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RoboBirdie and yourenotsupposedtobeinhere compiled by friendlynonmurderingsort

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Norse rugs don't quite fit the setting, this fixes it!

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I didn't quite feel like the Norse styled rugs and tapestries belonged in the world of Enderal given that it has a very different feeling culture. Combine this with the renaissance-ish aesthetic the world of vyn seems to have and it makes for some aesthetic clashing IMO. Not to mention the OG rugs are kinda ugly and low-res anyway.

Thanks to some incredible modder's resources I found I was able to throw something together real quick that adds some changes I really like! Rugs Resource and Tapestries each feature some beautiful looking rugs that fit the feeling of Enderal much better! I especially like the rug05 replacer featuring the ship, I seem to recall Endreleans holding the first vassals myth highly, so it makes sense there'd be artistic renditions of the journey that people would hang around as a symbol of religious significance. 

I did not make these textures, they are free to use with credit modder's resources from yourenotsupposedtobeinhere and RoboBirdie. Thanks guys!

Let me know if something doesn't work out, It may well cause the resources are weird and didn't often have right normal maps or nifs. Also I literally made this in like an hour or two.