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Beating bosses makes the game get harder in new and interesting ways. Bosses give effects that change the world of Lordran, give debuffs, try to trick you, and make you question your sanity.

Permissions and credits
  • Japanese
The Scorched Contract expands upon the ideas found in my previous mod, Estus Quest.
As you beat bosses, the game will get harder: you'll gain debilitating debuffs, the world will change for the worse, and you'll be forced to use every tool in your Dark Souls arsenal to survive. Easier bosses generally give easier effects, while harder bosses give effects that could be simple challenge runs on their own. Do you fight a hard boss early and live with its effect for the rest of the game, or leave it to the end and fight it when you've been weakened even more? The choice is yours.

Installation Instructions:
  • It is preferable to start from a fresh installation. This mod changes a number of files and depends on the vanilla versions of many others, so it is imperative that it is not combined with other mods without careful thought. In particular, this mod is not compatible with any mod that changes
       items, item positions, item distribution, enemies, enemy positions, and certain parameter files.
  • Use UnpackDarkSoulsForModding to unpack your Dark Souls installation. UDSFM can be found on the Dark Souls Nexus at https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods/1304/ Follow the instructions carefully.
  • Copy the provided files so that they overwrite the corresponding unpacked files. It is generally a good idea to make backups of the vanilla files so you can restore your installation.
  • Choose one of the following options if you have DSFix installed:
       I. DISABLE DSFix's texture override functionality completely.
       II. If you have texture mods you wish to use, add the provided files in ds_fix\tex_override to the corresponding directory in DATA. If you have existing files with the same name, you MUST remove these files and replace them with those given.
  • Make sure you copy the provided DARKSOULS.exe, which has a small patch to change the bounds of some variables.

Some things to know:
  • The world is mostly unchanged at the start, so you'll see familiar enemies, items and shops. When you kill a boss, you will be given an item that describes the next effect. Read it carefully to understand your additional challenge. However, in fitting with the rest of the game, some of them are a bit cryptic.
  • This mod is ENGLISH-only. Please play with English text, or new items will not have descriptions or names. If you are bilingual and would like to help me translate the mod to other languages, please let me know.
  • Due to constraints on how many key items the game expects to have, some of these items are put in the consumables section even though they're not really consumables. I apologize for the clutter.
  • You may have to change your playstyle to accomodate new effects. Be willing to change course when needed.
  • This mod is extrodinarily complicated, and I'm sure there are bugs here and there. Hopefully nothing game-ending.
  • There are some new sounds added to the game. However, I'm not sure how to attach these sound to a volume slider, so they always play at their maximum volume. To balance this, keep your volume sliders set to near their default, and then adjust the volume of your speakers/headphones to a comfortable level rather than adjusting the sliders.
  • Have fun!

If you enjoy this mod, please consider donating at streamlabs.com/hotpocketremix