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I wanna be your heroine -
Human and Elven Female Head Presets selectable in Character Creator or DA-Toolset

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I wanna be your heroine (iwbyh)
Head presets for elves and human females in Dragon Age Origins

The installed heads will be available within the standalone and within the ingame Character Creator. If You want, You can modify the preset to Your taste. Have fun.

If you are familar with the DA-Toolset, you can replace your current PC (player character), if it is a human or an elven female.

Copy the file "*.mor" into the folder ...coreoverridetoolsetexport then open a savegame (*.das) with DA-Toolset.

Below the tree "Top Level Struct" - open
"SAVEGAME_APPEARANCE" - go to the last entry
"SAVEGAME_APPEARANCE_MORPH_NAME" - double click into the the most right field and enter for example "hf_azzyrease" of "ef_toxiclone.
Save the modified file. (The toolset renames your original savegame. to *.das.bak)

Load the modified savegame within the game.

Known issues:
The tattoos can't be used by Dalish Elves. After the selection of a preset within the Character Creator, the reference to the tattoo is overwritten by a default one. But You can use vanilla tattos instead, or replace your PC with the DA-Toolset, as mentioned above.

When a previously stored character is edited again, check its representation. The nose, the background and some other details may be different from the original preset. Reload the preset if the modification by the Character Creator isn't acceptable.

The archive is named "iwbyh_101.7z". To extract the archive You need 7zip , download from:

The archive contains for each heroine a subfolder.
Each subfolder contains this files:
the *.mop file (to be used by the Character Creator)
the *.mor file (to be used by the DA-Toolset)
a chargenmorphcfg.xml file (to be used with a CharGenMorph Compiler/Merger) a portrait of the heroine (thumbnail) and an associated readme_(name of the heroine).txt file with the install/uninstall instructions.

You can install all, or your favorite heroine(s) only.

Some of the mods, listet in the tab "Requirements" are required, depending on the installed heroine. (s. attached file: readme_*.txt)


1. Extract the downloaded archive into a folder of your choice. Then follow the instructions in the associated readme_(Heroine).txt

In general:

2. Move the folder of your favorite heroin into the override folder:
...DocumentsBioWareDragon Agepackagescoreoverride

do it easy

3a. Run the CharGenMorph Compiler for an automatic update of your
"chargenmorphcfg.xml" file.

or do it manually

3b. Modify your "chargenmorphcfg.xml" file. Add the lines marked by
the comment: "!-- I_wanna_be_your_heroine--"
to the section "heads" "human_female" or "heads" ""elf_female"

Check the presence of the entries marked with: "!-- check presence--"
add if not present at section "hairs" "human_female" or "elf_female"

"resource name="HF_CPS_P01.mop"/"
"resource name="hf_kyrison.mop"/" "!-- I_wanna_be_your_heroine --"
"resource name="EF_CPS_P01.mop"/"
"resource name="ef_patina.mop"/" "!-- I_wanna_be_your_heroine --"

"resource name="ef_har_jaheira_0" cut="1"/" "!-- check presence--"

The name of additional tattoos and Eyeliner files are not added to the "chargenmorphcfg.xml" file.

Follow the instructions in the associated readme_(Heroine).txt.

In general:

1. You have to remove the lines marked with
"!-- I_wanna_be_your_heroine--"
from your "chargenmorphcfg.xml" file

2. Delete the subfolder "iwbyh_(HeroineName)" from folder:
...DocumentsBioWareDragon Agepackagescoreoverride


Thanks to the untiring uploaders/moders/developers:
Pineappletree, Kzelsama, J1nX, glee & isarai, Freezedriedbrains, tmp7704, cemeteryschild, Serissia, Leakingroof, TerraEx, Wyldsong, marquiseondore, lastofthecouslands, Dracomies, Roma Victa, Lesatho, and boodrl

Thanks to BioWare for the creation of the fascinating game Dragon Age Origins, the Dragon Age Character Creator, and the Dragon Age Toolset

Version history:
1.0.0 Initial Release
1.0.1 All References to the mod "Wolf pack of face tattoos" removed.

Comments are welcome.