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The Unofficial Patch for Evil Genius has returned!

Brought to you by Planet Evil (Rest in Peace).

Permissions and credits

- Fixed the hanchmen stats, the times for acts of infamy are reduced like they should be, as are the heat ratings.
- Population is now 150, instead of 100.
- Can build all building in the hotel hub and hotel wings.
- Can build hotel doors any where, they are cheaper than normal doors but weaker.
- Sentry guns can be built inside as well as out.
- Hotel casino, lounge and lobby can now be built inside the base.
- The loot item Persian rug can now be walked on.
- All gun cabinates can now be built in the barracks.
- Removed the annoying BEEP BEEP sound on the control room.
- Monkey cage (oliver, from an act of infamy should now be researchable).
- Prisioners will live longer in the cell.
- Most into movies skipped.
- Hiding time on world dominition map is now 10mins.
- Only sentry guns can be built in building, not disgiused ones.
- Freaks shouldnt set traps off now, or at least not as much.
- All loot items should carry over to the second island.
- Totem pool is only transferable once complete, since it cant be put together on second island.
- Fire Extinguisher placable in the hotel.
- BodyGuard is now useful.
- Security Cameras and speakers can be built in Hotel.

How to Install

1. Extract the Zip file.
2. Run the Patch.exe file in administrator
3. Designate the Evil Genius Folder when prompted:

Example: C:\Program Files\Evil Genius
Example: C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Evil Genius

4. Install


Compatible with:
Henchment Auras and Ivan-Rambo Weapon Tweak

Hotel as Entrance Mod.

Bodybag - Faction Colours and Positive Auras

Omega AOI Pack and Atrium Mod

EG_Decorative_Pack by ph47f3

No Entrance and No Rock by RaTcHeT302

Compatible with patch:
Gameplay Overhaul mod by RaTcHeT302
(Patch: https://www.nexusmods.com/evilgenius/mods/26?tab=files )