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"But the flames will fade and only dark will remain".
The mod reproduces Tomb of Giants experience at every area and every boss in the game. You'll be able to see only a small area around your character and obscure hints of surroundings.
It's dark and painful, but you are the chosen one and only you can cast away the Dark!

Permissions and credits
Pure Darkness Mod

What this mod does

The mod provides The Tomb of the Giants experience at every area and every boss in the game. You will be able to see only a small area around your character and very obscure hints of nearby environment. The light (or rather darkness) changes from area to area. I tried to make each boss and area as different as possible, while keeping increase of the difficulty on the similar level. I.e. early bosses are relatively easy, end game bosses are harder and DLC is the hardest. 

Installation instructions

Installation and usage is the same as with Prepare to die Again mod:

A) If you have a standard working version of PtDE from Steam (it can be with DSFix).
  • Download my files and unpack them.
  • Download Drag and Drop mod Manager (DSDAD).
  • Open DSDAD.
  • Drag and drop content of ForDSDAD folder into DSDAD.
  • Launch Dark Souls via DSDAD by pressing button at the bottom.
  • Set up brightness (see below).

B) Alternatively you can unpack your Dark Souls files for modding (which will take additional 7GB of space, but will let you to run the game directly from Steam):
  • Unpack DS files using UnpackDSForModding mod.
  • Download my files and unpack them.
  • In your Dark Souls folder navigate to: DATA folder and make a backup of the folders mentioned below.
  • Override the files in the DATA\param\GameParam, DATA\param\DrawParam and DATA\event folders by my files from ForDSDAD.
  • Launch Dark Souls via Steam.
  • Setup brightness (see below). 

Brightness settings

I find that the default brightness calibration (with the flame and dragon) leads to unpleasant pictures with very high contrast, there by I usually use higher brightness.   
To make sure your brightness is high enough to see what you are supposed to see do the following:  

  • Create a character
  • Pick the key and open the door, make a step back and put yourself right next to the first step of the staircase.
  • Find two torches in the door way and make sure you can see them comfortably enough. The light should be dim, but distinct.
  • Use this screenshot as a reference.
  • If you are failing to find flames or found them but feel like you need to make an effort or you lose one of them - go to the menu and increase brightness (if you don't, some areas can become significantly harder)
  • If you feel like the flames are too bright - decrease the brightness (or just leave it as it is if you want to make playthrough a bit easier)

This is not a precise test, but should be good enough for its purposes.


The good thing about this mod is that it's mostly visual changes, thereby it should work with most of other gameplay-changes mods (unless they modify DrawParam files).
So far I've tested it with Bleeder Curse and The Scorched Contract and it worked flawlessly.

But what about GameParam and .emevd files, you'll ask? what if other mod changes the same files?
Just ignore my files in that case.
My GameParam file is needed only to give you the lantern at the very beginning of the game. Instead you can visit the Tomb and get lantern there. Alternatively, you can do this: install my mod first; create a character; quit and install the other mod; use the character created earlier, it will have lantern.
My .emevd files are needed only to make bonfires at the Four Kings and Manus arenas visible. So you can ignore them and simply make sure you have homeward bones with you.

Things to consider while playing

  • "I've got to use my head... And think!" And observe! That's a must to. You will perceive things differently and will need to learn how to read enemies behaviour in new different ways.
  • To progress you may need to find and use tactics very different from what you used to. 
  • The bosses may seem to be too hard, but they all are proven to be beatable, and the areas - passable. May be with some luck, but mostly by skill.
  • The mod will test your game knowledge. Thereby it is not recommended to be used at 1st or 2nd play-through. Unless you are very resistant to frustration.

Hints (read below only if you are stuck/feel like the difficulty is too high)

  • You have the lantern! Sometimes it can be useless, sometimes - priceless. 
  • Target selection (lock-on) allows you to clearly see an enemy position whenever it is.
  • Lantern, even when it doesn't lit your character at all, allows you to see quite remote objects in certain areas. You need to aim it and look "through it".
  • Similarly you can use firebombs.
  • Think twice before picking a treasure up. It can be more helpful to you, while laying on the ground.
  • Exit from the Pinwheel room is on the right front corner.

If you like the mod please press that "Endorse" button.
If you think 
that my work is worth it, and want to encourage me: here is my donations link. (language can be switched in the right bottom corner) 

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