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Allows you to join the Enclave, and more.

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Name: Enclave Improvement Project
Author: Pistolero (Lawlder)
Version: 2.09
Date: 17.4.2016
Cateogry: Guilds/Factions
Link: None
Homepage: None


This is the Enclave Improvement Project. A project which I began a long time ago.
In short this is about letting your character join the Enclave, in the most lore-friendly way possible.
Besides this the mod gives you access to three extra sidequests, which I tell more about later.

This mod is a response to my another Enclave mod in-development, The Eagle Has Landed which is a MQ replacement mod.
This one on the other hand allows the Lone Wanderer to join the Enclave, instead of "being born" into it.


There are three quests in this mod so far. One that handles joining the Enclave, one that handles expanding it and one that handles the FEV.
I'll elaborate:

1) Joining the Enclave
- This quest starts in the discussion with President Eden. To trigger it you must ask why he won't send Col. Autumn to do his dirty work. Eden asks you to poison the Purifier and take care of Colonel Autumn. Once you've done these tasks and completed the Fallout 3 original campaign, you can choose to join the Enclave once you recover in the Citadel.
See Walkthrough for most pressing information.

2) Consolidating Power
- This quest starts in Raven Rock, in Colonel Autumn's former office. You need to talk to Sgt Mayfield, your personal assistant, and simply ask what to do.
This quest allows you to establish Enclave outposts in 3 Wasteland settlements: Megaton, Tenpenny Tower and the Citadel.
For further info you might want to see the walkthrough again. This quest is very simple but there are parts where you might need pointers.

3) The Dud
- Aimed at players who don't like FEV, this quest allows you to reverse the virus which in Broken Steel lore turned out to be a dud instead of killing everyone.
To start this quest see Lt. Col. Arnold in Raven Rock level 2's laboratory. Other than that, consult the walkthrough again unless you want to try it yourself.
Nevertheless completing this quest disables the killing effect of Aqua Pura.

2) Consolidating Power Pt. II
- Much like Pt. I, this involves taking over settlements and strategic locations for the Enclave, and thus having Enclave soldiers and scientist take over. This time it's Big Town, Washington Memorial and Project Purity!

Note that you can re-establish Enclave field outposts after you complete Pt. II

Future Plans:
- Establishing Enclave research/civilian stations in "Founding Father"
- More life in Raven Rock - Civilian quarters and - well - civilians.
- Follower Autumn incorporated into EIP.
- Dialogue with President Eden (currently a medium WIP priority)
- Consolidating Power Pt. III, to establish control in D.C. ruins.
- "Founding Father Pt. II", where you reconstruct(!) some Wasteland locations for Enclave use (like Capitol!)
- More Enclave generic dialogue
- Enclave water caravans and wasteland patrols.


Fallout 3 Patch 1.7
Broken Steel


1. Extract the files from the archive.
2. Copy files to (install folder)\Fallout 3\Data\
3. Start FOMM, place a checkmark beside the .esp file.

Alternatively, use FOMM's package manager.


- Raven Rock Extended is incompatible with this mod.
- Project Beauty may be incompatible with this mod.
* If you are using PB, load EIP after it.



Report any.

Consult the Walkthrough first if you have issues. There are useful console commands to get through potential bugs.

EIP Changelog 2.1 --- April 26, 2016
- Raven Rock Control Room to Level 2 will now unlock after Joining The Enclave.
- Eden will now talk.
- "The Dud" should now work, can only be done after Consolidating Power Pt. II.
- Added some quest markers.

EIP Changelog 2.09 --- April 17, 2016
- Tenpenny gate guard no longer replaced by Enclave trooper, fixes CTD when entering Tenpenny.
- Big Town takeover message no longer repeats.
- Big Town Goodwill Officer no longer spawns prematurely.
- Megaton and/or Tenpenny destroyed/ghoulified will cancel their takeover.
- Dave takeover should now work.
- BoS will now be hostile as soon as player beings Consolidating Power, which makes Citadel takeover easier to do.
- Created REF id's for BoS at Mall and Jefferson so they can be properly disabled.
- Sorted Citadel Enclave into multiple markers, making it easier to troubleshoot by having each section enabled separately.
- The newly modular Enclave takeover of Citadel seems to have fixed CTDs.
- Removed Republic of Dave from Consolidating Power Pt. II, as it didn't make sense for the Enclave to protect one deranged family.

Kudos to RoninJr for bug hunting

1.0 4.6.2010 - Initial Release


Post in the comments section or PM me.

Recommended Mods:

Enclave Commander
Follower Autumn & Lieutenant Williams Companion if you want Enclave followers.


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 3.
Thanks to InsanitySorrow for ReadMe Generator this readme is based on.
Thanks to President Eden for saving America from its irradiated doom.
Thanks to Colonel Autumn for paving way for you to join the Enclave by neglecting Eden's orders.
Thanks to me for making this mod.

Tools Used:

Fallout 3 ReadMe Generator


This file is provided as is and the author holds no responsiblity for anything that may come to happen from using this file.