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Some wearable custom hoods for companions (girls) to match with notable armors and robes.

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I am not a fan of vanilla hoods or helmets, so I decided to create a couple of custom hoods.

First, many thanks to RogueLass for the precious help in making them work! I owe it to you. The hoods derive from the collection RLs Swan Song, which is an impressive collection of clothing and armor.

At present, I put only two hoods for (my favorite) companions Morrigan and Leliana, and they are restricted to them. 

1) Morrigan' Hood: restricted to Morrigan. (ID: 251). This looks like the hood in tmp7704 Concept Morrigan (the diffuse map is the same). I edited all the textures to include feather transparency etc. It is a good match of the robe, if you want a wearable hood for Morrigan, and do not plan to use tmp7704 redesign with the permanent hood. At present, this hood is not tintable, as it is for the vanilla Morrigan robe.
I gave it also the ability "Vicious", which I am not sure it works, but that describes perfectly Morrigan, right?

I'd like to put this hood somewhere to be found during OC campaign. This would justify why Morrigan is not wearing it in game while she does in the concept art. But I am not skilled enough for that. Ideas are welcome.

2) Hood of the Black Fox: restricted to Leliana. (ID: 252). This is a hood to match with Armor of the Black Fox, which is my favorite armor for Leliana. It should be tintable as the original armor. I added "Messy kills" as a property. I hope to see then some kicking asses from my favorite bard.

I did not want to make them overpowered. However, I accept suggestions on the abilities to put on them (4 max as now) most suited for Leliana and Morrigan. You are welcome to post your ideas in the posts section.

Put the files in the override folder.
Use "runscript gb_morriganhood" and "runscript gb_blackfoxhood" to acquire them with the console.

Recommended mods:
Armor of the Black Fox. Fantastic set of armor for Leliana. Not needed, but recommended to match with the hood here.
RLs Swan Song by RogueLass. It is an excellent collection of custom clothes, robes, and armors. Not needed for the hoods to work.