds a second dialogue option, and you don't see "Assign Provisioner," try disabling the other mod. Engine limitation (sigh).

Thanks to kinggath for correcting my flailing about in the CK when I failed to create a papyrus fragment properly, and pointing out I could use a dialogue option since the workshop provisioner functions are hidden.

Massive credit also goes to Wenderer for his FOMOD Creation Tool.
This thing is awesome and saves a TON of time getting stuff packed up.


Companion Stealth Distance Fix (No Free Hugs!)
Tired of your companions standing on your head when you stealth? Now with Less Dogmeat Standing on Loot!
Still some. Just much, much less.

Bugfix for Dismissed Companion Endless Babble
A permanent fix for the bug that makes Companions spout all their comments endlessly after you dismiss them.
You know, maybe I like the rain, Preston!

Perforation: Better Automatic Weapons
Not a damage number tweak, but a changed mechanic. Preserves balance and ammo, and adds fun.
Did I mention it also affects the Minigun and Gatling Laser

Home Despot - Local and Linked Workshop Component Inventories
Shows the raw component totals from all the junk in your Workshops, local or linked.
Get a Grip on Your Junk

Scarcity: Destructible Power Armor and More
Permanently destroyed PA pieces. Fewer and randomly-charged Fusion Cores. Tougher requirements for repairs.
Less is... less.

FusionGun-VIS: a compatability patch
for the Fusion Gun by Fallout Suite (not me), tagging it like Valdacil's Item Sorting (also not me) using AWKCR (still not me).