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An overhaul to Enclave NPCs to give them more diversity and make them look more organized

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Basically what this mod does (or at least will try to do with the end product) is completely overhaul the weapons and armor of Enclave soldiers, officers, and potentially even add new Enclave related things.

Here's what's been done so far:

I guess I should start with the smaller things. First off, many Enclave related armors and NPCs have been renamed, here's all the renames:

Enclave Power Armor/Helmet = Enclave Advanced Power Armor/Helmet Mk. II
Tesla Armor/Helmet = Enclave Advanced Tesla Power Armor/Helmet Mk. II
Enclave Hellfire Armor/Helmet = Enclave Advanced Power Armor/Helmet Mk. III
Colonel Autumn's Uniform = Enclave Colonel Trenchcoat
Enclave Soldier/Hellfire Trooper = They're all listed below

Here are the bigger things this mod is doing


A re-added cut unique version of the tesla armor/helmet, called the "Robo-Thor" armor/helmet. I have drastically improved the armor, making it the best armor in the entire game, now called the "Robo-Thor" plasma power armor/helmet. It can be found on the armory master in the mobile base crawler launch platform base, along with a holodisk explaining the backstory of the armor. You may notice the armor and helmet has no effects, they are actually hidden, because too many effects were added to be able to see them.

A re-added cut unique version of the Enclave power armor/helmet. The shocktrooper set was also improved, but the only change was that the DR was increased. It can be found on Captain Torez in the Satellite Relay Station, along with a holodisk explaining the backstory of the Relay Station and the orbital missiles.

It always annoyed me how the Enclave colonel trenchcoat never came with a hat, so I added one. The hat looks identical to the Enclave officer hat, but it has way better stats.

A unique scoped .44 magnum that deals 100 damage if small guns is maxed out, and on top of that also has a burning effect. The name of the magnum is a reference to the 7th president of the U.S., Andrew Jackson, who was nicknamed "Old Hickory" because of how tough and fearless he was.

A unique shishkebab that deals over 50 damage if melee weapons is maxed out, compared to the normal shishkebab's 35 damage. Inhuman Thoughts is a reference to the Team Fortress 2 promotional video "Meet The Pyro" when the Spy exclaims "One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask." when describing the Pyro. It can be found on Corporal Shepard in the Old Olney S. Wilson Building, along with a holodisk explaining why the Enclave is in Old Olney.

A unique gauss rifle that deals 125 damage if energy weapons is maxed out, and also has a clip size of 5 compared to the normal gauss rifle's 1 clip size. Richardson's Glory is a reference the Enclave's president in Fallout 2, President Dick Richardson. It can be found on Lieutenant General Janice Chase in the mobile base crawler satellite control tower.

A unique gatling laser that deals almost 200 damage when big guns is maxed out, while also having a larger clip size and is more accurate. The name is a reference to the U.S. national anthem "Star-Spangled Banner". It can be found on General Constantine Chase III in the mobile base crawler satellite control tower, along with Chase III's last words.

The Enclave soldiers have been completely overhauled with what weapons they will carry, what weapon they carry and what armor they wear will reflect what their rank is. I wanted to make it look like climbing up the military ranks is an actual challenge in the Enclave, so low ranking soldiers will have very crummy weapons, meanwhile the highest ranking soldiers are extremely deadly.

Recruit: The lowest tier soldier will use a 10mm pistol. These soldiers are basically straight out of boot camp, you're probably the first thing they're shooting that isn't some sort of training dummy. These soldiers will use Enclave combat armor.

Melee Recruit: Alongside the 10mm soldiers are the combat knife soldiers. These basically are also recruits who, for whatever reason, decided they want to be up close in personal with their enemy. These guys are rarer than soldiers with a 10mm because, well, you'd have to be a fool to take a knife over a gun. Really, I just did this because I thought Enclave soldiers with rippers was a little dramatic, so I gave them combat knives instead. These guys also get combat armor.

Light Infantry Unit: The second to lowest tier soldier will use a 10mm submachine gun. These soldiers have been on a few missions, and have performed well enough to get promoted. They also have combat armor.

Light Melee Infantry Unit: Alongside them are the power fist soldiers. Like the submachine gun soldiers, these guys were promoted from combat knives to something a little more powerful. These guys are also rare, since most knife wielding soldiers have finally come to their senses and realized that a gun is way more efficient at killing things. Rank two is the last rank that will use combat armor.

