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New workaround hotfix for the rare but dreaded Skin Deep/Dereliction of Duty/Scrolls of Banastor bug. You should install even if it hasn't affected you yet! This fixpack attempts to address ALL dialogue, quest, scripting, plot, and most item bugs in the base game of Dragon Age: Origins. It also restores much previously inaccessible content.

Permissions and credits
Qwinn's Ultimate Dragon Age: Origins Fixpack
Author:  Paul Escalona (aka Qwinn)
Original Release Date:  April 15, 2010
Current Release Date:  February 18, 2019  (Hotfix v3.52 added February 28, 2020)
Current Version#: 3.5  (Hotfix v3.52 available in update files)
Mod Hosted at Nexus Mods:  https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonage/mods/4689


This fixpack attempts to address ALL dialogue, quest, scripting, plot, and MOST item bugs in the base game of Dragon Age: Origins.  As of version 3.5 it fixes more than 850 such bugs.  It also attempts to restore any cut content that is consistent with all existing content, and that doesn't appear to have been cut for any reason other than time or budget constraints.

Note that my intent here is to fix the game, not tweak it to my liking. I only change something if I believe the game's behavior in any given instance was more than likely -not intended- by the developers.  In other words, I try to fix bugs.  Actual bugs.  As opposed to, "I forgot to talk to the guy in the Lothering Chantry for the Blackstone Irregulars and now I can't get back to him, that's a bug, fix it!".  No.  That was actually intended, as is clear if you read the completed failed entry for that quest.  Now, if I make a change to something that someone believes was intended, please do offer up arguments/evidence in support of that in the comments section where you downloaded this or any other forum I may come up with to support this Fixpack.  I enjoy hashing that sort of thing out.

I have no future plans to do fixpacks for Awakening, DLC, Dragon Age 2 or Inquisition unless Bioware would like to pay me a fair wage to do so and they unlock the encryption for me.


This fixpack makes no attempt to fix combat mechanics.  It also makes no changes to graphics, textures or morphs.  Any mods that make those sorts of fixes *should* be fully compatible.  It does not attempt to fix bugs in Awakening or any of the other DLC, with two exceptions:  one related to giving Oghren gifts in Awakening (OG3003), and a fix moving a camera in a specific stage used in dozens of dialogues throughout the game (and probably in the DLC as well) in order to prevent large armor shoulder pauldrons or large weapons from occluding the speaker's face, sometimes completely and for significant stretches of dialogue (see GL3209).

RESTORATION HIGHLIGHTS (this is above and beyond many many dozens of lines restored here and there in various dialogues):  
SPOILER WARNING:  This list has a lot of spoilers, don't read it if you haven't played the game before.

Restored all broken codex entries (aside from a handful in the "Controls" section)
Restored human female cocky soundset
Restored option to show mercy to Mandar Dace if fighting him during the Dwarf Noble Origin
Restored a significant amount of dialogue - about 40 lines worth - in the Mage Origin (new in v3.5!)
Restored dozens of scripted approval changes, particularly when first meeting various followers
Restored 3 different reactions each to breakups with Morrigan and Zevran, depending on approval level
Restored harsh breakup with Leliana
Restored turning Morrigan in as an apostate to Greagoir
Restored dialogue when taking Morrigan to Flemeth's hut during her personal quest
Restored the proper extended ending to Flemeth's Real Grimoire quest.
Restored several conversations with Oghren in the Deep Roads
Restored Oghren asking to join the party permanently after a king is crowned
Restored long dialogue with Wynne about Connor, and fixed bugs usually preventing another long dialogue with her between "Rescue the Queen" and the Landsmeet
Restored 18 interparty banters that previously would not play at all
Restored Alistair's intended warnings when you are about to be attacked by stealthed darkspawn in the Korcari Wilds
Restored Alistair introducing you to Ser Donall in Lothering
Restored being able to distract Lanaya (with very high persuade/cunning) long enough to steal her Songbook without getting caught
Restored the ability to heal Deygan in "Wounded in the Forest"
Restored ability to turn Godwin in to Greagoir
Restored several ambient dialogues between Redcliffe villagers and Shale
Restored non-functioning morale boosts/penalties to the Redcliffe militia and knights depending on how you prepared them for Attack at Nightfall
Restored combat shouts and calls for healing by Redcliffe militia and knights during Attack at Nightfall, which vary depending on morale and sobriety
Restored Sophie's Guard being able to catch you ransacking Sophie's room in the Gnawed Noble Tavern
Restored 3 of the 5 intended ways to be able to Steal the Teyrns Crown
Restored Haven alternate shopkeeper if you side with the Cultists
Restored exchange between the beggar and a guard in the Hall of Heroes
Restores the broken Jowan's Intentions Chanter Board quest
Restores the intended final reward for completing all Chanter's Board quests
Restored Vartag confronting you in the Provings if you fought for Harrowmont after agreeing to work for Bhelen
Restored an additional five lost nugs in the "A Lost Nug" quest  (new in v3.5!)
Restored the ability for a dwarf noble who didn't kill Trian to be exonerated
Restored the ability for a dwarf noble to complete "Of Noble Birth" properly
Restored ability for Shale to come rescue you during "Captured!"
Restored interjections by Leliana, Morrigan and/or Sten during the Landsmeet if you are betrayed by Anora
Restored Alistair thanking you for not making him king
Restored dialogue between Loghain and Anora in Redcliffe Castle after the Landsmeet
Restored the last two "Story So Far" updates in the game.
Restored many location based party comments and follower interjections during dialogues
Restored 13 previously unobtainable items in game


