About this mod

Turn your radial Pip-Boy light into a directional flashlight!

+ 120+ flashlight textures for Pip-Boy and Power Armor
+ 10 distance settings
+ Volumetric light
+ Dynamic shadows
+ Animations
+ Sounds

Permissions and credits

The default Pip-Boy light that has been in use since FO3 is an archaic tool. It emits a glow in all directions, including straight through your character. Similar games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Metro 2033 use an actual flashlight beam. It really helps elevate the atmosphere, not only because it's more realistic, but also because your vision cone is limited, creating more suspenseful gameplay. 

  • Dynamic shadows.
  • Volumetric light.
  • Unique light spill.

  • 120+ light textures for Pipboy.
  • 120+ light textures for Power Armor.
  • 10 distance settings.
  • 2 emitter positions.
  • 2 sets of sound effects.
  • Alternate 3rd person animations.
  • Offset 1st person light mesh.
  • You control the color using the in-game options. (New in 5.0!)
  • You control the brightness using the in-game options. (New in 5.0!)
  • Use together with Tactical Flashlights to distribute all new wearable flashlight models to the wasteland!

Ease of use:
  • Fomod installer.
  • Fixes the vanilla lens flare bug.
  • No scripts or additional requirements. 
  • Completely safe to uninstall mid-game.

Auto Install:
Click the download with NMM button and activate.
* If you are starting a new game, be aware that the light will not function until you exit the Vault! *

Manual Install...

  • Changes the default Pip-Boy 3000 model into a handheld tablet!

Tactical Flashlights
  • Adds wearable flashlight equipment to the wasteland that you can craft or purchase from armor vendors. Each flashlight has craftable lenses and can be given to followers.

Darker Nights
  • One of the most popular mods on the FO4 Nexus. It could almost be considered a requirement.

Interiors Enhanced
  • Edits all cell lighting data and templates to make ambient light and fog brightness inside all interiors 60% darker, without touching any directional light sources, keeping lighting 100% true-to-vanilla, except those dark corners and unlit areas.

Dynamic Music Overhaul
  • Changes the behavior of the vanilla music system. You won't know ghouls are in the area until it's too late.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Music Mod
  • I find the vanilla exploration tracks a little... plain. I've always loved STALKER's music for it's incredibly creepy atmosphere. It fits right in with the Fallout universe. I change my music often, but I always come back to this.

Special thanks to The White Collar PlayersIt'sAGundamTyranniconBigDuckstheDeluxeSam, internetzprosFonnie Dro, and Pixelgamer for including this mod in their videos! 


Q: Is there a performance hit?
A: Only if you choose dynamic shadow options, then it will depend on the strength of your hardware. The textures themselves are only 341 kb and present no discernible strain, even on antiquated hardware. 

Q: Is this compatible with...?
This will not be compatible with Pip-Boy removers, or mods that change the Pip-Boy's light, distance, or shadow behavior. Pip-Boy retextures are fine, as long as they do not use a custom pipboy mesh. 
  • If you use weapon mods that add lasers, flashlights, or similar FX, those may cause strange behavior while equipped.
  • If you have armor that uses FX nodes, these may also cause strange behavior while equipped.
  • If you use More Armor Slots or similar mods, place my esp after them in your load order.
  • If you are using the X-02 Power Armor mod by Unoctium/DogtoothCG, you will want to download this patch by ScrollTron1c.

 How do I change the light texture?

A: Rerun the installer and select different options.

Q: How do I change the light's color?
A: The same way you normally do, in the game's display options. There's an animated gif in the gallery/comments showing this.

Q: How do I change the brightness?
A: Same as above. Just move all the sliders down in unison.

