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Allows bullet holes and other impact effects to be shown at long ranges. Made with FO4Edit.

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Long Range Bullet Holes is a small mod to make bullet impact effects and decals appear at long ranges. It also extends the time of wound decals and decal limits.

Kudos to merlimpt for the comparison video!

Main version:
  • Decals visible up to 500 meters
  • 2000 decal limits overall and 100 per actor
  • Wound decals stay for 1 hour


Install using a mod manager or using a manual method. (LongRangeBulletHoles.INI goes in the data folder with the .esp)


The .esp raises the range of particle effects to 500 meters.
Uses a mod .ini to set the ini setting automatically to get the bullet hole decals to show up at 500m.
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Thanks to:

Fallout 3 bullet holes mod and Bullet Impact LOD for FO:NV for having the same idea with the GS names available in a mod to look at so I didn't have to reinstall FO3 and the GECK just to get it. Go and give Snowyman kudos! :)
FO4Snip for initial modding.
New files made with FO4Edit.

Rain of Brass - Long lasting shell casings for player and NPCs.
Long Range Bullet Holes - Allows bullet holes and other impact effects to be shown at long ranges.
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Simple First Personish Camera - Makes the 3rd person camera able to zoom in to look like a 1st person camera where you can see your shadow.
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Heavy Ambient Occlusion- Makes the built in Ambient Occlusion look better.
Long Range Smooth Shadows - (Good with Dynamic Performance) - A settings guide for long range shadows that work with Dynamic Performance.