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  • Red Dress

    I was asked to give number 2 the same dress she used in the tutorial.
    This is my compromise, a shiny red dress close to the original.
    If you want to edit the tga, just remove the alpha channel with Gimp, and that will remove the gloss....

  • Lady Kane Textures

    I started working on this mod back when evil planet first came out with the modding tools.
    However, I lost most of my work over the years.
    I have sixty more cd's to try to repair and most of them are my old mods for a lot of older games that I never shared....

  • Bonus cd

    I see the resources from the bonus cd out there, but the actual cd isn't here, so I give you a copy of mine.
    Enjoy the nostalgia!...

  • Patch 1

    I re-enabled the matron henchman.
    I was using her GUI icon for number, 2 but as I am not using the other genius's assets, I switch to Max's GUI Icon. This also gives me the opportunity to create an new Genius in Alexa's place, maybe make Ayako into a genius with Timothy as her pet or henchman? Then the other Timothy could be her ex-lover and be the basis for he AOI's?
    The ATN data has been altered to allow my genius to access other animations reserved for other characters and to test a 4th genius slot.
    I added drop shadows to my GUI textures and redid the plaything GUI texture.

    I'm working on a new class of Agents. These agents will be from the other Timothy and will behave like thief's and soldiers with their agro set to max. The end result will be continu...

  • Tim's Evil Mod Ver 1a

    Remade Island 1 and 2:
        Removed entrance and genius no-longer generates power
        Changed intro movie for a little fun
        Added Henchman Hunter
        Added Feed Me
        Added Bang Bang
        Added Let My Minions Sit
        Added My New Box
        Added Kitty’s Piano
        Added A Groovy Time Clock
        Added Money in the Blank
        Added Blue Ha Wee Wee
        Added Don’t Mine if I Do
        Added Nut Rupture
        Added Number Two
        Added Starry Night
        Added The Annunciation
        Added Timothy’s Chair
        Altered Objective 1 to include Feed Me
    Archives Room:
        Added the Microfilm Table
        All Mini...