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  1. AKcelsior
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    Q: Is there a performance hit?
    A: Expect 1-3 fps loss with if you're using dynamic shadows, otherwise there is no performance impact.
    Q: Is this compatible with...?
    A: This will not be compatible with Pip-Boy removers, replacers, or mods that change the Pip-Boy's light. In general you should try to load my esp after anything you think makes changes to lights.
    + My esp must be loaded after Enhanced Lights and FX.
    + LOOT users, be aware that it may sort my esp above conflicting mods like ELFX.
    + Weapon mods that add flashlights may cause strange behavior while equipped.
    + If you use More Armor Slots or similar mods, place my esp after them in your load order.
    + Users of the X-02 Power Armor mod by Unoctium/DogtoothCG, might want to download this patch by ScrollTron1c.
    + Non vanilla weapons may have custom animations, in which case mine will not apply.
    Q: How do I change the light texture (gobo)?
    A: Rerun the installer and select again.
    Q: How do I change the light's color and brightness?
    A: The same way you normally do, in the game's pause menu under display options. To change overall brightness move the RGB sliders down in unison.
    Q: Why doesn't the light react to changes in color from the display options?
    A: You may need to add the following line to your Fallout4Custom.ini:
    Q: Can I change the pipboy interface's color but leave the beam color white?
    A: Add the following line to your Fallout4Custom.ini:
    Q: Can I change the pipboy's beam color but leave the pipboy interface white?
    A: Add the following line to your Fallout4Custom.ini:
    Q: When I switch cameras the light turns off or points skyward...
    Q: While in 3rd person the light source appears over the shoulder and behind my head...
    A: My Pipboy mesh isn't being used. Either it wasn't installed correctly or another mod is overwriting it, possibly redirecting its path using an esp. 
    Q: I've tried many lights but nothing changes in-game.
    A: Make sure the esp is active and loaded very late in your load order, after all lighting mods. If you manually installed, there's a chance you are placing the folders incorrectly. 
    Q: I'm not getting dynamic shadows.
    A: Dynamic shadow options are on the distance settings page of the installer. Otherwise, turn your light off then on. 
    Q: In 3rd person, the flashlight is a little off center when I pull out my weapon. Why?
    A: In 3rd person the light follows your head movements. I've included 3rd person animations that help realign the light beam. Be aware that mods that add their own custom animations to guns may not be effected.
    Q: This isn't the beam I chose, It looks like a giant featureless circle!
    A: Try to turn your light off then back on. To force the game to reload its gobo texture you may need to reload. Another workaround is to jump in and out of power armor. This game, like past Bethesda games, contains plenty of lighting issues that mods tend to exacerbate by pushing boundaries.
    Q: Enemies don't react to the light.
    A: This is normal. The devs didn't program enemies to be alerted by lights, only what's being illuminated by light. That's why we don't see raiders attacking every spotlight in the wasteland, as entertaining as that may be. Realistically, you wouldn't shoot at a light in the distance until you could identify that it is an enemy. NPCs follow this same logic so keep your light on but stick to the shadows.

  2. AKcelsior
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    Greetings wastelanders,

    I uploaded a working BETA for the 6.0 update. Because it's not a full release, fomod installer options are NOT AVAILABLE at this time!

    BETA 1 (07/08/2018):
    - Creation Club compatibility (skin support)
    - rebalanced light levels
    - new 1st/3rd person emitter position
    - stronger 1st person shadows

    BETA 2 (07/18/2018):
    - new 3rd person animations
    - light now follows crosshair while aiming (ADS) using vanilla weapons in 3rd person
    - equipped vanilla rifles, shotguns, and pistols no longer obstruct light beam in 3rd person... 90% of the time
    - added godrays with increased volumetrics
    - flashlight now works before opening Vault 111

    BETA 2.01 (07/20/2018):
    - minor mesh and godray adjustments

    BETA 2.02 (07/21/2018):
    - forwarded vanilla armor record to prevent other mods from removing CC compatibility

    BETA 3 (08/01/2018):
    - power armor lamps re-introduced with new light properties, gobos, and shadows
    - power armor lens flare fix re-introduced
    - reverted texture paths to prevent engine bugs related to switching gobos via gear (ugh!)

