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Three new visual styles for the Assault Gas Mask, and gives it stats that make it actually worth using. All three versions will spawn in the wild on random Raiders. Also lets them accept a Lining mod, and gives it a Legendary slot. Get your Darth Raider on.

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clearly the most vital immersive important mod on the nexus today

Instead of that boring green-on-green-with-some-green color scheme, the Assault Gas Mask now comes in three varieties, as shown: Navy hood with black mask, grey hood with dark grey mask, and red patterned hood with black mask.


Gave it stats that make some damn sense, like poison resist because it's a freakin' gas mask.

Gave it some decent DR and ER because in Vanilla this massive metal face cage had the same protection value as the thin sheet of rubber gas mask, and that totally makes sense right

Lastly, gave it a lining mod slot and a Legendary attach point, because let's face it you were going to anyway

....and oh yeah, CLEANLY removes all the random duct tape from the hoods. You ever try to duct tape canvas? I don't think so.

Note that they will spawn on raiders far less often than the old useless-stat hoods.


This is totally the mod you were waiting for to come back to FO4. Darth Raider awaits.

I find your lack of F4se disturbing

If something annoys a modder long enough, you just can't let it go until you fix it. So here, hopefully someone else can benefit from my poor impulse control.



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