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Billyro - Artsick - farinelli -crazylion - InsanitySorrow - DecimusMaximus - JDJ3 - Moraelin - DeserterX and docteure Compiled by friendlynonmurderingsort

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Enderal SE conversion of Unique Enderal Uniques using SSE nif optimizer

Permissions and credits
Converted to Enderal SE using SSE nif optimizer. I do not know if this will work 100% off the bat as I cannot test it, so if you have any issues and know how to resolve them please do!

Inspired by Unique Uniques by InsanitySorrow I have decided to bring the same idea over to Enderal! This aims to replace vanilla Skyrim aesthetics and sillier high-fantasy designs with high-quality weapons better fitting to Enderal's grimdark low-fantasy setting. Now your unique weapons look even better!

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This mod replaces 
  • Selna's Rage
  • Boneripper (found on the dragon)
  • Black Widow's Elegy
  • Light Bringer
  • Light-Born's Memory
  • Deathstorm
  • Bow of the Ishyian
  • Bow of the Mesmer
  • Perfect Thorium Sword
  • Yero's last word
  • Morala's Edge

All weapons used are not my own, the real credit goes to

Billyro - Dovah Nord Weapons, falchion, torus
Artsick - Ritevice
farinelli - Engraved redguard bow
DeserterX/docteure - DX Witcher Swords
Moraelin - Secret of the Silver Blades
DecimusMaximus - Real Bows
InsanitySorrow - The Huntsman
All the above mods have greenlit asset use with credit under the "Permission and Credits" section on their respective mod pages. Links provided to all original mods and authors.

FrankFamily - Flanged Warhammer
crazylion - CL's rapier
JDJ3 - Unplayable Faction Armors LE
All these mods were used with expressed permission from the mod authors (see images for proof of permission)