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Adds a mage robe based on the one on the game launcher

Permissions and credits
v 1.2 Update: Some small changes to the shading on the textures.

There are a lot of lovely fanmade versions of the mage robe from the loading screen, but I always wanted to try making my own. So here it is.
This will work on elf and human females.

There is a lot of clipping, such as the skirt and the sleeves against the side of the body. So don't download if that's going to bother you.

Optional files
I have added tint files compatible with Universal Dye Kit so you can add your own custom tints to it.

I've also added 2 UTC replacer for the Magi Origin so your female mages will start the game in the robe. (Remove this if you are planning a male playthough, as it will turn males into floating heads) If you use this, Joining Chalice Fix is recommended.
-Mage Circle UTC replacer (regular) uses the default version of the robe.
-Mage Circle UTC replacer (weaker) uses a new item that has the same +1 willpower stat as the Apprentice Robe. This will not affect the version you can buy later or console in.

Misc Files
-A UTI that uses a default material in case the UDK textures are not tinting for you.
-A UTI with spirit instead of fire damage. That's probably all the UTI edits I am going to do short of error, if you want to adjust the stats otherwise I would look into utilities like The Winter Forge.

How to install
Unzip and place folder into your My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override folder.
The item, 'Fade-Touched Spider Silks', will be available to buy at the Wonders Of Thedas shop for around 15 gold, or you can Command console it into your inventory with runscript get_suranarobe

If you already have a TS_Material_plain.gda from some of tmp7704's mods, you can safely delete or leave mine as you prefer.

Item Information
Clothing item variation 36
PRCSCR id 83017674

These will only appear on your female elves and humans, they will be floating heads on males or dwarves.
If they are floating heads or look completely different to the picture on your females, then you have an item variation conflict.
There is a known conflict between this and Loincloth Fashion, I have provided a compatibility patch in Optional Files.

Thanks & Credits
Thanks to Ashhawk for upscales and help

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