    BETA 3.01 (08/05/2018):
    - minor increase in max Pip-Boy luminosity and falloff distance

    BETA 3.02 (08/05/2018):
    - reverted mesh directories
    - removed ITM
  3. AKcelsior
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    STALLED (09/07/18):
    All work has been temporarily halted. It seems my budget video card doesn't appreciate my clock speeds and has finally died. I do not have the income to purchase a new card, and I'm not trying to pay a higher price today than I did 3 years ago for this bargain bin POS GTX 950 (thanks miners!). It may be a couple paychecks before I can purchase a cheap card and continue working on the update.

    To be continued...
  4. lolipopkins
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    Any way I can lower the flashlight's brightness after using the" bPipboyEffectColorOnLight=0 " command in the .ini to make the flashlight white while having a green pipboy? It gets too bright indoors, specially because I use the white color
  5. FreedmF1ghter77
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    what enb are you using?
  6. DarkStar2018
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    Bug, of sorts:

    Immediately after acquiring the Pip-Boy in the quest "Out of Time" (like, right after taking it off the skeleton) but BEFORE using it on the Vault door Remote panel, the light will display incorrectly in both 1st and 3rd person views. Right after using the Pip-Boy to open the Vault door, it fixes itself and performs as normal.

  7. lolipopkins
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    I don't know if it's inteded so maybe i'm being kinda dumb in saying this, but in 1st person view I can only see like 10% of the shadows I see in 3rd person. The shadows I can see in both views are also much bigger in 3rd person. Only lighting mod I use is - Interors Enhanced
  8. ibanez81
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    For anyone having issues with the light pointing upwards in 3rd person (Caused by mesh conflicts, not to be confused with weapon mods that have flashlights) i have found a workaround for myself, it is pretty simple and i have no prior knowledge of working with this software, I just put two and two together and it fixed my issues. The issue basically comes from mesh files as is mentioned in the FAQ's, regardless of load order.

    My conflict came from using both this mod and also Unequip Pipboy, which has its own mesh file for making the pipboy not visible.

    ***I would assume this same method can be used for other mods that are causing the same issue provided you find and figure out the problematic mod, although i cant say for certain so you will just have to try and see.****

    I used Nifskope to fix the problem, which can be downloaded here https://github.com/niftools/nifskope/releases (The download file is close-ish to the bottom called NifSkope_2_0_2018-02-22-x64.7z) Extract it to a folder and its ready to go.

    The next step is finding the mesh files, which is pretty simple with NMM etc, In this case the 2 files i needed are:

    PipboyLowPlayer.nif (The mesh file from this mod)
    PipboySubstitute.nif (The mesh file for Unequip Pipboy mod)

    For simplicity you don't actually need to find or open the mesh file belonging to Pip-boy Flashlight, i will provide the relevant values for you to use.

    Upon opening the file in Nifskope the section we want is on the left, which will look something like this (Click the little grey arrows to expand the sections)

    The section we want is called "BSConnectPoints:: Parents" click on this and you will see the connect points in the lower section. In the case of Unequip Pipboy there will only be 1 connect point listed here.

    To add a second connect point we change the value next to "Num Connect Points" from 1 to 2, click the little green refresh arrows underneath this section and a second connect point will appear below.

    It should look like this:

    Under this new connect point we are basically just changing the information to the same info found in the Pipboy Flashlight Mesh file to look like this:

    To clarify in-case anyone gets confused we are simply just changing the value info for this new connect point

    Change PARENT value to: Head
    Change NAME value to:P-AttachLightOverride
    Change ROTATION values to: Y: 90.00 P: 87.00 R: 0.00
    Change TRANSLATION values to: X: 5.000000 Y: 5.500000 Z: 0.000000
    SCALE should read 1.000000

    After doing this click the black save icon at the top and click save, if all is well this should fix the issue in-game.

    Doing this solved my issues with the flashlight pointing upwards in 3rd person, and should work for anyone else using these 2 mods.
  9. jetblade545
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    the light only points up... anyone?
    1. ZeIgnis
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      yep same... im using pip boy 2000 tho
    2. Helaeon
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      So, I don't know if you ever figured out your problem, but I fiddled with my load order for about a week to get this mod working. I have pretty bad obsessive compulsion when it comes to modding, so that is why I usually stick to consoles.

