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Removes the default Pip-Boy light and glow effects while still allowing you to use flashlights from headlamps, power armor, etc.

Permissions and credits
I created this really simple mod to supplement two other mods I was using, specifically Pip-Boy Flashlight and Tactical Flashlights. By default, the former mod allowed you to turn on your Pip-Boy's directional light even if you had no headlamp equipped, which made headlamps pointless. This mod simply removes the default light effect from the Pip-Boy, but still allows power armor and headlamps to function.

You can still use Pip-Boy Flashlight's customization to change the appearance of Tactical Flashlights' headlamps' light even though the actual Pip-Boy light will still be invisible.

Installation/Load Order
If you are using Tactical Flashlights and/or Pip-Boy Flashlight, please follow the installation and load order below to ensure proper interaction among the three mods. Otherwise, just install the mod to your ...\Fallout 4\Data\ folder manually or using your favorite mod management software.

Installation order (or mod order if you're using Mod Organizer):
  1. Pip-Boy Flashlight (select "head emitter" during installation)
  2. Tactical Flashlights
  3. No Pip-Boy Light: Install to your ...\Fallout 4\Data\ folder manually or using your favorite mod management software.

Load Order:
  1. Tactical Flashlights.esp
  2. Tactical Flashlights - Settings.esp
  3. Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp
  4. no_pipboy_light.esp

I have not tested this with any flashlight mods other than Pip-Boy Flashlight and Tactical Flashlights. The main version of the mod modifies the Pip-Boy models and the defaultPipBoyLight light object, so install/load this mod after any other mod that modifies those things to keep the same functionality.

There are two versions of this mod. Both have the esp that removes the actual "light" of the default Pip-Boy flashlight, but the main version also slightly modifies the Pip-Boy models to remove the glow that you see in third-person when the light is turned on. The esp-only version is available in case someone has a super-special Pip-Boy model mod that they don't want overwritten (Pip-Boy textures are unaffected).

To add to the "realistic darkness" environment, I recommend the following: