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MMMF3 focuses on adding a huge range of diversity to creatures and NPCs in the Fallout 3 world as well as adding new and unique creatures and NPCs to encounter.

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Martigen's Mutant Mod for Fallout 3 - RC 6.2

"Let it begin! Let it begin!!" [Rhino, Bolt] Release Candidate

NOTE: For using MMMF3 with FOOK2, XFO, FWE and more see FOIP

MMM RC6.2 Update
  • Fixed selling or placing Live Iguana into a container crashing the game
  • Fixed rare occurance of Deathclaws anti-launch fix being reset
  • Added Iguana Flesh in place of Iguana bits when looting a dead Iguana
  • Increased health on raised ghouls by 10%
  • DLC Zeta: Fixed (properly) Zeta garbage chute crash due to inherited loot list
  • DLC Broken Steel: Added missing Super Mutant blood samples from SM loot

EDIT: Be sure to do the rest for 4-days inside thing for a current game (and possibly a clean-save if you want to be sure). It may be a small update, but what's not listed in the changelog are a range of small consistency changes to a lot of the scripts. These aren't listed in the changelog because it's kind of hard to describe, but the short description is that out of the Zeta debugging I found that actors using a template that's a level list of actors lose any variables on them at a cell reset, but actors using a template of another actor retain them. This has important implications for some scripts that assume or require some variables are retained or cleared, since previously I was operating on the assumption they all behaved the same. The Deathclaw entry in the changelog above is a result of this new pearl of wisdom not previously documented anywhere, and there may be more but without specific examples (since I'm updating all relevant scripts to prempt similar issues).

  • Go inside somewhere with NO creatures or NPCs (Megaton/Tenpenny home works well)
  • Wait 4 days (or 9 days if you use FWE) to let cells reset
  • Save and quit
  • Disable ALL MMM components (MMM .esm, MMM .esp, and all MMM plugins)
  • Load your game, save your game, quit
  • Upgrade to MMM RC 6.1
  • Re-enable MMM .esm, MMM .esp, and your chosen optional MMM plugins

Note: You will lose any MMM specific items in this procedure, for eg Wanamingo Meat, so sell these items first.

See official thread here for more info and screenshots:
Martigen's Mutant Mod 1.0 RC 6.1

::: RC 6.1

* Fixed level-up crash bug
* Fixed Robot Outcast variants aggro causing chaos
* Fixed Iguanas making some creatures hostile, now in No Attack faction
* Fixed Iguanas being able to take down a Brahmin in battle!
* Fixed loud volume of Iguana footsteps
* Fixed Super Mutant Enforcers not throwing their grenades
* Fixed Talon Hit squad leaders not carrying notes
* Fixed loot not showing up for Wild Boar
* Added Micro Fusion cells as extra loot for Deathclaw Alphas
* Added Small Energy cells as extra loot for Super Mutant Enforcers
* Added new loot type to Glowing Ones: Radiated Ghoul Flesh
* Added new skeleton, model, and variant skins for Ramblers
* Added Sesom's updated textures for Iguanas
* Boosted Monstrous Dog and Wild Boar health
* Boosted Fire Gecko's damage from his fire strike
* Boosted health and poison damage for Ramblers
* Greatly boosted Deathclaw Alpha health and added DR for its armor
* Greatly boosted Super Mutant Enforcer health and added DR for its armor
* Greatly improved diversity and range of Supermutant generic loot
* Tweaked Gargantuan loot to contain less loot and better variety
* Tweaked Wild Boar loot to contain a higher chance of Boar Meat
* Slightly reduced chances of Ramblers and Glowing Ones at high levels
* Updated Talon Hit squads increased spawn rate and to use correct AI packages
* Updated Regulator Hit squads increased spawn rate and to use correct AI packages
* Updated Glowing Ones to no longer explode if already gibbed
* Updated misc loot reward tables for new loot types in RC6
* Shooting Alphas and Enforcer armor now shows bullet ricochet effect
* Dropping a Live Iguana now places a live Iguana in the world
* Renamed Yao Guai Pups to Yao Guai Cubs
* DLC Broken Steel: Added Albino Radscorp Meat to Albino Radscorps
* DLC Broken Steel: Added improved loot to Feral Ghoul Reavers
* DLC Broken Steel: Reduced chances of Albino Radscorps
* DLC Broken Steel: Reduced chances of Reavers with Soft Unleveling
* DLC Broken Steel: Updated Enclave Robot lists for BS Enclave skins
* DLC Zeta: Fix crash bug at garbage chute in cargo hold

