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  • words Project V1

    In first sorry for my english.This mod replace the dwarves and elves swords by new swords models (human style).3 two handed swords.2 one handed swords.The weapon stats are the same !

    Take also a look to my plate armors mod.

  • *List of upgradable gears (07/11/17)

    ※ Quest related items marked with ★; make sure you have completed the related quest before upgrading those.

    A Fingal Boyd's Limited Edition WPN_RC_DW_LuthiersBow
    Abstinence WPN_RC_UNIQUE_Abstinence
    Accursed Wand WPN_RC_Unique_CurseWand
    Alexandar's Cloak FTJ_Alexandar_Armour
    Amadio RC_DW_Unique_Shield
    Amulet of the Deep FTJ_SW_VWBoss_VoidWoken_Amulet
    Amulet of the Void FTJ_SW_ShelterBackSalamander_Amulet
    An Maflin WPN_UNIQUE_ARX_TheOneShield
    An Mey Falin ARM_UNIQUE_RC_Belt
    Anathema WPN_UNIQUE_Godslayer
    Ancient Belt ARM_UNIQUE_AntiqueSpecialBelt
    Ancient Spear of Bloodletting ARX_UNIQUE_Lizard_Spear
    And Stay Down WPN_UNIQUE_ResurrectionPreventionStaff
    Antique Ring ARM_UNIQUE_AntiqueSpecialRi...

  • Arx Respec (LV hatch bug fix)

    Fixes the bug that prevents you from entering the lower deck of the LV in act 4 by placing a respec in the main square of Arx....