Q: Why doesn't the Pip-Light react to changes in my color/brightness options?
A: You may need to add the following line to your Fallout4Custom.ini:

  • [Pipboy]
  • bPipboyEffectColorOnLight=1

Q: Can I change the pipboy interface's color/brightness, but leave the beam color white?
A: Add the following line to your Fallout4Custom.ini:

  • [Pipboy]
  • bPipboyEffectColorOnLight=0

Q: Can I change the pipboy's beam color/brightness, but leave the pipboy interface white?
A: Add the following line to your Fallout4Custom.ini:

  • [Pipboy]
  • bPipboyDisableFX=1

Q: When I switch cameras the light turns off/points skyward...
Q: While in 3rd person the light source appears over the shoulder and behind my head...
A: First, make sure you actually left Vault 111 as the light won't function correctly until you open the doors. Also, make sure the esp is active. There are times when a game or mod manager update will deactivate all your mods for whatever reason.

Other causes can be due to a failure to install a "00-Core" file properly during manual installation, bogus nodes in another mod's nifs that you have equipped, 2 competing light sources on your person, or if you're using pipboy removers.

Q: I've tried many lights but nothing changes in-game.
A: Make sure the esp is actually active. If you manually installed, there's a chance you are placing the folders incorrectly. Otherwise google, "archive invalidation". 

Q: I'm not getting dynamic shadows.
A: Dynamic shadow options are on the distance settings page of the installer. 

Q: Suddenly some objects are casting strange shadows.
A: This is a rare engine glitch (possibly hardware related) and only occurs if you are using the dynamic shadow options. It's hard to describe, but you'll know it if you see it. Most of the time toggling your light off/on will fix it.

Q: The 3rd person flashlight is a little off center when I pull out my weapon. Why?
A: In 3rd person your light will function like the Mining Helmet, meaning the light travels along an invisible line parallel to the direction your character's head is facing. Keep in mind, the default mining helmet has a very large radius. I would suggest a wider beam if this bothers you. 

Q: This isn't the beam I chose, It looks like a featureless giant circle...
A: After EXTENSIVE trial and error, it appears (with the exception of power armor) that the game engine cannot properly handle switching light textures mid-game. This is why when using the vanilla mining helmet, the "Vault-Boy" lamp upgrade fails to load until the engine is restarted. This is a known issue that can only be fixed by Bethesda. If for any reason you change light textures (gobos), a giant circle becomes your pip-boy light until restart. 

I'm not 100% certain of the extent of this bug. There's no real literature on it, this is just my observations while creating and testing these mods. I do know it's a verified vanilla bug that effects PS4, XB1, and PC. It's mentioned on the wiki, but it says it only happens with the vault-boy lens, which is only partially true, it actually happens with all gobos.

Q: Enemies don't react to a bright flashlight pointed in their eyes.
A: This isn't a bug. The player character's light level is what determines whether enemies see you while sneaking or not. The player's light level doesn't change when using a directional light because no light is being cast on the player. Contrast this with the default radial pipboy light, which lights up your entire character, thus raising your light level by a substantial amount, allowing enemies to visually identify you easier. NPCs aren't programmed to notice spotlights, but rather, what's under the spotlight.

Q: I've read the entire questions section and can't find a solution for <insert random modding issue here>.
A: Only you know what all you've put into your game. If your load order has over 100 esps, there's a good chance your game is full of incompatibilities. Most of these are harmless, but if any two mods overlap in any areas, one will always win out and the other (or both) may behave strangely. When confronted with potential incompatibilities the first thing you should do is use FO4Edit to check for conflicts at a glance. If you are unsure how to use FO4Edit I suggest you look up some introductory tutorials on YouTube. When mastered, FO4Edit will become one of the most powerful tools in your modding arsenal, trust me.

Here's some general "last resort" modding practices:

  • Backup your inis and delete the existing ones. Start the game and it will create new inis for you. If that didn't work then just restore your backup inis. This doesn't really apply to this mod, but good to keep in mind.
  • Deactivate any mods that you think could affect your light and load the game. Keep (de)activating maybe 10 mods at a time until you find out where the negative interaction is and act accordingly.
  • Sometimes the hamster falls off the wheel. My system is overclocked so I replace my hamster about once a month.