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A collection of tat\'s based on various Fantasy and SciFi movies/stories/etc.

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** Update - Well, this little file is still getting downloads and endorsements it seems. I am glad for all of the support this mod has gotten, but I need to let everyone know, that as of this time, I won't be offering much in the way of support or updates. Life has a way of interfering, and for now, I won't be modding anytime soon.


** Update - Gradient Style: Check it out! Roma has reworked a few WyldTats in the gradient style. Awesome work by Roma!

** Update - Last of the New: Is now available for download.

Not all of the tats are represented in the screenshot section, but there are 20+ new tats for use. Except for minor distortion on a few of the neck tats, nothing major was reported.

I have yet to personally test all of the tats (I just put them together, packaged them, and sent them for testing), so if you come across any issues, let me know and I'll work to get it corrected.

This is the last full mod I'll be doing for DAO, hopefully DA2 will present some good modding opportunities. Roma might, just might come out with some interesting gradient style reworkings of some of the tats, so we will see, but I make no promises.

As always, thanks to the artists at elfwood.com and deviantart.com for such original and inspiring artwork!




This is a collection of face and neck tats based on a few different scifi and fantasy sources (Stargate series, Primal on PS2, and the artwork of artists provided in the links at the bottom -- with a few original designs).

The main download (WyldTats the Redux) has all of the WyldTats redone in various multichannel formats, with a guide on the tats. In a nutshell, the tats in pure white can be affected by all channels for various custom color combinations, whereas the tats in red, blue, and green can be affected by these individual channels for multi-colored tats.

For those purists who like their single channel tats, all of the original WyldTats can still be downloaded under the old files.

Unzip the folder, and drop the contents into your My Documents>Bioware>Packages>Core>Override Folder.

The tats will be available for use in the toolset. The only way I know of to access the tats via the character creator can be found in the following guide, or by using Wyld Presets, as mentioned later on:


You will notice a new author has been added, Roma Victa, who basically did the reworking of the old tats for the redux pack, and did the guide. Awesome work there, and I wanted to give credit where credit is due!

As for the new tats, life has kept me busy, and I have new tats just waiting to be finished...but until I finish some training stuff at work, they will have to sit on the sidelines for the moment. Another 2-3 weeks at the most. So, "WyldTats: The Last of the New" will be out eventually. Keep your eyes open, and thanks for your patience.

Special thanks goes out to those who tested this mod throughout all of it's stages and provided me with screenshots! Their names can be found under the screenshots in the images section!

Also special thanks goes out to Entopie for creating the head morphs for use in the Wyld Presets download. Basically, you can place these presets in your override folder, and by following the provided instructions, access any WyldTat of choice in the character creator on these presets. Bear in mind, there will be issues with Dalish Elves and dwarf commoners. The only workaround for that is to create an elf or dwarf with their other origins, save the game and use a face replacer program to import that face into a Dalish or Dwarf commoner save game.

And of course thanks to everyone who participated in the Bad Girls of Dragon Age morph pack. So for some pretty cool female head morphs by some awesome creators that can be found on the nexus sporting WyldTats, download it and check it out. There are pictures of the morphs included in the download, and an extensive list of thanks and projects to check out.

Also thanks to the original artists at the below sites for their original and inspiring artwork, which made the reworking and transition into the world of DA beautifully:



If you encounter any problems with the new pack, please let us know so we can get the issue corrected ASAP!

A few mods for you guys to check out (list to updated as soon as my tired brain wakes up):

Roma Victa





*******************BIG NOTE*********************************
If you use a mod that requires WyldTats, and you download the redux package, and encounter problems with getting a tat to show up properly with the mod, you may need to download the single channel (old file) version of WyldTats for use with the mod, as the authors have probably used an old version of WyldTats, unless otherwise specified by the author. I have not tested the redux mod with the other mods that require WyldTats, and I have no clue as to how the redux will work with these other mods. I don't "think" there will be any problems, but I just wanted to bring this to your attention, just in case.