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Makes the goblet behave correctly when wearing modded clothing or armour, puts gloves on the PC, allows replacement of Duncan's dagger, and fixes some other issues.

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The main function of this mod is to stop the chalice/goblet rotating weirdly when using some modded armour/clothing in the Joining cutscene in the base game. Vanilla and modded armour/clothing not affected by the issue will still behave correctly. It also fixes some other issues with the cutscene, and provides some options for replacement of Duncan's dagger.

It will not affect the language you play in, thanks to a little manual editing and a lot of this very handy file patching tool.

It will not affect the Joining cutscenes in Awakening (and please don't ask me to fix them -- the source files are not available).

It will not have any effect on the armour/clothing itself.

Outfits in screenshots:

Huge thanks to this set of savegames and this race/gender changing tutorial, which have made testing mods a whole lot easier.

About: Main file

Holding the goblet
The main reason you're here! Putting certain modded armour/clothing on characters who hold the chalice/goblet (including Daveth and Duncan) will no longer make it rotate weirdly. Vanilla armour/clothing will still behave correctly.


The PC's gloves
The player character will now wear gloves (if available) during the cutscene. This will also fix things like missing hands, or bare hands intersecting with gloves.


Duncan's dagger replaceability
It is now possible to replace Duncan's hidden dagger without affecting other elven daggers in the game.


Duncan's dagger appearance timing
Duncan's hidden dagger will no longer appear/disappear in his hand while in shot when he draws it and after he uses it. Mostly.


Jory's sword
Jory will have a greatsword instead of a longsword in the cutscene, though it still can't be tinted; his actual greatsword item has been made untinted to match.


DF cutscene split
Female dwarves now use their own individual cutscene file rather than the DM file.


Goblet continuity
The goblet will be on the table when Duncan puts it down for a bit.


About: Optional files

Compatibility file for Grey Wardens of Ferelden
Required if you use Grey Wardens of Ferelden, as otherwise you will not be given your warden uniform at the Joining.

Compatibility file for Dall's Rescaled Weapons
Required if you use Dalls_Rescaled Weapons, as otherwise Duncan's hand won't be positioned correctly on his dagger. Not needed if you're using the "Duncan's warden dagger" file below, since it uses a dagger mesh not covered in Dall's mod.

Duncan's warden dagger
If you have tmp7704's Warden Armours mod or a mod that includes it, such as Grey Wardens of Ferelden, this file gives Duncan the Grey Warden dagger from it. It will be invisible if you don't have one of those mods, as it doesn't include any of the files other than the MMH/PHY.

About: Miscellaneous files

Source files
I've provided source files for the cutscenes and scripts, in case anyone wants to take a look, or needs to make compatibility patches and I'm not around to assist. It is not needed to just use this mod, and should mostly not be put in your override.



Extract in the usual override folder (\Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override).

To uninstall, delete the files at any time.

Optional files
When installing optional files, you can either place the folder in the zip inside the mod folder, or extract the files within it directly into the mod folder and overwrite the original main files. Either will work, as the game gives priority to files in subdirectories.


Compatibility files
  • Grey Wardens of Ferelden: you must get the compatibility file for it in Optional Files, otherwise you won't be given your Grey Warden armour at the Joining.
  • Dall's Rescaled Weapons: get the compatibility file for it in Optional Files, otherwise Duncan's hand won't be positioned correctly on his dagger.

Not compatible
This mod is not compatible with mods that directly edit the joining cutscene, but it may supersede them depending on what has been edited.
  • Gloves During the Joining is superseded: this mod also puts gloves (if available) on the player character.
  • Witcher 2 DAO's "sword sheaths cutscene glitches fixed" optional file (to be used with its "Sheath Swords On Hips" file) edits several cutscenes. However, all it appears to do to the Joining cutscenes is hide Duncan and Alistair's main hand weapons (though Duncan's is hidden by the pre-cutscene script anyway, and Alistair's isn't drawn on-screen, meaning there's no problem with hip-sheathing). You should be able to safely delete the joining cutscene files from that mod. The other cutscenes in the file will not clash with this mod.

Hair show in screenshots:

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