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New blood texture that also fixes creature blood decals. Made with FO4Edit.

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This mod fixes the cut off textures on the blood for creatures (feral ghouls, deathclaws, etc).

Thanks to It'sAGundam for the video!

Version 2.0:
Uses better FO4 blood textures, with a modified version of a FO4 blood texture. I prefer this one even over the EBT textures. :) It only replaces the main blood texture, so it can be installed after EBT to use the features of both mods.

The Enhanced Blood Textures mod plugin also incorporates a similar fix with different textures.

Install using a mod manager or using a manual method.

Thanks to:
FO4Snip for initial modding.
New files made with FO4Edit.

Old Info:
It makes the regular blood (by default all one texture) use the same files that other blood effects use (split into 4 textures) because the ghoul blood seems to be forced to use the same texture as the normal blood but expects to be split into 4 textures. I looked through Fallout4.esm with Fallout4Snip and couldn't find any reason for the ghoul blood to be forced to use 4 textures, so making the normal blood also expect to be split into 4 seems to be the best workaround with the tools available at the time. :)

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