::: RC 6.0

* Fixed Deathclaws, Geckos etc restoring health after anti-launch code triggers
* Fixed Night Perception penalty being applied to NPCs with power armor helmets
* Fixed (probably) rare raised ghouls with dragging body parts
* Fixed bug that was preventing Baby Molerats from spawning
* Fixed friendly Super Mutants at Chevy Chase (thanks go to Kralore)
* Fixed too many Outcasts at Fort Independence (inside and out)
* Fixed oddities caused by inheritance of Brahmin lists with Crazed Brahmin
* Fixed Night Ghoul Vision (hopefully) by implementing an entirely new system for it
* Fixed exponential Increased Spawns increase after level 10 with Dynamic Player Scaling
* Added New Feature -- Pipboy menu system. Configure MMM from your Pipboy!
* Added New Feature -- Body Part Amputation (inspired by Cipscis' Amputate!)
* Added New Feature -- Soft Unleveling
* Added New Feature -- Dynamic Player Scaling
* Added New Creature -- Iguanas
* Added New Creature -- Super Mutant Enforcer
* Added New Creature -- Abominable Mutants
* Added New Creature -- YaoGuai Pups
* Added New Creature -- Wild Boar
* Added New Creature -- Monstrous Dog
* Added New Creature -- Enclave Deathclaw Alpha
* Added New ingestible -- Wild Boar Meat
* Added New items -- Wild Boar Ears, Monstrous Dog Teeth, Yao Guai Pup Claws, Centaur Tongue
* Added 3 skinned variants for Iguanas
* Added 4 skinned variants for Wild Boar
* Added 4 skinned variants for Monstrous Dog
* Added 4 skinned variants for Yao Guai Pups
* Added 8 skinned variants for Super Mutant Enforcer
* Added 3 skinned variants for Enclave Deathclaw Alpha
* Added 40 skinned and shaped variants for Abominable Mutants
* Added 40 skinned and shaped variants for Centaurs, including new extra arm and spike varieties
* Added 31 skinned variants for Protectrons, Mr Gutsy and Sentry Bots thanks to DarkSloth74
* Added unique skins for Enclave, Outcast, Talon and Army for robots
* Added unique SentryBot guards for Eden
* Added unique Police, Special Forces, Swat and UN Protectrons as rare wasteland spawns, player friendly.
* Added unique new Wastelander Ghoul variants
* Added two new Increased Spawns settings for Menu users
* Added diversity to enclave companion spawns
* Added Soft Unleveling to Dynamic Player Scaling, increments by 2% per scale
* Added Feral Ghoul Raise to Dynamic Player Scaling, increments 5% per scale
* Added minimum experience rewards for Behemoths (150 xp) and Gargantuans (300 xp)
* Added aggro radius to Crazed Brahmin, tweaked behaviour
* Added fix to remove Ash and Goo piles at cell resets (previously UFP tweak, now in MMM)
* Updated Dynamic Player Scaling to halve the rate of increase for Increased Spawns
* Updated Night Ghoul Eyes to now provide AP bonus and double movement speed for a short time
* Updated Night Ghoul Eye vision to be passed by waiting
* Updated Gooification/Disintigration, Goo and Ash piles no longer contain body parts or meat for creatures
* Updated Glowing Ones tp no longer have loot (they explode soon after death in MMM)
* Updated Metro, Office and the Super Duper Mart Protectrons to now be Police skinned Protectrons
* Updated Menu to include options for all the new creature types
* Updated FOMOD install script to fix bug with latest FOMM version. Credits to Kaburke.
* Slightly increased chance of Baby Molerats and Vicious Dog Pups spawning
* Slightly increased chance of Crazed Brahmin
* Slightly increased chance of Firelurks spawning
* Slightly decreased spawn numbers for BoS at GNN with increased spawns
* Slightly decreased spawn numbers for BoS at The Mall with increased spawns
* Slightly delayed appearance of Wanamingos by one level
* Slightly adjusted weights and prices of various creature parts to better reflect weight and reward
* Slightly improved performance of Fireflies and Night Ghouls
* Greatly increased diversity of robot spawns for wasteland robot spawns
* Greatly reduced chance of Mirelurk Kings spawning from Mirelurk lists
* Greatly increased wilderness spawns spread code to reduce locality combat and increase diversity
* DLC Plugins: Anchorage, Broken Steel, The Pitt, Point Lookout and Zeta updated for RC6
* New Plugins: Master Menu Module, Soft Unleveler, Soft Unleveler Hardcore, Dynamic Player Scaling, No Iguanas, No Abominable Mutants, No Stalker Mutants

::: New Creatures

::: Enclave Deathclaw Alpha -- So you know those Deathclaws they Enclave are fond of harnessing? They kinda did one better, you know gave it a small boost with some protective armour... and a giant twin-pronged blade. Add to it your list of creatures under 'RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!'. Thanks go to Tumbajumba for the model.

