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You have contracted the terrible Bleeder Curse that drains your HP over time, it's effect growing as you progress through the game. Use the new lifestealing weapons to keep yourself alive. Compatible with both PTDE and Remastered versions.

Permissions and credits

The bleeder curse will drain your characters HP over time, it's effect growing stronger as you progress through the game. Each time the curse strengthens, it will bring with it a new positive side-effects, which range from a permanent health boost to adding some flat fire damage to all attacks.
The main way to keep yourself from succumbing to the lifedraining curse is to use the new bloodlust weapons that steal HP from every hit landed on foes.

Installation instructions [REMASTERED]
  1. Back up your save file in Documents\NBGI\DARK SOULS REMASTERED\
  2. Start Steam in offline mode (this should prevent getting banned, at least seems so to me, but still use the mod at your own risk)
  3. Download the REMASTERED version of the mod
  4. Unpack the contents of the archive to DARK SOULS REMASTERED\folder (where DarkSoulsRemastered.exe is)
  5. Run InstallBleederRemastered.bat, which will back up the original files to BleederRemastered\BAK and copy the new files.

!! Do note that the mod adds new items/weapons with new ID's which are most likely considered invalid data on the save file, so playing online with the mod active in the Remaster will most likely result in a ban. !!

Installation instructions [Prepare to Die Edition]
  1. It's recommended to start from a fresh, clean install of Dark Souls, as this mod changes several files
  2. Unpack the game files using UDSFM following the instructions on it's page.
  3. Download the PTDE version of the mod
  4. Unpack the contents of the archive to Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition\DATA\ folder (where DARKSOULS.exe is)
  5. Run InstallBleederPTDE.bat which will back up the original files to BleederPTDE\BAK and copy the new files.
  6. If you are using DSFix with texture overwriting enabled, then copy the texture files from BleederPTDE\dsfix textures to dsfix\tex_override
Uninstallation Instructions
  • Copy the backed up files from either BleederPTDE\BAK\ or BleederRemastered\BAK\ (depending on the version used) folder, replacing the modded files with the originals.
  • With Remaster restore the backed up save file as well

Drag-and-Drop mod manager does not seem to work with this mod, not is unable to add the new weapon .parambnd files as far as I can tell.

  • Four new bloodlust weapons
  • Four starting classes matching these weapons
  • 9 new consumable items with effects ranging from strong buffs to increasing the NG cycle
  • New ring that provides a strong attack boost at the cost of high HP drain
  • New items as starting gifts + every valid class starts with the master key
  • Bleeder curse that strengthens and provides side-effects as you kill certain bosses
  • New consumables/weapons dropping from other bosses
  • Undead merchant sells the new consumables
  • Andre sells the new weapons
  • Some meh level, reference ridden lore (written for the most part at about 4am)

The models+textures for weapons were created by me (with some fairly obvious Bloodborne influences).
The consumable item icons are mostly based on modified FROM's original item icons.

A few more things
  • Just a small tip: the lifedrain from the curse is flat damage (not percentage based), so leveling VIT is effective.
  • Resurrection Stone is mainly intended to be used only once basically all bosses are dead, so I haven't put much testing into using it prior.
  • This mod is English only at the moment, using any other language in game will result in new item names, messages etc missing. If anyone is interested in translating it to another language, let me know.
  • Remastered version of the mod is properly built from scratch based off the remastered files instead of being a direct copy-paste, which was necessary as there are changes in the param files and more importantly in the event scripts, so all changes introduced in remastered are working properly.

Mod compatibility
This mod is not compatible with any mods that change the event scripts, msg and param files, eg. stuff like: Prepare to Die Again, Rekindled, Item/Enemy Randomizers, Estus Quest, The Scorched Contract etc.

Thanks to
HotPocketRemix - event scripting tools (which I changed a bit with some brute-force trial and error to get them to work with the remastered version), Estus Quest as one of the sources of inspiration.
Wulf2k - ParamEdit, FMGEdit, BNDrebuilder and the BossRush mod that helped me test the effect gaining and item drops quickly
Meowmaritus - ParamVessel, TextVessel
Nyxojaele - DSMODT for converting the weapon models
DuckyKoi - gifting me the Remaster so I could try porting my mods to it
Lan5432 - helping me figure out what to do with a certain consumable item and it's lore

(And for people wondering why I made a new mod while the enemy randomizer is still in progress: this was just a quick side-project as I took a small break from the randomizer (got a bit burnt out on that project, but will resume it shortly and get on porting it to remastered))