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This mod will allow you to create custom schematics without conflicting with other custom schematics.

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Craft 1.25
By: Highsight

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Schematic Creation Tutorial! It appears that the thread was deleted, I don't have a backup of it, sorry guys. :(

Changelog for 1.25:
Added CRAFT - Activation Perk.esp, which reworks how workbenches function, and removes the need for them to be replaced. (Thanks ElminsterEU for creating this!)
Removed CRAFT - Workbench Replacement.esp, no longer nessicary thanks to Activation Perk!
Removed Vanilla Schematics from the CRAFT Menu, it now has it's own old catagory when activating a Workbench.

Mods Currently Using CRAFT Updated November 14th 2010
Clutter Conversion System
CRAFT - Buildable WeaponModKits - FINAL.
Workbench and Crafting Expansion (Official)
Bobby Pin and Tin Can CRAFTing
Cryo Weapons
FOOK Weapons - CRAFT
M9 Tranquilizer Pistol
Misc Weapons
Dogmeat Leather Armor
Molotov Cocktail This mod has been known to break the CRAFT Dialogue.
Asharas FFXIII Lightning Gunsword
Ammo Workbench
EpF Centaur Spit Bomb
CALIBER Ammo Schematics
ThrowDagger for CRAFT
Workbench Crafting and Expansion Currently not working.
Junk Metal Weapons

This mod reworks the way Workbenches work in the game so you can now add in your own custom schematics with ease and without having to worry about conflicting with other modder's schematics.

How it works:
Instead of being a message list, the workbench now functions as a dialog, which allows you to enter in your own options without interfering with the options added by others.

I have included a CRAFT version of the Stealthboy Recon Armor as an example. It is made by Qzilla and Jake Zahn, I take no credit for it other than it's CRAFT modification.

Add the CRAFT.esm file to load right after Fallout3.esm
Add the CRAFT - Workbench Replacement.esp file to load after the CRAFT.esm
Let all community made schematics load after CRAFT.esm


- Access the in-game console (to access/hide the console, hit the ` button on your keyboard - usually located above the Tab button). In the console, enter:

If you are using FOSE:
StartQuest CRAFTPerkUninstall

If you are not using FOSE:
StartQuest XX000802
(Where XX is the number in which this mod is loaded.)

After entering this command and exiting the console you will receive a message confirming that CRAFT is now ready to be safely uninstalled. (Once this command has been entered, workbenches will no longer offer the "CRAFT" activation choice until you either save your game again with CRAFT uninstalled, and then reinstall it - or you enter the following command into the console: StartQuest CRAFTAddHiddenPerksOnStartQuest)

- Save your game and exit Fallout 3.
- In the Data Files section of the Fallout 3 Launcher - or using a tool like Fallout 3 Mod Manager - clear the tick in the box next to CRAFT - Activation Perk.esp.
- If desired, delete all files copied to your Fallout 3\Data\ directory during installation
- Load your save-game, and continue playing.

This is an ESM file, although I have tested it myself with no problem, anything that happens to your save game is NOT my fault.

ElminsterEU - For optimizing CRAFT, and reworking the workbench replacment concept!
Bethesda - For Fallout 3 and the GECK.
Qzilla and Jake Zahn - For the Stealthboy Recon Armor

Old Changelog:

Changelog for 1.1:
Dialogue from the workbench now last longer than 1 milisecond.
CRAFT - Workbench Replacement.esp - Now replaces ALL workbenches, including ones created by mods.

Future Plans
Custom items for CRAFTing, such as gun parts.
Disassembly of Items, such as guns.

Terms of Use:
You are free to create esp's that need the use of CRAFT.esm, so long as you give me credit for the use of CRAFT. If you wish to package CRAFT.esm with any of your mods, you MUST ask me first.

Known Issues
If you are in third person mode before using the workbench, your character will disappear until you either use your pipboy or load a game.