::: Super Mutant Enforcers -- Enclave Armoured Super Mutants, with long spiked Gauntlets to tear you a new one. Yay! They can be found with Enclave Patrols and checkpoints mostly. Big thanks go to c.i.b for the models.

::: Abominable Mutants -- You only know them as an abhorrent abomination that clearly shouldn't have lived from Vault 87. But some did, and they can be found with their Super Mutant brethren. To handle the pain of their deformities they use a lot of drugs, which you're free to take if you can kill them. Another excellent model set from c.i.b.

::: Wild Boar -- Rather large and slighty crazy wild boar for you to hunt... or run from. Hit as hard as they look. Can loot them for Boar Meat and Wild Boar Ears. One of two Stalker creatures from Toxa01.

::: Monstrous Dog -- Scientists thought dogs were supposed to have been escaped mutations after the war. They were wrong. Though less common, Monstrous Dogs are far more fearsome than their Vicious Dog counterparts. Those long, shiny, sharp, teeth can fetch a pretty penny though if you can loot Monstrous Dog Teeth from them. The second of two Stalker creatures from Toxa01.

::: Yao Guai Pup -- Awww! So cute! And yet, so deadly. Don't make the mistake of patting one of these guys, you'll lose your hand. Or you can take theirs -- Yao Guai Pup Claws are valuable, being somewhat rare. Pups spawn, of couse, near their parents so be careful... they're not alone. Pups are thanks to c.i.b too.

::: Sesom's Iguanas -- Where does Iguana-on-a-stick come from? Now you know! Iguanas can be found in the wasteland, and are passive unless provoked. They come in three colours, but beware the Yellow one, it's poisonous. At night, they freeze due to the cold night and then re-animate at sunrise. You can also kill an Iguana for Iguana Bits, or pick one up live to sell or eat raw.

If you want the full experience of unleashing Iguanas on the Wasteland, use the full Iguana mod from Sesom and complete the quest. This also allows Iguanas to be given to vendors and swapped for the on-stick variety and the ability to raise an Iguana as a pet. Note Iguanas won't appear in the Wasteland until you complete the quest.

::: New and Updated Features

::: New Menu system! -- Yes, finally, you too can configure MMM to your heart's content through the comfortable interface of the Pipboy! Just click to 'Apparel' and you'll find an option to launch the MMM Configuration panel. Huge thanks go to Mezmorelda and the FWE team for building this initial version of this.

NOTE: The first time you load your game with the menu plugin loaded, it takes 15 seconds before you'll see the option in your Pipboy.

You still need to load certain plugins that can't be configured from the menu: Natural Selection, Tougher Traders, Zones Respawns and the DLC plugins. All the rest can be done through the menu.

::: Body Part Amputation -- Removing tails, teeth, hands, eyes, horns etc from creatures will destroy that particular body part on removal. Additionally, bodyparts destroyed during combat are no longer lootable -- if you blow off a MoleRat's head, you can't loot its teeth.

::: Night Ghoul Vision -- Finding it hard to see in the dark at night when you're a young whipper-snapper before you get power armor (or have your batteries run out?) Chow down on some munchy crunchy Night Ghoul eyes to beat the Night Ghouls at their own game! Taste's like chicken, too.

New in RC6: Night Ghoul Eyes now give you an AP boost and increase your movement speed 100%. Now only can you see like Night Ghouls now, but move like them too. Feel the power of the Night Ghoul!

::: Gooification and Disintegration
Gooification and Disintegration now destroy all meat, flesh and body part loot (which, if you think about it, is really how it should be). Now Goo and Ash piles are just that -- goo and dust.

This only applies to Creatures. Robots and NPCs have been made excempt by request, for those scavenging for robot parts for Energy Weapon users who rely on looting dead NPCs.

