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High-quality and lore friendly replacers for many of Enderal's unique armor sets!

Permissions and credits
Lore-friendly high quality replacers with no stat alterations and maintaining the feel/general aesthetic of their original counterparts. All armors work for males or females (except swashbuckler). Dear god making this mod was more painful than I expected so I hope you all like it. I'll explain some of the issues I encountered making this mod below.

Known Issues/some questions answered:
-Some armors will have their vanilla appearance on the grounditem mesh. If you don't know what this is it is the version you see placed on the ground or in you inventory, DON"T WORRY it will appear as the replacer when equipped on your or any character. This is because either the armor I chose to replace it with did not have a gnd/go mesh originally or because I could not find the proper file path for the grounditem in Enderal's BSAs. Example items effected by this include the Face of the tracker and the wanderer set.

-The fine leather hood and North hood are the same mesh in Enderal's files, so you can't replace one without the other, I wanted to keep the chaperon for the fine leather but had other plans for the north hood, but alas could only keep one and the chaperon won out (its a rad lookin hat anyway).

-Many of Enderal's unique armors share meshes for both male and female rather than have separate for each when it comes to boots and gloves. So some boots or gloves meshes are shared so a pair of gloves may look bigger/bulkier on a female character, sorry nothing I can do to get around this but it's not too noticeable anyway.

-Why haven't you replaced The ash warrior, nemesis, scarlett night, etc armors? I could not find any armors on nexus that fit the aesthetic/feel of these armors. I did however attempt to replace the Ash warrior set, but ran into a strange issue where no helmet I chose worked, it would make the whole head invisible when equipped, I assume this is because the Ash warrior helmet is marked as taking the head mesh in Enderaledit, meaning an open-faced helmet would not work and therefore appear invisible, so sadly I'll have to leave that set unfinished.

-There may be some very minor texture bugs, the mysterious nomad helmet and Inodan set don't seem to want to display the right texture, but this is actually so small a difference that it doesn't ruin the look of the piece at all. The nomad helmet may be red because of the original redguard textures and the Inodan helmet's chainmail underneath it may be black, but both are so small that they are inconsequential IMO. Fine leather armor on male NPCs (protectors of the sickle) will have odd pattern on belt thingy, this doesn't appear on male player characters so it's not a big deal.

-I know in practical armor replacers I mentioned I didn't like weird sexy armors for women cause I think its unfitting. Well sorry but I kinda used one for the female fine leather armor by choosing Ves' armor from the witcher. I thought it still looks pretty good and has a similar aesthetic to the male version of the outfit. Sorry ladies, just pretend that your enemies are all too nice to try to stab you in the chest. The armor's actually already in the game of a sort since its used for the female venturer outfit, so looks like the devs and me were in the same boat there lol.

-Why are some helmets untouched? Well some helmets are untouched either because the mod I used to replace it didn't have a helmet or because the vanilla helmet looked fine when paired with the armor in question. It is hard to find fitting helmet mods on the nexus but perhaps not that surprising, most people don't want to cover the character they spend hours making in a helmet that covers them up. So not many players seem to roll with helmets anyway.

-Why is there no female swashbuckler armor? Because there is no unique mesh for female swashbuckler armor in Enderal's files, instead it uses a very common bandit armor, I didn't like the look of every bandit having that armor so I opted to remove it. Sorry ladies, wish I could make it work but that's out of the cards for now.

-The ash warrior first person arms are red gambeson instead of brown like in the armor. Sorry but there's no first person files for the ash warrior set so this is how it is. It's not a big deal anyway.

This mod has options to replace the:
Fine leather armor
Fine steel armor
Swashbuckler set (male only sorry)
Selna set
Ratcatcher set
North set
Mysterious Nomad/Old Dothulgrad merc set
Inodan set
Heavenstormer/skybreaker set
Fallen set (only cuirass and helm)
Tracker set
Ash Warrior
Wandering Mage set - Requires HDT physics https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996

All armors used are either from resources/mods with open permissions. For any mods requiring permission before asset use permission was sought for and granted by the mod author via direct message (see proof in images).

Mods used and credits:
Realistic Armors by NordwarUA - open to asset use with credit
Ves Armor Retexture aka Blue Stripes Elite and Witcher Kaer Morhen by Pfuscher - used with his permission
Samurai Genji armor by Arcane51388 - used with permission
The School of the bear by lucazoid - used with permission
Unplayable Faction Armors by JDJ3 - used with permission
Witcher 2 Armor Collection by Afrotoast42-Lordofwar-Redxavier-TH3WICK3D1 - Asset open to use with credit
NordwarUA Mod Resource by DanielUA - used with permission
Gothic Plate armor by Toasty Fresh - open to asset use with credit 
Seltkirk of gulet armor by AssduffJayKayEl - used with permission
Feline mastercrafted armor by OperatorCactus - used with permission

See images for DM proof of permissions.

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