Infantry Unit: This is where things start getting interesting, and by that I mean higher caliber bullets and power armor. Soldiers in the third rank will now use either infiltrators, combat shotguns, or sniper rifles. These guys have basically climbed their way out of newbie territory and are now full blown soldiers, so they will now use power armor, more specifically the Enclave power armor.

Melee Infantry Unit: Alongside these guys are the super sledge soldiers. These are the EXTREME minority of the Enclave military that, by some miraculous reason, have managed to survive using melee combat to the point where they now use a super sledge. However this is the last rank you will see using melee weapons, as none of them have made it past this rank without dying or switching to a gun. They also use Enclave power armor.

Energy Specialist: These soldiers have been in the Enclave for some time now, and are now trusted with energy weapons and other higher grade weaponry. These soldiers will be seen wielding laser or plasma rifles, and will be wearing tesla power armor.

Demolitions Expert: Though the melee soldiers may be gone, that doesn't mean there isn't any variation among rank four. These soldiers are experts in demolition and in general explosions, they will be seen using missile launchers or tesla cannons. They will also be using Tesla power armor.

Heavy Infantry Unit: These guys are pretty much unchanged from their vanilla counterparts, they will either use a minigun or gatling laser, and will wear Tesla power armor.

Commando Unit: Rank five is the best of the best in the Enclave, only the strongest, oldest, and/or most experienced members of the Enclave have the honor of being in rank five. These soldiers will instantly neutralize the Enclave's enemies with either three simultaneous bolts of energy, or a single concentrated ball of electromagnetic power without a second thought, all while proudly wearing a full set of the Enclave's own Hellfire power armor.

Inferno Unit: Even the very best has some variation in their ranks, and rank five is no exception. These soldiers will also use the Hellfire power armor, but will now use flamers and heavy incinerators. While testing, I accidentally created a tactic for these soldiers that I actually quite like: At a distance, these soldiers will use the heavy incinerator, however, once the target is close enough, they will pull out their flamer and use that instead, and vice versa.

Officer: I also wanted to add some diversity to the officers, and concluded that the .32 pistol, silenced 10mm pistol, laser pistol, and plasma pistol were really the only weapons that fitted the officers.

As second in command of the Enclave, Colonel Autumn should have a little more than a puny 10mm/laser pistol, right? As such, Colonel Autumn's pistol(s) have been replaced with a new unique scoped .44 magnum called Ol' Hickory. Autumn has also been given a colonel hat to compliment his trenchcoat.

The aforementioned "Robo-Thor" Plasma Power Armor/Helmet has been added to the armory master, there is also a holodisk talking about the armor.

Captain Torez serves as the commander in the Satellite Relay Station, receiving orders directly from General Constantine Chase III. He can be found in the same room as the Satellite Uplink terminal, equipped with a plasma rifle, Enclave shocktrooper armor, and the aforementioned orders from Chase III.

Corporal Shepard serves as the squad leader of the soldiers that can be encountered in Old Olney. His name is a reference to the Half-Life expansion, Half-Life: Opposing Force. He can be found in the Old Olney S. Wilson Building, equipped with Hellfire armor, a unique shishkebab named "Inhuman Thoughts", and a holodisk explaining Shepard and his men's orders.

Janice Chase serves as second in command of the Enclave in the Broken Steel DLC, and oversees the officer and science divisions of the Enclave. She, along with her older brother, are direct descendants of U.S. General Constantine Chase, and have served the Enclave their entire lives, since the days of the Enclave Oil Rig. She can be found in the mobile base crawler satellite control tower, with an Enclave officer uniform and unique gauss rifle named "Richardson's Glory".

Constantine Chase III serves as the leader of the Enclave in the Broken Steel DLC, and oversees the soldier division and also gives out orders to sector/base leaders. He, along with his younger sister, are direct descendants of U.S. General Constantine Chase, and have served the Enclave their entire lives, since the days of the Enclave Oil Rig. He can be found in the mobile base crawler satellite control tower, with a full set of hellfire armor, a unique gatling laser named "Star-Spangled Laser", and his last words.

At this point in development, I'm pretty satisfied with how everything's turned out. I will now be dedicating my time with this mod to fixing bugs and making compatibility patches, however I will be sure to add any features if I get any new ideas.

At the bear minimum, this currently requires Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, and Broken Steel.
The EIP fix is only needed if you have the Enclave Improvement Project.
The unofficial patch fix is only needed if you have the Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.
The EC fix is only needed if you have Enclave Commander or Enclave Commander 090 - Vertibird Interior.

ENO is compatible with Marts Mutant Mod, just make sure ENO is put LOWER in the load order than MMM.