::: Soft Unleveler -- Provides a chance for a encounter from any level, regardless of player level. It helps to make the game more challenging (and rewarding, if you take down foes much bigger than you) and to provide a less linear experience as you level (where you're often reminded that you've gained a level because a new type of creature suddenly starts appearing). Note: This function only works if Increased Spawns are active, and the chance is applied for each enemy spawned. Default is 0 (disabled), the Soft Unleveler plugin sets this to 12%, Soft Unleveler Hardcore to 25%.

::: Dynamic Player Scaling -- Dynamically scales difficulty during the game as the player gains in level. The scaling applies only to the influence MMM has on your game: globals for Increased Spawns, Behemoth Chance, Feral Ghoul Raise and Soft Unleveling are gently increased as you level. DPS works by applying an incremental bonus dervied from the player's level, and can be adjusted to whatever value you want. Values between 4-6 are probably ideal. The Dynamic Player Scaling plugin uses 6 by default. To use other values edit the .esp directly, or use the new in-game Pipboy menu which provides values for 4, 5 and 6. To see how DPS would affect your game, see this table:

DPS -- 4MMMzBehemothChance [2]
|MMMzIncreasedSpawnsMax [3]
||MMMzFeralGhoulRaiseChance [50]
|||MMMzSoftUnleveling [12]
Player level 2 --2%, 1-3,50%,12%
Player level 4 -- 3%,1-3,55%,14%
Player level 8 -- 4%,1-4,60%,16%
Player level 12 --5%,1-4,65%,18%
Player level 16 --6%,1-5,70%,20%
Player level 20 --7%,1-5,75%,22%
Player level 24 --8%,1-6,80%,24%

DPS -- 5MMMzBehemothChance [2]
|MMMzIncreasedSpawnsMax [3]
||MMMzFeralGhoulRaiseChance [50]
|||MMMzSoftUnleveling [12]
Player level 2 --2%,1-3,50%,12%
Player level 5 --3%,1-3,55%,14%
Player level 10 --4%,1-4,60%,16%
Player level 15 --5%, 1-4,65%,18%
Player level 20 --6%,1-5,70%,20%
Player level 25 --7%,1-5,75%,22%

DPS -- 6MMMzBehemothChance [2]
|MMMzIncreasedSpawnsMax [3]
||MMMzFeralGhoulRaiseChance [50]
|||MMMzSoftUnleveling [12]
Player level 2 --2%,1-3,50%,12%
Player level 6 --3%, 1-3,55%,14%
Player level 12 -- 4%,1-4,60%,16%
Player level 18 --5%,1-4,65%,18%
Player level 24 --6%,1-5,70%,20%

Note: The above assumes both Increased Spawns and Soft Unleveling is enabled. The Increased Spawns maximum modifier applies only if Increased Spawns or Increased Increased Spawns is loaded. Keep in mind all bonuses are on top of the initial base value -- i.e if you have Feral Ghoul Raise set to 75%, then at DPS level 12 it will be on 85%. If you use Increased Increased Spawns, the MMMzIncreasedSpawnsMax increase applies on top of 5 from the 2-5 of Increased Increased Spawns.

See the Mart's Mutant Mod - CHANGELOG.txt file for a full list of changes

::: Install Instructions :::

0) Make sure you have installed ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated!
1) Unzip the mod to your Fallout 3/Data directory.
2) Use FOMM to select the following files to load (you *MUST* select both):

[+] Mart's Mutant Mod.esm
... (other mods)
[+] Mart's Mutant Mod.esp

3) Optionally, also select your choice of plugins:

[+] Mart's Mutant Mod.esm
... (other mods)
[+] Mart's Mutant Mod.esp
[+] Mart's Mutant Mod - Increased Spawns.esp
[_] Mart's Mutant Mod - Increased increased Spawns.esp
[+] Mart's Mutant Mod - Zones Respawn.esp
[+] Mart's Mutant Mod - Tougher Traders.esp
[+] Mart's Mutant Mod - Hunting & Looting.esp
[+] Mart's Mutant Mod - Natural Selection.esp
[_] Mart's Mutant Mod - Wounding Effects.esp

Make sure that:

* All MMM modules load *after* Mart's Mutant Mod.esp
* All the above MMM .esps are loaded last in your load order

Also, make sure MMMF3 .esps are loaded last in your load order.

4) Go inside somewhere without creatures and NPCs, rest for 4 days
5) Save your game, and load your game.
6) Enjoy!