This mod is most likely not going to be compatible with most mods that modify dialogue, quests and some items.  The following mods are not compatible, but they are also mainly not necessary as all bugs and restorations they deal with are also dealt with in this fixpack.  This list is by no means complete, it's just what I'm aware of:


Alistair Dialog Patch (ADP) - Bugs are all dealt with, 4 tweaks listed in the readme were not implemented.
Zevran Dialogue Fixes (ZDF) - Only things in the readme not dealt with are some tweaks to kisses.
Leliana Fixes - All issues dealt with, though not always the same way
Morrigan Restoration Pack (MRP) - Only things in the readme not dealt with are Angry Kiss and Dark Ritual Kiss because they are tweaks.
Dialogue Tweaks - Bugs addressed, tweaks are not.
Tiny Fixes - Completely Redundant
A Lost Nug Quest Fix - Completely Redundant (and this fixpack additionally restores the 5 missing lost nugs as of v3.5)
Unobtainable Item BUGFIX - I do not restore 2 two handed swords in Korcari Wilds as I believe they were cut deliberately
Jowan and Another Different Jowan - Completely Redundant
Ancient Elven Boots Fix - Completely Redundant
Fang at Tier 7 - Completely Redundant
Golem Registry and Shapers Life Reward Fix - Completely Redundant
Shale Will Come For Me Restoration Fix - Completely Redundant
Templar Armor Fixes - Completely Redundant
The Gnawed Notebook - Completely Redundant
Her Hammer is her... uh.. never mind - Completely Redundant
Fixed political support in "A Paragon of her Kind" - Completely Redundant, though my implementation is slightly different
Cammen's Lament Quest Fix - Fixed much much more thoroughly in this Fixpack
Human Female Cocky Voice - Completely Redundant
Chevalier Armor Set Bonus Change - Completely redundant
Zevring - Fixes are redundant, but I do not make the ring a usable item
Bye Oghren - Redundant, but with a difference - if you turn down Oghren's request to join you, you don't get another chance to recruit him.
Jowan's Intention Fix (at Bioware site) - Completely Redundant
Give Robbed Elves Money Patch - Completely Redundant


Improved Atmosphere - portions of this could probably be added successfully, with some major surgery.  Installing both mods in their entirety is known to cause issues with Crime Wave and Trial of Crows quests, and probably many additional issues not yet discovered.  Much of IA is redundant, though, as the fixes listed in the Readme are dealt with in this fixpack, but tweaks are not.  The following folders would PROBABLY be okay to add (not actually tested):  1.  Global (Animations, Materials and Tints only), 5. Awakening Expansion, 6. Downloadable Content, 7.2 Awakening Quick Items, 7.3 Optional Campaign Mods (Alistair Climax Speech and Release Jowan ONLY), 7.5 Weapons VFX Remover, and finally the single file party_barks.dlg (which makes all followers give their location based barks, instead of just one) that can be found in "4. Companions / 4.1 Dialog Changes / Global Dialog Changes".   Thanks to firepanda of the Nexus forums for helping me put that list together.

ZevranASAP:  Use the loose files script-only version in your override directory.  You will lose out on restoration ZE3003, but if you care enough about Zevran to use ZevranASAP, it seems unlikely you'd want to kill him or drive him out of the party.


