Fallout 4
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.::Pip-Boy Flashlight by akkalat85::.


| Manual Installation |

Unpackage the .rar file. Inside should be several numbered folders. The directory "fomod\images" contains all the preview images and their associated texture names.

1. Open "00-Core". Inside are 2 folders, "HeadEmit" and "PipboyEmit", that control the position of the 3rd person light source. Place the contents of one of these folders into your data directory.
2. Open "00-Textures". The contents of each folder is subdivided into "pip" (pipboy) and "pa" (power armor). Place the contents of either of these folders into your data directory.
3. Folders "01-20" are distance settings. Only choose one and place the contents into your data directory.
4. Activate Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp

* If you want to use alternate 3rd person animations, place the contents of "00-Optional\3rdAnimations" into your data directory.
* If you want to use optional sound effects, open the "00-Optional\Sounds" folder. Inside is 2 directories labeled "Single" and "Double", in reference to the click sound they make. Place the contents of either of these directories into your data folder.
* If you want to offset the 1st person light source for more prominent shadows, place the contents of "00-Optional\1stLightMesh" into your data directory.

| Manual Uninstall |

The following files must be removed from your game directory:
data\Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp

If you are using sounds, you should also remove:

If you are using the offset 1st person light, you should also remove:

If you are using alternate animations, you should also remove the files inside:

| Version History |

Version 4.9.3
- Minor mesh and texture edits.
- Added back a handful of old, redesigned lights.

Version 4.9
- Increased FOV for all lights.
- Light now emits from the actual pipboy.
- Pip-Boy light is now volumetric.
- Lens flares added to Pip-Boy (warm white), and Power Armor (cool white).
- The magnitude of Power Armor lights is greater than their Pip-Boy counterparts.
- New optional 1st person light mesh for more pronounced 1st person shadows.
- Many more beams prefixed/renamed for grouping.
- New and edited textures.

Version 4.8
- Increased ambient light levels.
- Blue/green colored beams have increased saturation.
- Lights of similar style are now grouped together under specific brands.
- Replaced a handful of textures.

Version 4.7
- Gradient spill banding fixed for all medium and small radius flashlight textures.
- Tweaked: Acid Drop, Acebeam T25, Dorcy Luxeon, Polaris, Arcturus, Olight M2X, Olight S30, ITP C7, Fenix E20, Klarus MiX6, Maglite Solitaire, Mind's Eye, Nave Plate, Tunguska, Torchlite Shooter, LED Lenser P17, Geforce 199, Maglite 300L, Crelant V31A.
- Remade: Broken Lens, Olight S30.
- New beams: Fenix LD75, Tyrell N6, Tyrell VKm, Klarus MiX7, Tyrell RCHL.
- Minor adjustments to spill luminosity of small beams. The smallest and brightest beams now spill slightly more light.

Version 4.6
- Fixed 2 broken XML entries.
- Recalibrated everything inside Super Duper Mart @ night.
- Completely remade a handful of beams.
- Added: Fenix E25, Service Light.

Version 4.5
- White levels and hotspot size have been reduced across the board.
- Light spills now take on the color of the beam.
- Installer texture options rearranged in ABC order. This makes it easier to remember your favorite beam.
- Tweaked everything.
- Removed: I forgot... Anything that was too similar to existing (better) beams was removed to make room.
- Added: Worn Floodlight, AK-85, Tel Aviv, Olight S30.

Version 4.4
- Adjusted: ambient light spill, white levels.
- Removed BT40.
- Changed: Jericho, AE Light AEX25, Atomic Drop, Coast HP17, LED Lenser T7, Fenix LD60, Nightmaster XR-E, Nitecore SRT7.
- Added UltraFire C10.

Version 4.3
- All beams now spill ambient light onto their surroundings to simulate light scattering.
- Added 10 new animations for running with a pistol out.
- New beam: Overseer V101.

Version 4.2
- Added 11 additional 3rd person animations for running with gun out.
- Removed Biosphere, unused animation directories.
- Moved light source slightly so certain vanilla headwear doesn't clip.
- New beams: Orbiis, Defile.

Version 4.1
- Re positioned 3rd person light source.
- Removed: Interceptor.
- Added: Orbital, Good Vibrations, Behind Space, Pulsar.

Version 4.0
- Mesh tweaks.*
- 3rd person animations
- New set of sounds.
- Many tweaked beams.
- New beams: Deus Avertat, Ferromagnetic, Convoy L5, Miasma, Silver Shroud, Polaris, Arcturus, EDC LE, LED Lenser P5.2.

