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Makes the built in Ambient Occlusion look better. Made with FO4Edit.

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Heavy Ambient Occlusion is a small mod to make the built in FO4 Ambient Occlusion look better.

The mod is basically just .ini settings, and uses a blank .esp for enabling/disabling the mod .ini settings.

Version 1.1 settings:

The bias should be as low as possible to have shadows on small areas like debris on the ground.
Higher radius looks nice on larger areas but it starts to lose detail on small areas past 150.
The intensity has a glitch where the AO gets darker when you move. 17 is the threshold where it's as dark as possible and I can't tell the difference between moving and stationary AO.

Using a reshade could cause the AO with these settings to look too dark and make the movement glitch too noticable.
Try lowering the intensity until you can't see the glitch anymore.

Extract the .esp and .ini to the FO4 data folder.
Use a mod manager to enable/disable the .esp.

To enable the .ini settings, enable the .esp.
To disable the .ini settings, disable the .esp.

I tried a lot of the reshades and couldn't find one that I liked with the perfect ambient occlusion and shadow darkness. They can also use a lot of FPS, so I tried turning them all off and tried changing the built in AO. It turns out that it actually works pretty nicely if it's tweaked a bit. I wanted to make the AO as heavy as possible without making it too noticable and this seems to come close.

Info for tweaking:
fSAORadius seems to be how big the shadows can be and looks like it's in game units, which seem to be centimeters. So the default AO range would be 108 for about 1 meter, 200 for 2 meters, etc.
fSAOIntensity is how dark the AO shadows are. The default of 7 is barely noticable. 15 is visible in the mod's screenshots. At 18 and over you can start to see a glitch where the AO gets darker when you move. 30 is very noticable. About 100 is super dark. Maybe it's in % of darkness from 0 to full shadow?
fSAOBias seems to make the AO closer to edges.

Example 1:
fSAOBias = 1
fSAORadius = 100
fSAOIntensity = 100

Example 2:
fSAOBias = .1
fSAORadius = 100
fSAOIntensity = 100

Example 3:
fSAOBias = .1
fSAORadius = 500
fSAOIntensity = 100

Thanks to:
FO4Snip for initial modding.
New files made with FO4Edit.

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