Equal Love, Complete Bi Overhaul (CBO used to be compatible but is apparently no longer so.)

Auto Loot (Breaks Morrigan's personal quest.   Dragon Age Rules Fixpack can provide autoloot functionality without breaking anything.  If you require that functionality, I recommend using DARF for it instead.)

Any mod that modifies companion dialogues.  You will at least lose my own fixes that changed those files if you install such mods, and there's nothing I can do about that without the other modder's cooperation.  I have changed my previous stance and am now willing to attempt to address more significant compatibility issues with mods that alter the follower dialogues, UNLESS they are already listed in the "Mostly or Completely Redundant" list above.  Just let me know about the compatibility issues on the Compatibility Issues thread on the QwinnMods forums.

REGARDING PLAYER_CORE.NSS:  Many combat rule type fixpacks and other mods make changes to this file.  The ONLY change I make to it is related to fix GL3002, the fix that corrects some soundset bugs (the lines played when you click on your followers).  If you install other mods that alter player_core.nss/ncs, you will lose GL3002, so Alistair may start calling your male warden "My Love" at 100 approval again, and your followers will be strangely hostile when you click on them at neutral approval levels, but aside from losing that fix, the other mods should work without issue.  DEVELOPER NOTE:  If you are a modder that wants to make your mod GL3002 compatible, recompile your player_core.nss with my sys_soundset_h.nss include.  I made no changes to player_core.nss itself, only to the include.  I have added that include to my v3.3 Develop Notes Readme directory.  Note that the include makes use of my plt_qwinn_approval plot and script, so you'll need to either replicate that functionality with your own files or have a separate version of your mod that only works if my fixpack is installed.


* The lists in parentheses are the mods in that category that were reported as fully compatible during and after v3.0 and v3.1 BETA testing.

Any morph, texture or visual/graphics mods (* Bidelles Cosmetics, CC Extra Tints & Tones, Leliana Facemorph, Leliana Sacred Ashes Armor (normal and update v1.1), LOTC's Longer Eyelashes, More_Hairstyles, Morrigan Tweaked, NBaio, Practical Dalish Female Armor, PT's Vibrant Colours, Tucked Hair, UDF Dyekit, Robes of Possession - Retex of Jewelry, Personal Annoyance Remover and pretty much any other mod in this category)

Any mods that strictly address combat mechanics (* Full Combatant Dog)

Any Awakening-only mods (* several were confirmed but not bothering to list as they should all work)

Any mods for other DA:O DLC

Some gameplay mods (* Extra Dog Slot, Alley of Murders, Skip The Fade, The Rescue At Ishal, Spiders and Knives, Cousland Sword and Shield, Level 50, FtG UI Mod, FtG Quickbar, AddItem with Console Improved - Script, Damage Statistic Fix, No Helmet Hack, Farewell Ser Gilmore)

Mods that only directly alter existing cutscenes should work. (* Better Sex Cutscenes, A Fix For Morrigan's Kiss)

GoesOnGhost's "Complete Bi Overhaul" mod.  (EDIT:  Per GoesOnGhost's notes on his webpage, CBO is no longer compatible.)


Either "Elfy Ghost Boy" by theskymoves, or "Ghost Elves" by mintflavoredwindows, both available on the Nexus forums.  I don't handle these because this is the only bug I'm aware of that requires a morph fix, and I don't want to make a lie of my claim that my mod won't conflict with ANY morph mods.  That the boy in the Brecilian Ruins needs to be changed to an elf is indisputably a fix - multiple references to him as an elf can be seen in the toolset.  The evidence is less absolute for the mother, but she also speaks elven, and my guess is that the mother was probably also intended to be an elf.  If you want to change just the boy, use "Elfy Ghost Boy", and if you think the mother should also be an elf, use "Ghost Elves".


It came to light in the final days of creating version 3.0 that having Vertical Sync disabled can have some strange effects - specifically, it causes Gorim to not reach your prison cell in the Dwarf Noble origin.  I fixed that single issue, but as I did all my development and testing with VSync enabled, I did not catch any other instances where that issue could have an effect.  I therefore recommend having VSync enabled if possible.

It's not necessary, but I also did all my development with NVIDIA 3D Vision and it worked quite well, aside from some cutscenes looking a little glassy.  If you have the hardware for it, I certainly recommend it for Dragon Age: Origins.


