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Softer, subtler replacers for the most commonly used character face textures and for the facial expression overlay.

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The cartooniness of some of the commonly used character faces drives me nuts, so I went and edited them.

  • all skins have had teeth whitened. fema and elfa have no further changes.
  • added freckles to kida.
  • softened darker purple smudges from masa, dwfa, quna, and olda
  • some wrinkle reduction on masa, dwfa, quna
  • did a low-frequency contrast reduction on normal maps for masa, dwfa, quna, and olda. This was to reduce the jowly, doughy look caused by the... skin rolls (?) that makes them look odd on some faces, such as most female humans. High-frequency details such as pores and wrinkles unaffected by this.
  • high-frequency sharpen on olda to give wrinkles a more papery, fragile look.

Additionally, I've provided a replacer for uh_hed_emo, the facial expression overlay. I've sort of done the opposite with it compared what I did with the n-maps described above, instead softening the high-frequency details and emphasizing the low-frequency ones. Or, in actual real-people talk: I've gotten rid of the weird wrinkles that extend all the way back to a character's temples every time they made a facial expression.