::: Overview :::

This mod is a port of MMM from Oblivion to Fallout 3. It focuses on adding a huge range of diversity to creatures and NPCs in the Fallout 3 world as well as adding new and unique creatures and NPCs to encounter. The mod is broken down into a core base and a range of optional modules.

The key results the mod achieves are:

* Every creature and NPC is unique with its own stats, size, confidence, health, damage and even skin (texture)
* Creatures and NPCs suffer improved wounding effects such as visible bleedng and statistic penalties
* Creatures and NPCs can loot the corpses of fallen enemies, afterwhich you can find this loot if you kill them
* Creatures and NPCs have improved behavioural AI based on class -- in any given group some may be aggressive towards you, some may be ambivalent, and others may avoid you outright.
* Configurable increased spawns allow you tailor how many creatures and NPCs spawn in the game at any given spawn point
* Improved faction system to better reflect inter-faction relations and ensure the player isn't the center of the universe
* New creatures and NPCs to add variety to the wasteland -- all hand-crafted with their own stats, abilities, loot, weapons, textures and in some cases scripted AI behaviour.

Main features include:

:: Stat scaling

All creatures and NPCs have a sliding-scale random modified adjustment to their base values for STR, END, PER, INT, AGI, LUC, Speed and Health.

The adjustments range -3 to 3, with the following percentages: 30% no change, 30% -1/+1, 30% -2/+2, 10% -3/+3.

The exceptions are STR, END and Health values which are based on size (see next), as are loot drops for creatures (see below), where larger creatures are stronger, have more endurance, and more health.

:: Size scaling

Isn't it a little bit odd that all creatues and NPCs are identical in size? Indeed, so size scaling randomly adjusts size based off base value between a factor of +/- 20% for creatures, and +/- 12.5% for NPCs (though it's actually weighted -10% to +15%.). It's not quite a blanket rule -- Ghouls for example follow size scaling closer to NPCs, given they were formerely people.

As above, size is more than just visual variety -- it impacts the strength, endurance, and health. Larger creatures hit harder, and last longer.

:: Size based loot

Larger creatures will drop more meat, smaller ones less (or none at all). This may be expanded in future to include other types of loot.

:: Factions

A new faction system through the optional Natural Selection plugin ensures you're not always the center of the universe -- creatures and NPCs have foes they might consider more dangerous than you, and act accordingly.

Additionally a special No Attack faction protects Scavengers, their pets, and optionally traders (with the Tougher Traders) plugin from being attacked, without the need to mark them Essential (and thus prevent the player from killing them). It's also used for special creatures in the mod, such as the passive Wasteland Scorpion and Corpse Flies being largely ignored in favour of bigger threats.

:: Behaviour AI

Why is it that most creatures and NPCs seem to be hostile, despite the fact that in order to survive a creature or NPC still needs to pick its fights (otherwise, how did it last this long?)

Changes to wildlife on a creature-by-creature basis reflect that not all MoleRats are suicidal, and even a Vicious Dog can have the sense to avoid a fight it's got no chance of winning. NPCs, as well, can have a greater sense of self-preservation but to a lesser degree than creatures and, as with size and stat scaling, the chances are randomised based off their base value -- so Raiders are more likely to turn tail and run than Outcast for example.

:: Diverse Creature Skins

Most creatures in Fallout 3 have only a single texture, making every creature a clone of the next. Diverse Creature Skins provides a range of texture variants for each and every creature, so when you encounter a pack of rabid, yet slightly cute, MoleRats they all look a little different. This is one of those features that sounds simple but makes a huge impact in-game.

These are some of the creatues and the number of variants in the mod:

* 3 Brahmin
* 3 Radroach
* 3 Deathclaw
* 3 Deathclaw Baby
* 3 Deathclaw Matriarch
* 3 Giant Ant
* 3 Floater
* 3 Wanamingo
* 3 Vicious Pup
* 4 Vicious Dog
* 4 Mirelurk
* 4 Yao Guai
* 4 BloatFly
* 4 FireFly
* 5 Molerat
* 5 Molerat Young
* 5 Centaur
* 5 RadScorpion
* 9 Geckos
* 84 Feral Ghoul
* 104 Supermutant

:: Diverse NPCs

Just like Diverse Creature Skins, the NPCs in the game also get some treatment. Mostly, and for the moment, this focuses on Raider diversity and includes 100 Raider variants all with new unique faces, hair, etc. Additionally, there are 12 variable tattoos styles which are mixed and matched across 28 different race variations.