There is no multi-language support for this Fixpack. If installing it on a foreign language version, reports are that most of the voiced dialogue and subtitles will be in your chosen language, but it will replace player responses with english text in most of the game.  At this time I do not know how this can be prevented.  My apologies to the international players. :(


Use daupdater.exe (found in your Dragon Age installation's bin_ship directory) to install the accompanying .DAZIP file as an addon (viewable and toggle-able from the Downloadable Content menu option).  Please be sure to *actually extract* the .dazip from the .zip the mod comes in before trying to drop it into daupdater.exe.


I have organized the readme below hoping to avoid spoilers as much as possible.  You therefore won't find much in the way of references to later game events under the companion sections, for example (this is why the ALISTAIR section is so short - he has *tons* of fixes but most of them are listed under the Landsmeet, Dark Ritual, etc. sections for reasons obvious to those already spoiled.)  Within each section, I've tried to order the fixes in the order you're likely to come across them within that area, and group fixes pertaining to a specific quest all together, for those trying to use a walkthrough and consult this readme at the same time.  I do tend to list side quests prior to main quests.

The code system used to reference fixes, established in v3.0 BETA, has been changed as of v3.2 from a 5 character code to 6 characters.  The first two alpha characters still denote the category they are listed under in the readme (see the following category list).  The next two digits are now the version number where the fix was added to my fixpacks (and it is for this reason that v3.01 BETA is being retconned to be remembered as v3.1 BETA).  The last two digits are used to establish the order in the readme.  With this new system, I can insert new fixes without having to reorder or renumber existing fixes, and therefore the code used to denote any particular fix should not change from v3.2 on.

If you are looking for a specific fix, and it could potentially belong to multiple categories below, you are most likely to find it by finding the *last* category in the following list that matches what you're looking for.  For example, you won't find any PLOT ITEM REMOVAL fixes anywhere above that section.  If you're looking for a fix to something about Morrigan during the Dark Ritual conversation, you'll find it in the Dark Ritual section, not under Morrigan.  If an event is tied to a specific location and can't happen anywhere else, you're most likely to find it in the section for that location (so all restored party bark/comments are listed in the respective location where they can now be heard).  Note that there is no PARTY CAMP section - things that can only happen in the party camp will generally be under the relevant companion's section.


GL0000:  GLOBAL (11 Fixes)
CE0000:  CITY ELF FIXES (1 fix)
DA0000:  DALISH ELF ORIGIN (5 Fixes)
DN0000:  DWARF NOBLE ORIGIN (21 Fixes)
AL0000:  ALISTAIR (9 Fixes)
DO0000:  DOG (1 Fix)                                  
LE0000:  LELIANA (31 Fixes)
MO0000:  MORRIGAN (39 Fixes)                            
OG0000:  OGHREN (23 Fixes)            
SH0000:  SHALE (1 Fix)
ST0000:  STEN (18 Fixes)
WY0000:  WYNNE (9 Fixes)
ZE0000:  ZEVRAN (19 Fixes)
IB0000:  INTERPARTY BANTERS (14 Fixes)                
OS0000:  OSTAGAR (19 Fixes)                            
LO0000:  LOTHERING (22 Fixes)        
DE0000:  DENERIM (Excluding Crime Wave and Endgame) (25 Fixes)    
MC0000:  MAGE COLLECTIVE QUESTS (8 Fixes)            
CW0000:  CRIME WAVE (22 Fixes)        
UR0000:  HAVEN / THE URN OF SACRED ASHES (29 Fixes)               
OR0000:  ORZAMMAR / A PARAGON OF HER KIND (115 Fixes)    
RQ0000:  RESCUE THE QUEEN (15 Fixes)
CA0000:  CAPTURED! (15 Fixes)                            
LA0000:  LANDSMEET (and Post Landsmeet up to Dark Ritual) (32 Fixes)
DR0000:  DARK RITUAL (15 Fixes)
FB0000:  FINAL BATTLE (14 Fixes)
CO0000:  CORONATION (6 Fixes)
PC0000:  POST-CORONATION (18 Fixes)                        
FU0000:  FUNERAL (7 Fixes)                    
SL0000:  SLIDESHOW / EPILOGUE (16 Fixes)
PI0000:  PLOT ITEM REMOVAL (16 Fixes)                        
IF0000:  ITEM FIXES (25 Fixes)
IR0000:  ITEM RESTORATIONS (15 Fixes)                    

Total number of fixes as of version 3.5:  857

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