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Adds a new paladin-based sword to the game. 4K and 2K

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  • Russian
This mod adds a new sword to the game called Ritevice. It's available as both one-handed and two-handed versions. Textures sizes are 4K and 2K.

The swords are late-game weapons craftable under Steel after obtaining Glass Smithing and Arcane Smithing perks. Materials include amounts of moonstone and steel ingots, and leather strips.

An enchanted version of the swords located in Rikke's room in Castle Dour though this version is much more powerful than the craftable variant as it once belonged to a powerful paladin of Stendarr.

This is my first sword model release so if you have any comments/feedback on the state of the model and textures, I'm all ears.


Install using the mod manager of your choice or by extracting the file into your Skyrim Data folder and enabling the .esp in the Skyrim Launcher.