The result is a much wider scope of Raider appearance you will encouter in the game, and greatly fleshes them out as a faction in the Wasteland.

:: New Creatures & NPCs

What's an MMM without new creatures and NPCs? Just to start, the first release of MMM for Fallout 3 will have:

* Supermutant Gargantuan -- the guy the Behemoth goes to when he runs home to mummy. You don't want to meet mummy. Really, seriously. What, you got a death wish? Ok...
* Firelurk -- just when you thought the Mirelurks couldn't get any more dangerous, one of these brethren will show up. As the name suggests he's a Mirelurk, only he breathes fire... he also drops a unique loot: Firelurk Saliva. Hey, what do you think he's using for fuel?
* Wasteland Scorpion -- first of many passive creatures. This is a small, loner creature (just like the real thing) which will avoid you if it can. It just wants to find a rock and live to see another day. Be kind, eh? Or not.
* Wild Dog -- semi-passive wasteland scavenger. He's no friend to the Vicious Dogs, but he's not necessarily yours either. Push him into a corner and he'll fight, otherwise he'll probably leave you alone.
* Night Ghouls -- You've heard reports of Ghouls roaming the wasteland at night, but you didn't believe them. You still won't... that is until you run into them first hand. They travel in packs, and see better in the dark than you too. Oh, for a bigger torch than the Pip-Boy...
* Corpse Fly -- These little creatures have a chance to appear at a corpse after a number of hours. They are ignored by other creatures and NPCs and a non-hostile, though you can take pot-shots at them in VATS if you want to. They add a unique dynamic to the Fallout 3 world, where even the smallest creatures can be seen to scavenge...
* Vicious Dog Pups -- small, hungry, and seeing you as a threat. They're weaker and do less damage of course, but they drop a unique soft fur that you can sell. They'll also try and follow their parents when they're around.
* Young Mole Rats -- Mole Rats tend to keep their young safe in burrows so you won't see these often, but if you happen to catch them out in the open you'll find them fast but easy prey. Because they are rare, their teeth fetch a higher price than that of their parents.
* Little Geckos -- Little Geckos are the smallest of the Geckos and generally passive, and as such are ignored by most wildlife. They are will fight back if attacked, but don't post a large threat. Their skin can can be collected and sold.
* Golden Geckos -- Golden Geckos are mutated by feeding near radiated waste, and as a result are immune to radiation adn slightly larger in size, more likely to be aggressive, and can swipe with poisonous claws. Being more dangerous, their skin is more valuable to sell.
* Fire Geckos -- Fire Geckos are the largest of this breed and extremely dangerous -- they attack on sight and can ignite flames on their foes on impact. Naturally, they are immune to fire as well. Their hide is the most valued of all, and can fetch a good price.
* Deathclaw Matriach -- You think the Deathclaw is mean? Wait till you see his female partners -- bigger, stronger, faster and with the chance to send enemies flying with a knockback effect. If you know what's good for you, avoid her at all costs.
* Deathclaw Young -- Although rare as they are often protected in lairs, Deathclaw Young can be found out in the open. Naturally they're aren't as strong as an adult, and don't drop the valuable Deathclaw Blood. For that reward, you need the tougher fight of a mature Deathclaw.
* Floaters -- Just like their Fallout 2 counterparts, floaters are odd and creepy looking creatures that don't move fast but can hit for a punch. They spawn with their Supermutant masters and their meat is particuarly restorative.
* Wanamingos -- Another classic creature, Wanamingos are fast and furious and will happily tear you a new hole. They can be found in the wasteland and, as in Fallout 2, the best defence against the is to cripple their legs causing them to flee.
* Fireflies -- Fireflies are completely passive creatures that appear at night and disapppear by the morning. They can sometimes be seen far away flickering in the moonlight, and if you get close you'll see them in a rainbow of colors.
* Ramblers -- The Feral Ghoul Rambler is a bigger, stronger, beefier and more dangerous Feral Ghoul. His claws are also toxic, and will poison you on contact. Dangerous as he is, he's called a Rambler for a reason and limps slowly along, lunging towards you -- don't let him get close!

Between size scaling, stat scaling, behaviour and diverse skins every creature you meet is literally unique. See a group of Vicious Dogs? Each one looks different, has its own temperament, has its own size, moves at its own speed, has its own endurance and health, and its own strength and damage. Fighting in the wasteland will never be the same, every encounter is unique!

