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add hairstyles.

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v 1.04.1

This hairstyles are combined with Beautiful People Hair(Ren) and Dragon Age's default hair.

Now supported for Human, Dwarf, Elf Male(except 12,13,14,16,19,20) and Female(except 16,19,20) from original Ren.

And also supported five(21-25) extra hairs for Female.


6. Fixed DF_HAR_RENs23
5. Female Hairs are tweaked inner-hair or included LOD2/3.
4. Included "Make_chargenmorphcfg.exe"
3. Fixed (MSH's) MESH_VERTEXDATA format
2. Fixed (MMH's) Bone Index
1. Renamed 'HF_HAR_REN17' to 'HF_HAR_RENs17'


1) Extract this zip file.

2) Copy the folders to your Override folder.

* default Override folder : My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

3) You will find chargenmorphcfg.xml file. this file is IN Misc.erf or other MOD, etc.

* chargenmorphcfg.xml is No Misc.erf. *
* I did not tell you to use RENAMED. *
* Misc.erf file is packed file. So, it is unpacked using ErfEditor *

4) Copy 'Make_chargenmorphcfg.exe' and 'chargenmorphcfg.xml' to Override's same folder.

5) Run 'Make_chargenmorphcfg.exe' <<<<



Bioware's toolset.
tazpn's Command Line Tools v1.4.3
ChewyGumball's DA:O Toolset Model Exporter v0.9.5

- From Elder Scroll 3&4 MOD

Ren for creation meshes and textures. (Beautiful People Hair)
BP2ch Team creation meshes and textures. (Beautiful People 2ch Edition)

---------------------------------------------- Edited by glee(http://glee.pe.kr)