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Adds 3 new weapons to the game. Cryo Mines, Cryo Grenades, and the schematic weapon The Cryolator. Fully implemented and balanced.

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Sadly since upgrading my computer I have barely been able to run Fallout without crashing, so for the longest time I have not worked on any more modding. However, I welcome you, the community, to consider my files a resource. Use them for yourself or, if you like, make fixes and contributions to send to me to upload here (just PM me for my email to mail files to). Thanks so much, and keep safe out there in the wasteland!

What does this mod do?
Adds 3 new weapons to the game. Cryo Mines and Cryo Grenades, which can be bought from weapon vendors, and the schematic weapon "The Cryolator", which can be found in various locations around the world.

I have tried my best to implement these weapons in the spirit in which I imagine they where intended, with new textures, sounds and models. They are not overpowered and have been worked into the lore of the game.

When an enemy is weakened with these weapons, they are left frozen solid, allowing you to deliver a shattering blow, or leave then to thaw and die.

Cryo Grenades & Mines
Cryo mines and grenades do slightly less overall damage than frag versions. However the blast causes "frostbite" style damage; double damage to all limbs. And should the blast cause your enemy to drop below 50 hit-points, they are instantly "flash frozen" in place. You will only find limited quantities in shops and loot boxes, as they seem to be rare technology, which is why you will most commonly see them used by Enclave and Brotherhood.

The Cryolator
The Cryolator is a schematic weapon left unfinished by Bethesda. I have done my best to finish and implement this weapon as best as I can, with unique effects, textures, and tweaked model. The Cryolator uses "Liquid Coolant" as ammo which can be found in junk shops, factory boxes, and on robots. The Cryolator is very light on causing damage, dealing less than the Flamer. However getting up close and crippling limbs is what this weapon excels at ("frost bite" dealing 2x damage to limbs).

The big difference between my Cryolator and the others; mine is a spray weapon, similar to the Flamer. It features a custom high res texture and a modified model to prevent the 1st person clipping issues it had before.

Check the ReadMe for schematic locations and spoilers.

To Install:
Simply extract to your "\Fallout 3\data" directory, overwrite any files needed. Then pick only ONE esp to use.

1) Cryo Weapons - No Lists.esp : No leveled lists altered. Cryo Weapons will only be available at normal merchants. Use this version if you are not sure what version to use and you use mods that might alter your leveled lists.

2) Cryo Weapons - Vanilla.esp : Enclave and BoS soldiers may have Cryo Explosives. Cryo Explosives are now rare finds in explosive loot boxes. You will be able to find Liquid Coolant in Factory boxes and a small amount on all robots. And of course in Vendor lists as well.

3) FOOK - Cryo Weapons.esp : Same as Vanilla, but with FOOK 1.6 support and alters weapons to be a little more powerful and expensive to fit in. Load this after FOOK!

!!! CRAFT is required for this mod to work no matter what version you use: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4447 !!!

!!! This mod adds items to a few cells in the game. Fallout Patch 1.5 introduced some bugs that cause items placed into cells from .esp files to disappear when you save. I will post information about fixes to this problem when I have researched it. !!!

Version History
v1.1 - Fixed the Cryo Grenade path. Sorry bout that!
v1.2 - Just another little fix for the Cryo Grenade world model path.
v1.3 - Updated explosion effect using a recolor of underwater explosion. Much nicer. :3
v1.4 - Updated texture (tweaks by Weijiesen), extended explosion sound range, and fixed the issue with Joe's schematic disappearing when he restocks. If you go right to Joe after loading this mod, and the schematic is not in his inventory, just "Wait" 24 hours and check again. If you bought the schematic from Joe before...then you will probably end up with an extra. But you can only improve the schematic to 40% either way.

-Make a MZ version.
-Add the infinte creation script to MZ quest quy who makes cryo weapons.
-Make "Ice Breaker" Cryo Hammer.
-Fix a bug to remove Liquid Nukagen note.
-Older graphic's cards may have issues, causing black squares or screens. I am unsure what the problem here is so far.
-NPCs Using the Cryolator may have a few kinks to work out still.
-Enemies go instantly from looking normal to being frozen solid. I was having issues switching shaders and not causing shader flicker. Still working on it.
-Can be iced then set on fire at the same time. Still working on making them cancel each other out.
-Cryo Mine does not light up yet.

Original Models & Textures : Bethesda
Revised Models, Textures & Scripting : DarkanX
Textures, Testing & Advice: Weijiesen