:: Other features

* Night Ghouls that appear only at night, and are faster and stronger than normal Feral Ghouls
* Wild Dogs and Wasteland Scorpions may appear at wasteland spawn points, and are generally passive
* 3% chance of a special Supermutant spawn with muties, which includes 8 variant Behemoths and the Supermutant Gargantuan
* A new food -- Radscorp Meat -- added to Radscorps. Afterall, you can eat pretty much everything else. It heals well but has high rads
* Slightly reduced chance of Robots and Radscorps for wasteland spawn points
* Evergreen Mills Behemoth replaced with Gargantuan (great in tandem with Increased Spawns)
* Robots aren't included in stats/size/confidence scaling -- afterall, they are machines, produced identically off the production line
* Corpse Flies may appear at corpses after a certain amount of time. They can be VATS targeted and killed, if you feel like some sharpshooting
* GMSTs adjusted to extend corpse lifetime, the number of corpses before cleanup, and the number of actors able to be in combat at one time.
* Special effects like the Gargantuan's demolishing strike, Glowing Ones and Robots may explode with force on death, Fireflies casting colourful light at night, Skeletons decayed from corpses after a time and much more...

::: Optional plugins :::

Naturally, MMMF3 comes with a range of plugins to add features or alter the operation of the mod. In this release you will find:

:: Increased Spawns

Both the Increased Spawns and Increased Increased Spawns modules enable the same functionality from the standalone MMMF3 - Increased Spawns mod you're probably already using.

If you currently use the standalone Increased Spawns the MMMF3 installation will overwrite this for you and replace it with the required module for MMMF3.

Increased Spawns adds 1-3 spawns per spawn point, while Increased Increased adds 2-5 per point. The feature is actually configurable, and you can set whatever range you want by editing either plugin and changing the MMMzIncreasedSpawnsMin and MMMzIncreasedSpawnsMax values.

For more information on how the plugin works, see the README - Increased Spawns file.

:: Zones Respawn

By default most areas, especially interiors, in Fallout 3 are marked as 'Never Resets' such that once you clear an area, it stays cleared. This module enables these areas to respawn, with the exception of areas which shouldn't, such as the Vaults and some areas related to the main quest line.

Note: This mod does not change or provide modules to change the amount of time before a cell 'resets', which defaults to 3 days. There are plenty of other mods to change this for you.

:: Feral Ghoul Rampage

For those zombie movie addicts, Feral Ghoul Rampage multiplies the volume of Feral Ghoul spanws by 5, on top of the result from Increased Spawns. So for example if you are using Increase Spanws instead of 1-3 Feral Ghouls you will see 5-15 at any Feral Ghoul Spawn point. If you load this with Increased Increased spawns, make sure you're packing nukes!

[:: Wounding Effects ] -- in development

While crippling works quite well in Fallout 3, does it make sense that a SuperMutant near death is able to swing his nailboard as hard as when he first met you?

With wounding, pentalties are applied against certain statistics the more wounded they become -- badly wounded enemies will hit with less damage, aim less accurately, and move slower.

Bleeding effects will add spurting blood to wounded creatures and NPCs which starts midly and increases as they become more wounded.

:: Natural Selection

Author: ACE

While some factions behave as you would expect in Fallout 3, many others don't. Natural Selection ensures creatures and NPCs properly attack or ignore foes logically based on type, as well as ensure the PC isn't the centre of the universe -- tired of a dog thinking you're the most dangerous creature in the universe while a SuperMutant bears down on you both? Not anymore!

Thanks to ACE for working with me on this and creating the plugin.

:: Tougher Traders

By default MMMF3 will automatically protect Scavengers from being beat-up on by the local wildlife, while still enabling them to be killed by the player, and the same is true of Traders if you load this plugin. Traders were made optional for this protection so that you can use mods like Roadwarden where you play quests to protect Traders from attack. If you don't want Traders getting killed off mid-game, load this.

:: Hunting & Looting

The Wasteland is a dangerous place where resources are sparse -- so why do NPCs like Raiders kill a foe and just leave all that good loot lying around? With this plugin creatures & NPCs will loot the corpses of fallen foes, taking what they can. If you then kill them, you will find this loot on their corpse. This can include weapons, ammo, armour, food, and drugs.

