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A collection of facial tattoos based on those from the MMORPG Aion.

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I've been sitting on this for a while hoping to drag my ass back into action and finally finish the whole collection, at the moment I think I've only got six or seven more to do that really interested me from the whole lot of them, but hey - everybody likes tattoos! So I decided to stop sitting on them and toss them on here for others to enjoy.

Facial tattoos need to be added via the Toolset.

Some tattoos are single sided, others are doubled. Many times, the option is offered to have it as either. I have the double-optional tattoos based on separate alpha layers, so all that needs to be done is to add in the secondary layer. All sorts of fun combinations!

These make look a little wonky on dwarves, as I really only tested them on humans and elves. I like the dwarf play-throughs... just not as much as the elf/human.

Just extract the archive and dump the 'Lesatho Tattoos' folder into your Dragon Age Override Folder.

That nifty folder in your Override Folder that's called 'Lesatho Tattoos'? Delete it :D