Version 3.4
- Rearranged beam order.
- Removed: Penetrator 630.
- Tweaked: Everything.
- New beams: Atomos, El Cheapo mk. 2, El Cheapo mk. 3, Minimag, PALight Survival, Moonshield, Afterglow, Hex Omega, Atomic Drop, G-Force 199, GG-3883, Lunar Strain.

Version 3.3
- Rotated 3rd person light source so it casts more light near crosshair when using iron sights.
- Fixed Maglite 25LT "square" issue.
- Removed Dirty Foglight.
- Tweaked: Aevum, Biosphere, C7, E01, E20, M2X, Penetrator 630, Nucleus, Cosmogenesis.
- New beams: Coast HP17, Maglite 2D, Maglite 3D, Lenser P17, December Flower, Dorcy Luxeon, Nitecore SRT7.

Version 3.2
- All gobos have been re-compressed using a different method to get rid of the edge artifacts.
- Fixed issue with installer not installing certain power armor lamps.
- Tweaked: Nucleus, Swiss Army Deluxe, Spotlight, Starlite 128L, CFL Vortex, Cyclonus.
- New beams: Jericho, JETBeam Jet-3M, Fenix E01, Lenser T7 (old T7 renamed to P71 Interceptor), Singularity, Aevum, Main Sequence, Biosphere, Häxprocess, Eye of Odin.

Version 3.1
- New beam: Firefly
- Moved 3rd person light source down
- Reformatted installer

Version 3.0
- Pip-Boy flashlight and Power Armor lamps have been split! You can now mix and match beam styles giving you over 100,000 possible combinations!
- Tweaked: solitaire, m2x, nucleus, the glow, chernobyl, xr-e, sevastopol

Version 2.5
- New beams: Spotlight, Unicron, Nucleus, Bushnell HD, Chernobyl, Redshift, Gyroscope, El Cheapo, Genesis, Altostratus, Twilight Zone, The Glow, Wild Wasteland, Acebeam T25
- Tweaked: Vintage Maglite, Nave Plate, Shockwave, Maglite 25LT, Lenser T7, Maglite Solitaire
- Renamed: Spiral --> Ultros

Version 2.4
- New beams: Starlite 128L, Cat's Eye, Nave Plate, Spiral, Budget, Inova XO3
- Tweaked: everything

Version 2.3
- Fixed issue where beams were rotated 40 degrees when in 3rd person
- Tweaked: HELIOS One, Nebula, Swiss Army, Bottom's Up, C7, Floodlight
- New beams: Shockwave, Light Bar, Vortex, T7, Incandescent, Microfusion Coil, Jovian

Version 2.2
- New beams: Tactical Red, Tactical Blue, Tactical Green, Fenix E40, Neon Ballroom, Solarforce L2, Dirty Foglight, Nebula, Bottom's Up
- Tweaked: Swiss Army, Vintage Maglite, LEDCorp Aluminum, Klarus MiX6

Version 2.1
- While in 3rd person, weapon no longer casts shadow
- New beams: Swiss Army, Cyclonus, Mind's Eye
- Tweaked Focused LED

Version 2.0
- Switching from 1st to 3rd person no longer requires the player to turn off/on their light
- Opening your Pip-Boy in 3rd person no longer turns off your light
- Using a scope while in 3rd person no longer causes your beam to disappear
- While in 3rd person your beam will now follow your aim

Version 1.2
- New beams: Vintage Maglite, Broken Lens, Sevastopol, HELIOS One, Bullseye
- Tweaks to: Solitaire, Focused LED, BT40
- New flashlight sounds

Version 1.11
- New beam: Foglight
- Big beams have larger radius
- Added blur effect to Soaked Floodlight
- Finished remaining lore friendly descriptions
- Modified the light curve of most lights
- Most beams now "bleed" light outside their boundaries

Version 1.1
- 6 new beams
- New lore friendly descriptions
- Tweaks to most beams
- Previews resized

Version 1.04
- Tweaked Nightmaster V2
- Modified XML to reflect changes
- Fixed duplicate maglite model

Version 1.03
- Adjustments to Solitaire and BT40
- Updated XML to show correct version number
- Eliminated most light cast on weapons

Version 1.02
- Reduced radiuses of all beam profiles

Version 1.01
- Added dynamic shadows

Version 1.0
- First public release
- Full NMM installer support