This adds much more than a simple dynamic to the game. NPCs for example may pick up extra weapons to use as a backup, or find more stimpacks to heal themselves. When you find an NPC, he could well be using a weapon he looted from the corpse of a foe further down the road.

Note: In the Beta only NPCs are included. Additionally, in Fallout 3 currently (as I may be able to fudge this) NPCs only pickup weapon types they don't currently have. For example if they have a ranged weapon but no melee weapons, they may pickup a baseball bat but ignore a gun. They also can't pickup equipped items on corpses, a limitation carried over from Oblivion. For this reason you'll find grenades, food, drugs, etc looted more often than weapons and armor (maybe this a good thing we don't want to change, leaving you to get them).

:: 'No...' plugins

Various plugins to turn off MMM features. Usually these are provided for some new creatures, and features that may be more taxing (enabling lower-end users to disable them).

::: Making your own MMMF3 plugins :::

With the MMMF3 master file you can now do the following:

* Create new plugins using to add or modify content in MMMF3
* Create compatibility or integration plugins for other mods, by building them with the MMMF3 master file

To add or change content simply load Mart's Mutant Mod.esm in the GECK, make your changes, and save as a new .esp.

To build a compatibilty or integration plugin, use FO3Edit to determine which records or fields you want to populate across to MMMF3 (or vise versa). You can then use FO3Edit to copy new records into a mod, or a new dependent plugin, and use either FO3Edit or the GECK to populate fields as required.

See me for more help if you're the author of a mod and want to provide MMMF3 integration as a core or optional plugin with your download.

Note: when you load the .esm the GECK it will report warnings for certain records. This is normal, the GECK is just unaware of certain modding techniques, simply click 'Yes to all' to continue.

::: Contributor credits :::

Koldorn is my partner in crime. Most of the variant textures and some of the new creature textures you see, as well as the superb tatoos for the Raiders, were designed by Koldorn. While I built the functionality of the mod, Koldorn is responsible for the look and feel.

Natural Seclection factions -- ACE
Night Vision for Ghoul Eyes -- Lost Cosmonaut
FOMOD install script -- L0ki and Kaburke
Supermutant weapon animations -- Talkie Toaster
Menu icon -- Darkurgh

Variant textures:
Ant & Molerat -- FalloutRaven
Behemoth -- FalloutRaven
Radscorpions -- Koldorn and FalloutRaven
Brahmin variants -- Sektor
Vicious Dog, Bloatfly, Mirelurk, Vicious Pups, Gecko variants -- Martigen
Raider tatoos -- Koldorn (inspired by YutGurt)
Radroach, Deathclaw, Yao Guai, Centaur, Supermutants and Feral Ghouls -- Koldorn
Night Ghouls -- Koldorn and Tyana Rie
Trogs -- Sector7
Gutsy variants -- DarkSloth74 and LadyMidnight
Protectron and SentryBot variants -- DarkSloth74

Creature textures:
Firelurk texture -- Sektor
Firelurk rigging -- SaidenStorm
Corpse Fly, Wasteland Scorpion, Gargantuan, Night Ghoul -- Koldorn
Glowy creature variants -- Tyana Rie
SuperMutant armour variants -- Macintroll

Loot textures:
Models and Pipboy icons -- Drag0ntamer

New creatures:
Gargantuan, Glowing One and Corpse Fly skeletons -- Lord Nincompoop
Vicious Pups -- Zenl
Geckos -- Zenl and thedammed
Gecko Skin model and icon -- Zenl
CorpseFly skeleton - Lord Nincompoop
Firefly skeleton - Zenl
Armless Ghouls -- Lord Nincompoop and Zenl
Deathclaw Matriarch & Young -- Zenl
Waninmingo and Floaters -- Zenl
Waninmingo and Floater sounds - Killerbee
Super Mutant Enforcers, Abominable Mutants, YaoGuaiPup -- c.i.b
Wild Boar and Monstrous Dog -- Toxa01
Deathclaw Alpha -- Tumbajamba
Iguanas -- Sesom

Thanks also go to ElminsterEU for FO3Edit and Timeslip for FOMM.

And thanks also go to Delamer, whose five star tech support and playtesting have been and continue to be invaluable.

::: Contributing to MMMF3 :::

There's always room for more new creatures, skin variants, and features. As above you can make your own compatible plugins, and I'm happy to help you creatre them. Indeed, like Natural Selection, they can even be included as part of the core mod.

As always, credit is given for any work so if you want to be involved let me know!


Martigen at Bethesda forums