ENO is compatible with the Enclave Improvement Project, just make sure to install the compatibility patch.

ENO is compatible with Simply Uncut, just make sure to install the ENO version on the SI mod page.

ENO is compatible with UPDATED Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch, just make sure to install the compatibility patch.

ENO is compatible with Enclave Commander, just make sure to install the compatibility patch. IF YOU USE Enclave Commander 090 - Vertibird Interior, YOU WILL NEED TO RENAME THE PLUGIN THAT GOES WITH THAT MOD to "EnclaveCommander-OA-Pitt-Steel" WITHOUT THE QUOTATIONS.

As of now, ENO is incompatible with Enclave Commander 90 No Free Ride.

Mods like Enclave Gauss Weapons and Female Enclave Soldiers probably won't work with ENO.

Simply install the main file, or optional file if needed, by using either a mod manager or extract to your data folder

These are problems that I'm experiencing, however, it's possible that this is just my game.

When close enough, demolition experts may unequip their weapon and start punching the target.
Some units in the DC wastes may still use the "Enclave Soldier" name
The units running inside the Jefferson Memorial the first time you see the Enclave will be equipped with incinerators, despite the fact they are not inferno units.
During pretty much any scripted sequence where an Infantry unit is involved, such as when Colonel Autumn confronts James, the Infantry unit may not have any weapon equipped.
This is more of an oversight, but if the player is at a low level, they may be hard-pressed to find any soldiers over rank II.

These are just what I'm experiencing, please report any other bugs that you may come across.

The power armor textures seen in the screenshots are not part of this mod, they're actually one of my other mods that reskins the power armors.
The officer uniform textures seen in the screenshots are not part of this mod, they're also one of my other mods.
The colonel trenchcoat textures seen in the screenshots are not part of this mod, they're part of the Black Colonel Autumn Coat mod.
Though not required, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the Hi-Res Black Winterized Retexture is used along with this mod, that mod can be installed/uninstalled whenever/wherever, so you can just disable it when you start the Operation: Anchorage DLC if it really breaks your immersion that badly.

Enclave Improvement Project - For those of you who wish to have a better look at what's been changed.

Enclave Victory Project - Adds more Enclave encampments.

Enhanced Enclave Encampments - Improves upon the existing encampments.

1.0 - Release

1.1 - Fixed soldiers using gauss rifles to use their fists instead. Made flamer and incinerator usage more consistent.

1.2 - Renamed ranks. Gave Enclave combat armor to ranks one and two. Re-added and modified "robo-thor" armor/helmet. Added "robo-thor" armor/helmet to the armory master. Added holodisk to armory master explaining backstory of "robo-thor" armor/helmet.

1.3 - Fixed Enclave scientists having gauss rifles. Enclave demolition experts now have a chance of spawning with tesla cannons.

1.4 - All armor and weapons that Enclave NPCs spawn with will now be at 100% condition rating. A faction as advanced as the Enclave should have pristine, state of the art equipment, not equipment at half condition.

1.5 - Replaced the .44 magnum that the officers use with a .32 pistol. Added a weapon called Ol' Hickory. Added a hat called the Enclave colonel hat. Added Ol' Hickory and the Enclave colonel hat to Colonel Autumn.

1.6 - Buffed the Enclave combat armor, making it the best combat armor in the game. Fixed some outlier Enclave NPCs, meaning some NPCs that originally didn't follow Enclave templates will now follow them.

1.7 - Re-added and buffed Enclave Shocktrooper Armor/Helmet. Added unique shishkebab "Inhuman Thoughts". Added unique gauss rifle "Richardson's Glory". Added unique gatling laser "Star-Spangled Laser". Added new commander of Satellite Relay Station "Captain Torez". Added new squad leader of Old Olney Enclave soldiers "Corporal Shepard". Added second in command of Enclave "Lieutenant General Janice Chase". Added leader of Enclave "General Constantine Chase III". Gave shocktrooper set to Torez. Gave Inhuman Thoughts to Shepard. Gave Richardson's Glory to Janice Chase. Gave Star-Spangled Laser to Constantine Chase III.

1.7.5 - Renamed the Enclave Shocktrooper Armor/Helmet to Enclave Shocktrooper Power Armor/Helmet, to fit with the other power armors that were renamed.

1.8 - Buffed the health of named Enclave NPCs (Captain Torez, Corporal Shepard, Lieutenant General Janice Chase, General Constantine Chase III).

1.8.5 - Fixed a bug that caused Richardson's Glory to block the backpacks of armors (such as the backs of power armors).