      Anyways, if you're incredibly dead set on getting it to work, I highly suggest the usual advice, but hell, I forgot while trying to fix the issue. Disabling all your mods and starting with the flash light and then working your way up from there is the best step in my opinion.

      This mod is very temperamental, at least to me, but I am running almost 300 mods and doing fine. The flash light was the only issue I had.

      Enable your mods section by section, always faster to me than just counting them by whatever number grouping you want (100, 50, 25 or whatever).

      For me, the mod would suddenly start to appear as if it was uninstalled after turning an immersion mod to fix the height of super mutants.

      If all else fails, I'd just do a complete wipe of your game folder and re-install accordingly. It be like that sometimes.
    3. Dioniss13
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      The guy below posted that his mod on Pip-boy caused the problem. As you're using it too... I've installed mod yesterday, default options and everything is working fine for me.
    4. xDesolatorx
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      I actually fixed this for my game. I found out that the Scar-H weapon mod I had was causing it.
    5. BahamutZer00
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      Also, make sure you are past the tutorial at the beginning. I remember that the flashlights were bugged until I got out of the vault.
    6. ShadeOfYzil
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      @BahamutZer00 This was exactly my problem. I can't believe how much time I wasted when I could have stepped outside.
    7. EMR267
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      @xDesolatorx Is this the weapon mod causing issue? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18726
  10. ZeIgnis
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    Since this mod was abandoned & most of us have problems with it especially light pointing up or so. Here are 2 mods u can use together instead of this, worked for me. For flash color just install it then disable it else if u have custom pip boy it'll conflict.


    ENJOY & COMMENT so others see this.

    Obviously thanks to AKcelsior, for dedicating time & mind to make this mod, ty to all other modders too.
    1. ZeIgnis
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      an optional for shadows enjoy
    2. Balx2
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      Also want to point out that the animation files in this mod cause the CK to freak out and not respond. No idea why. I've been using another mod instead of this one, however this one was a favorite of mine for a long time.
  11. SparkylGaming
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    So, just a quick look through here and I've gathered that it seems that this mod is no longer being supported, which is unfortunate because I've kinda stumbled onto a problem, but nothing like the beam pointing up like other people are saying. My issue is that the light is just almost non-existent when I'm indoors, but when outside it's perfectly fine, and I'm not sure why this is the case so I'm hoping someone here may have an answer for me.

    The only mods that I could even think that may be adjusting light that I have installed are as follows:
    Apocalyptic Weather - FellIN - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17107
    Ultra Interior Lighting - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22101 (i disabled this one and it didn't fix the issue so I don't think this one is it)
    Stalker Lights Sweet Fx and ENB - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/86
    Darker Nights - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/191

    and that's it.

    I don't have a clue what could be causing it but it's making trying to navigate and loot interiors such a tedious task because... well, I can't see anything lol. Hopefully somebody here has an answer for me.
    1. rextable
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      Hey dude.

      I don't claim to know the answer but might be able to point you in the right direction, I noticed you're using an ENB + Sweet FX. I know from experience that ENBs - depending on their settings - can severely affect the brightness of Pip Boy Flashlight's... erm lights. ENBs have separate inside and outside lighting settings. I've never used Sweet FX but have no doubt it could potentially do the same. That might be place to start. Try disabling the ENB in game (shift + f12 by default but may be different with your particular ENB preset) to see if that changes the brightness. If it does, you'll know what the problem is and you'll have to mess around with the ENB settings to correct it.

      Other things to consider are how bright you set the beam and what lens gobo/shape you choose during installation. The brightness setting obviously affects the brightness but so does the gobo you choose to an extent. A tiny and grim looking gobo is going to be dim and generally useless. Where as a huge, clear and screen filling one will be very bright.

      Muck around with those things and then report back

      BTW. This mod might no longer be actively supported but it's still 100% functional ;-)
  12. fbaharin
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    Hello. Thanks for this great mod. I had a little trouble in the beginning but realized the pip pad patch is included when you install the pip pad. After reinstalling that, it works like a charm.
  13. darkdodge
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    You have to select additional lightning distance no further than 100% to keep your selected texture.

    150% and above will emit only white bright light.